Though I expected it to be quite a bit bigger than it is (but that is my fault for not reading the description carefully enough), i can't argue with the results.
When you are looking for the real deal, be comforted in the knowledge that the lovely people at Cassia4 are some of the best in the business!
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. I mentioned last week that I was guest posting over at How To Nest For Less and sharing a little Valentine’s Day project. Yarn was on sale at my local craft store, so I decided to make some yarn wrapped letters spelling out LOVE.
I just wrapped the entire letter in one direction, then went back and wrapped in the opposite direction.
Instead of just leaving the letters yellow and blue, I decided to wrap a little gray around each letter as well.

I had some letters for Christmas – I can see me wrapping them for a different look next year! These are really cool, I love that you didn't use traditional Valentine's colors so these can be used year round! Megan, I got the comment you left about our yarn letters So fun that we had a similar idea!
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Since there was an opening, I had to push the wad of yarn through the opening and continue wrapping all the way around.
And of course, the mark of a true crafter is that she can do "surgery" on a cardboard letter! The elections are supplied in the national character of distribution, so action, buy now enjoy more preferential! Whether it’s an inspirational story or pretty interiors, my desire is for this to be a place you can come to on a daily basis and leave feeling inspired in some way.

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