Cinnamon Sugar Candied Nuts - You won't believe how easy this is to make, and it's completely addictive! Asian Salmon in Foil - The best and easiest way to make salmon in foil - and you won't believe how much flavor is packed right in! If you have been on the internet any time over the past year you no doubt have seen the rise of the mason jar. I’ve been curious about nail artist Madeline Poole and sure enough, the worldwide web linked us together. I like looking at other-non-nail-related things, looking at art, record covers, old books, rocks, clip-art, egg dioramas, botany charts, runway shows or even other peoples closets and apartments to see collections of patterns together. It’s an easy way to be expressive and change your look constantly without having to buy a bunch of new stuff. Just as there are crazy good designs, there are also some bad bunches floating around the bloggyverse.
As soon as I decided I was dedicated to nails as my livelihood, I started feeling like I could actually find some success. Maybe this is a boring answer but most of my close friends are artists and they have a major influence on me. If you think of yourself as a tough cookie, not to be messed with, you want a style that reflects that. The quickest way to look cool and a little edgy is to wear anything in leather (or pleather!). Polished, hammered, silver, gold,  studs are the detail you’ll want to create your rocker chic look.

Naturally, black is the color for rocker chicks ( and biker chicks) everywhere, but it can be harsh- making you look washed out or tired- and who needs that? When it comes right down to it part making a rock’n’roll look work after a certain age is about playing with contrast. Simple boot-cut jeans and flats paired with a mesh overlay T-shirt and structured, studded bag is a perfect casual combo. Sometimes I plan out designs on nail wheels or sketch them with pencil.When did you start doing nails and why? A black leather jacket is an obvious choice but if that’s too much toughness for you try a fabric blocked black leather jacket or a leather jacket in an entirely different color.
A few studs on the collar of a structured blazer are a subtle touch, all over your heels is a sexy strong statement. Fitted dresses and skirts with exposed zippers are a perfect way to add some cool to a serious look. The rocker chic look calls for bold cuff bracelets, stud earrings, and necklaces with heavy chains and stud details.
Instead of wearing edge-y pieces from head to toe, temper them with basics or  even more ladylike options. A floaty, floral top looks unexpected and fantastic under a leather jacket, and a sheath dress contrasts perfectly with a studded necklace and cuff bracelet.
I'm Deborah, and I'm here to help you Tweak Your Chic, to look stylish, classy and Age-Amazing at 40, 50 and beyond!
You won't believe how SIMPLE and INSTANT it is to get that perfect vintage blue mason jar color without any messy painting!

I can't believe how simple it is to get that perfect vintage blue mason jar color without any messy painting! Seriously, these jars are absolutely gorgeous and you won't believe how easy this technique is to do at home.
It didn’t start taking over my life until about 5 months ago when I started my blog and started documenting what I was doing.
I worked with my mom since I was a kid, she’s a muralist and faux-finisher, she taught me how to paint fake marble and wood grain and leather.
Or, you can brighten things up by wearing a vivid tone like cobalt, hot pink and emerald to create a sharp contrast with black and get that instant edge. For example, a simple pencil skirt and blouse get an instant edge-y upgrade with studded collar blazer and quilted leather ankle boots. And I’ve got to give credit to my old job in Baltimore at The Poster Repair Company, where I spent several years restoring vintage posters, mixing colors and reconstructing missing pieces of lithographs with extremely small paintbrushes.
Just remember, to keep it age-appropriate, no more than 2 items per outfit should be studded, and the studs should be small and sophisticated looking, not long, garish ones! Try shades of grey with bold blues or oranges for a look that’s tough as nails but chic as anything.
These are high fashion looks favored by rock’n’roll designers like Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang.

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