My Journey has just started, but the more i shape it and unique approach every set ,target and situation, the more i gain power to call this art my own. Once you've done with the basic emotional side off things, your job is to get out of your house. Walk in a fashion store, and first thing you should do is talk to the chick, and say something along the lines off ' you look like you may know your stuff missy, why don't you show me some cool pants, and a shirt, lets try some out '.
Everywhere you go, anywhere you go, if you can open and get a girl to laugh or give you some IOI, know that the game is on, and you are always ready!
Sometimes theyd grab my little IOI toy say how cute it was ra ra, and id clamp it on their ear, (it has magnets on its hands) and do more hands on kino.
Shoes, in my case i like vans, most girls are NOT a fan of those type of shoes, but screw them i have shoe laces, i wonder what they think?
With the shoes and laces, what do you wear for your shirt and such to be congruent with the laces.??
Here in Aus, we have alot of places to get interesting things, you just have to go out and look for it. You can always tell the difference between a good and bad suit by the material its made from.
I recently discoverd 2 other things which are cool, and ill post them at the bottome of this post. The cancer bracelets are very common now, i think its a new trend that hasn't really become popular yet.
You know I have learned so many things just talking to chicks in stores about clothes and shoes. Beckster has been in the pick up game for over 15 years and along the way has become somewhat of a celebrity. Beckster was in tune with the troubles that some guys might have in the club or in the field.
Beckster and a small group of specialists from the UK aimed to reverse the negative publicity present in the PUA community and aimed to deliver results to it’s practitioners. Beckster and his Beckster Seduction techniques have formed close bonds with a relative who’s who in the PUA community. The Beckster seduction method includes tearing down the walls that have been set up by rejection, failed relationships, and other mishaps along the way.
Beckster offers a 22-hour weekend conference that can be taught in a group setting of 4-8 people as well as an intense 75 hour residential training where the PUA’s reteach an individual how to live their daily lives. The most comprehensive and literal interpretation of the Mystery Method ever put into 1 readable online format. Revelation is a deep exploration of the same subject matter [as The Mystery Method: How To Get Beautiful Women Into Bed] but Revelation is a completely different book. My entourage is composed of several of my closest friends, as well as other beautiful women we’ve brought with us. I was a late bloomer – Ten years ago, I was a skinny punk kicking my way around Toronto. While women, and people in general, may have different personalities, underneath is a subset of learned behaviors that are a direct result of tens of thousands of years of evolutionary thought and progress. For the first time ever in my life, I had the choice of meeting any woman that I wanted to and within just minutes hooking her in and having her begging for more.
Once you understand the keys to social mastery, you can literally create your own reality – choosing the crowd you roll with, the women you meet, the women you attract, and even on what terms you want to see them.
What if You Could Acquire The Combined Knowledge of the Worlds’ Greatest Venusian Artists, Short-cutting Your Success With Women? Although you may have first seen Matador and I on VH1, and you may not have met Lovedrop yet, we’ve been in The Game for nearly 10 years each, working off of each other and masterminding, reverse engineering human emotions and social intelligence. Survival and Replication Value – Once you understand how men and women have beenengineered to respond, this will lay the groundwork for your newfound Venusian Arts mastery. The 5 primary emotions you must instill in a woman before you can ever hope to begin a sexual relationship with her.
The 8 visual clues, 6 behavioral clues, and 4 social cues that every woman is biologically programmed to screen for. How these 6 elements of connection will create an instant, unbreakable bond with her, pumping her body full of emotions for you.
One of the most common mistakes (only behind not approaching at all) is showing interest too soon – It lowers your value and alerts her that you may be looking for something.
How the Roll-off is like a neg without words, and how utilizing it will send a shockwave down her spine, causing a knee-jerk reaction to win you over.
5 easy steps to add value and take the dominant role – How to lead her in fun games thatamp up her attraction to you and escalate towards sexual tension. The 11 waypoints of group theory – These are the 11 events that MUST occur in each group set in order to move from introduction to seduction. Imagine Having the Confidence to Approach at Will, No Matter How Large the Group, Choosing the Woman You Want – And On YOUR Terms! Revelation is a complete paradigm shift – You will not think about social interactions the same way again, ever. Whether you’re approaching a set of two women, a mixed group, or even doing a presentation at work,Revelation gives you the savvy and social know-how to instantly conect and form bonds, transforming you into the bright star that the room revolves around.
