Now Brooke thinks Sophie is ready for a new lover and thinks that Rihanna, who is thought to be bisexual, would be perfect for the role. The 20-year-old actress thinks producers should give rapper Snoop Dogg - who is a big fan of the ITV1 programme - a guest role as a drug pusher who leads her character astray. Early on in the pilot of CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) is shown dumping her prescriptions down the sink of her West Covina house with a smug smile on her face. Instead, after watching more than half a dozen episodes, I discovered the show to be the overly-attached-girlfriend meme come to life. Granted, none of the characters in MSW claim to be crazy or suffer from anxiety or depression, but so much of the show feels like it’s shot through that lense.

And apparently Kim Kardashian wants to be on 'Corrie' as well, so she can come and show her arse off! I remember watching this moment with hope the show would explore more character complexity like this and not be reduced to a one-note musical.
Starring Jay Baruchel, Eric Andre, and the fantastic Britt Lower, MSW follows your run-of-the-mill dating and 20-something Millennial storylines, but through funny goggles.
Non-anxious people would feel pretty crappy about their crush seeing someone else, but through ultra-uptight spectacles, the stakes are even higher. For example, in the first episode of the series, Josh’s sister Liz sets him up with a troll.

What I love about this show is that despite its highly absurd moments, it feels like a more accurate depiction of modern dating and, compared to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, mental illness.
In the past, Josh has been surgically conjoined to a girlfriend, been bullied to couple up, and attended a wedding, literally, in hell.

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