I get tired of hearing teen role-models like Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry misuse and reject the term "feminist." It perpetuates the myth that feminists are a bunch of bra-burning man-haters, and that's just not true.
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Most people only think of Labor Day as a nice excuse for long weekend, the beginning of fall or the start of football season.
If you've ever wondered what Labor Day means, how it came into being or why it's still important, take a peek. Over the course of the five-month 1959 steel strike, approximately 500,000 steel workers left work, closing down almost every steel mill in the U.S. When a group goes out to dinner, the question inevitably arises: How should you split the check -- especially when some members of the group order filet mignon and a bottle of cabernet while others stick to the chicken and iced tea? If you often go out with people who tend to order pricey meals and drinks while you stick to the budget-priced items, it’s okay to ask your server for a separate check before the meal, says Daniel Post Senning, of the Emily Post Institute. You're asked to pitch in for a group gift at the office, but there's bad blood between you and the recipient. You're under no obligation to participate or to explain why you're turning down the request, Senning says. In response to an intrusive question about your finances, ask (in a friendly tone) why they want to know, says Jodi R.R. Your roommate's significant other spends most of his time at your apartment, but he doesn't help pay rent or other expenses. Tell your roommate that you want to talk to her alone, and designate a time and place to do it -- over brunch, for instance, Smith says. You're concerned that a friend lives beyond his means -- and he just charged a trip to Europe on his credit card. Unless his financial habits significantly affect you (for example, because you share an apartment or you've cosigned a loan for him), it's none of your business, says Smith.
Do you know the difference between chayote and cilantro?  How about papalo and plantains?  If you think you’re a pro when it comes to Mexican ingredients, take our quiz and see how much you REALLY know! More commonly known as “Bolivian coriander.” While it originated in Bolivia, it is also grown in Mexico and various South American countries.

An herb that gives flavor to Mexican foods such as tamales, sopes, quesadillas, black beans, mole, chilaquiles, and many others.
These start a bright green color, but later ripen to become either orange, red, yellow, or brown.
We have come together with one common goal - to provide you the information you need, when you need it, to help you live a better life financially. But the last holiday of summer is more than a day off work: It's also one of the most controversial of American holidays, a celebration of the laborers -- and more specifically, the unionized laborers -- who made America strong. Big Sky Balloons and Searchlights, an Illinois company, sells as many as 200 of the inflatable rats every year. By the mid-1950s, when organized labor hit its highest point, 35 percent of workers were unionized. We asked etiquette experts if it’s kosher to simply pay your share or if it’s better to bite the bullet and split it evenly. They usually order more-expensive meals and drinks than you do -- and split the bill evenly at the end. In fact, your fellow diners may appreciate the move: They can order as much as they want without feeling as though they’re imposing on you. You didn’t drink any of the wine they ordered, and you’re surprised when they suggest splitting the check evenly.
But if people you don’t know well want to divvy up the check evenly, it’s probably best to go along with it.
If you're otherwise happy with the situation, let your roommate know, and open a discussion about what's fair for him to pitch in for household expenses.
But if he asks you for advice or suggests that he's in financial trouble -- say, by mentioning that he doesn't know how he'll pay for the trip -- it's okay to approach the topic, Smith says. The seeds are crushed and used to give flavor to many dishes, especially in cuisine from the Yucatan area of Mexico.
They are about 3 times spicier than jalapeno peppers, but only half as spicy as cayenne peppers. It is most often used as a garnish and not cooked into foods, as it easily loses its flavor.

Claiming that the strike interfered with mail service, President Grover Cleveland sent in 12,000 Army soldiers -- a move that broke the strike, but also resulted in the deaths of 13 strikers.
The same goes if you regularly eat out with certain friends and the price of your meal is usually about the same as theirs. If requests for money at the office become overwhelming, Farley suggests bringing up the issue with colleagues you trust. Am I going to be passed over for a promotion?' " Among friends and family, ask those who would likely be interested in the cause, Senning says. Be aware that your roommate may decide to move out and get an apartment with him -- or, if your name isn't on the lease, that she could ask you to move out. A sample conversation starter: "I don't mean to pry, but you have mentioned in the past that you have a hard time paying off your credit cards, and now you booked a trip you may not be able to afford. You can find it in guacamole and salsa, and you’ll see it garnishing many hot dishes. Fearing a backlash from unions across the country, Congress quickly moved to declare Labor Day an official holiday. Test your financial etiquette know-how when it comes to handling these uncomfortable situations. If you're refusing because you dislike the charity, don't badmouth a cause that is obviously important to him.) Soften your response by complimenting your friend -- for example, tell him that you admire his generosity.
Requesting donations on your Facebook page or Twitter account is a low-pressure way to ask friends and family members for money. In that case, you could suggest changing the practice rather than eliminating it -- say, having a once-a-year office birthday party rather than buying a gift or going out to lunch for each one. And keep in mind that if the people who are asking you for money have donated to your causes in the past, there's a higher expectation that you'll pitch in for theirs. If the question comes up again, Smith suggests saying, "I don't feel like discussing this now.

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