As I mentioned earlier, our understanding of The Game has evolved over time, and Revelationrepresents the most up-to-date understanding available.

Another way to look at is is that our previous program focused only on my teachings, whereas this one really captures the presence and personality that I convey while in the field. And unlike The Pick-Up Artist TV show on VH1, which focused mostly on the use of canned material, peacocking, and negs, Revelation reveals our practical emphasis on vibe, delivery, humor, microcalibration, and value switches. You may not know, but I’ve even received offers of up to $10,000 for one-night, in-field intensive training. In order to make Revelation available for any man looking for breakthrough success with women, we’ve decided to offer Revelation for just $97. For less than the cost of a weekend out on the town, you’re going to uncover ten solid years worth of the studying of social dynamics and creating attraction and desire, short-cutting your way to the true success with women that you deserve.
Revelation is offered as a digital product (with an option to get the printed hardcopy, after you buy the ebook), which means that you’ll receive instant, immediate access to it upon acceptance of your information. That means that you can put Revelation to work for you right now, and start enjoying success with women this weekend! I’ve made it available in a digital format (with an option to get the printed hardcopy, after you buy the ebook) so that you can unlock the secrets to unlimited possibilities in your life and the women you choose to invite into it right now. Yes, that is exactly what I said… you think that she is going to just think you are so awesome that she randomly asks you to have sex with. If you ever expect her to get intimate with you, then she has to be comfortable making-out first.
You have to get this part of outer-game developed and the only way one can do so is with practice.
I've found that one of the greatest challenges in social situations is getting a HB away from a group of non-HB's. It's nothing to do with being insecure, the fact is they spend 3 hours in the bathroom, there not going to let that be undone by their best mates! I was watching some youtube vids that were recommended to me by jewtube, who knows why they were recommended I main sub to videogame channels and reactionary right wing fucktards.
PUAs are mentally ill, but they're the main ones that are fighting back against feminism . Get her to show you and dress you up, at the end get her number with a proper number close and tell her you may stop by for some more advice.
Get opinions about things you bought form girls all around, do your openers, and your number closes.
Make sure you do your own, that reflects your personality, as this is what i use and do, and anyone is welcome to copy it. Don't get baggy jeans, or very thight jeans, make sure they have a perfect fit along your legs and waste.
Rings (rings make sure u dont get skulls or anything like that unless you specificly want to appeal to that tribe), bracelets, neck chain, medallions and stuff along that nature. Yet another cool thing, watching Mystery, he likes to use a Bandana, and they are always in.
Make sure they are trendy looking, usually trendy beenies have alot of cool shapes and colors, they are never plain. You have to make sure they don't sit on your cheakbones and when you smile dont go up past your eyebrows.
Getting his start in the UK, Beckster saw a failing PUA industry that was not only misleading those who turned to it for help, but at the end of the day those students were just as lonely as they were when they started but now with less money.
To his own account, he grew up shy and was often made fun of for his pale skin and red hair. The result was the formation of Beckster Seduction, a close-knit community of PUA’s who are dedicated to the success of those who seek guidance, as well as themselves.
When a student finds their inner confidence and restores their self-esteem anything is possible, especially in the PUA Field. Learn the method step-by-step, meaning-by-meaning as LoveDrop details the mind of this master of pickup.
And I’ll play one off the other throughout the whole night, all to work my way up to the woman I really want, the hottest and most exclusive one, and have her itching to get more intimate with me. The more approaches I made, the more I started to see universal signs of interest, disinterest, attraction, and desire. You see, I’ve already done all of the work for you, and I want to offer you the chance to pick my brain, taking all of my combined knowledge and experiences over the past 10 years of The Game and make them your own .
These 4 factors of how you treat yourself and the company you keep will determine your ultimate success or failure in attracting her.
These are the 5 most common points at which aspiring Venusian Artists tend to get stuck in the interaction, and how to make sure you blow through these sticking points in the future!
