PSYCHOLOGY FACT #1Psychology claims that: When we sleep while hugging one pillow, we actually wish it to be the person we miss and love the most. Also, all posts on this blog are copyright of The Online Counselling College (unless otherwise sourced). When you’re rotten about yourself, you become rotten to everyone else, even those you love.
And I felt like my heart had been so thoroughly and irreparably broken that there could be no real joy again, that at best there might eventually be a little contentment. People are very reluctant to talk about their private lives but then you go to the internet and they’re much more open. Fact: Although the incidence of some types of mental illness is more highly correlated with childhood abuse, there are many, many people who have never been abused. Myth #6: A lot of those who claim to be mentally ill are basically just selfish, or self-centred, individuals.
Fact: Many forms of mental illness have been shown to have their roots in chemical and neurological problems in the brains.

Myth #7: People with mental illness can get better if they just work a bit harder at getting over their issues.
Fact: Although mental illness symptoms can often be managed successfully through a combination of medication and counselling, it is likely that suffers will continue to struggle throughout their life. Fact: Although many sufferers will continue to battle, or will find their symptoms resurface overtime, they can often manage these successfully. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Jim suddenly jumped into the deep end. Everyone wanted me to get help and rejoin life, pick up the pieces and move on, and I tried to, I wanted to, but I just had to lie in the mud with my arms wrapped around myself, eyes closed, grieving, until I didn’t have to anymore. Think of things that you can do to try and help improve your mood … such as going for a jog, or talking with a caring friend. Remind yourself that you are valuable, and have a lot to offer … and think of all your strengths, and all the good things you have done.
You may not see changes, but every smart choice you make is affecting you in ways you’d never imagine.

The Constant Victim - This kind of individual will always finds a way to end up as a victim in their relationships. The Iron Fist – They use intimidation and throw their weight around, to use you for their ends, and to get their way in life.
In contrast, mental illness is an invisible disease which can’t be observed by the general public.
In fact, many extremely intelligent people have been diagnosed with mental illness, are able hold down powerful jobs, and carry a high level of responsibility.
In fact, research indicates that they are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of violence.

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