Also, being co-authored by myself, Lovedrop, and Madator, it contains the combined wisdom of the Venusian Arts’ trifecta. If you are one of the guys that deals with this a lot, hence is one of your sticking-points, then today is your lucky day… you are about to get the cold, hard truth on why this keeps happening.
Well, just because it worked a couple of times when you were young doesn’t mean it will work now 15 years later. This means starting with a little playful hand-holding and escalating to kissing in a charismatic fashion.
Reading about seduction theory or psychology books is great, there are definitely a lot of intriguing concepts out there, but figuring out what fits your own developing personality is only solved by putting in the work. Look for the positives in life and if you have to, watch a funny movie; laughter is the best medicine.

Undoubtedly, if you can get this part of your game figured out then you’ll drastically increase your win-to-lose ratio. This is another book covering mainly outer-game strategies and it’s definitely something that will bring a new sense of awareness to your game. People learning these skills realized it gave them a statistical advantage in all walks of life, from women to lifestyle, business, sex life, relationships with friends, work, the list goes on. Are these women so insecure that they hang out with not so attractive women to make themselves feel better about themselves?
I saw a hot chick across the road watching us pull in, so when we parked I immediately got out and helped "grandma" up the stairs. Many PUA wannabe start off just like me with alot of limiting beliefs or arrogant statements and ridicules rules they put on themselves.
Just look at everyone around you, and pay attention in particular to everyone in the club and the fact that no one cares or will notice you.
I sometimes ask opinions about my shoe laces, or my funky glasses, and i get some cool IOI's.
They are all pretty expensive and once you look around more you'll notice more that are awsome. Another interesting fashion is the head band, im not used to this one, but more and more guys are starting to wear them.
So if your going out there guys, and your new, start asking them questions about what’s good and what’s not fashion wise.
Over 300 professionally edited pages covering topics ranging from Openers, Kino, Grooming, Group Theory and overall way of being. One of the most important things I’ve discovered in my 10 years of meeting and attracting women is .
Discover my personal method for starting an interaction and how it lays the groundwork for curiosity and attraction, and the 6 hidden keys behind what I’m doing.
As soon as I’m able to convince them to change that out-look, then their lives start changing.
Find out how PUA will change your life by getting more serious and taking the necessary steps to get a real coach, get involved, and learn from the best. The combination of guys wanting to inflate their egos by calling average to above average girls "10s" and thinking that it's somehow mean to call an uggly girl a 3 or a 4 has basically rendered the 1-10 system useless for basing practical advice off of. With hot girls there is almost always ugly girls, the fact is that it is less competition and also makes them look better. Named after Steve when he politely tried to tell a girl that her being a 6 was a good thing (she was better than average). When chicks see you with other guys that have value, they automatically apply value to you.
Most of all I love how spiritual and independent he is about everything that he talks about. And know that if you mess up a set, well too bad, the girls will probably just walk off, worst case scenario, so there is nothing to worry about. Having a legendary coach can jump you light years ahead of what books and videos can teach you.
Some chicks are shallow like this and do it to feel on top while others are genuine and don't do that kind of thing on purpose.
I mean, I'd like to better understand these women psychologically, I mean, I know many are shy. With hot girls there is almost always ugly girls, the fact is that it is less competition and also makes them look better.It's nothing to do with being insecure, the fact is they spend 3 hours in the bathroom, there not going to let that be undone by their best mates!Come over where I live and I show you hot girls running around together all the time. As a man, I would never want to hang out with a bunch of guys that had lower value, unless they were handicapped and I was doing a fundraiser, that would be huge DHV. He really drills how a man should be, and how he should set his outlook and values in life. Revelation will serve, long into the future, as the official company bible here at Venusian Arts. You see, because of the level of social proof I’ve established, I often have women come up and approach me, trying to win over my attention and affections. This works both ways putting her with 9's and 10's will diminish her beauty in a group setting. So this neighborhood guy gets easy pussy, while I'm sweating my ass off for measly droppings. The reason for that is because guy gatherings are almost always lame with some women company to keep the banter interesting. Without a woman, what most of us guys do is constantly brag about random bullshit that doesn't fucking matter. What most often occurs is that multiple women talk about you but they will all move out of the way once you have made your choice.

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