Want to know the 'secret' to truly great relationships, where no-one 'loses' themselves, nobody is controlled or controlling, where you simply have a lot of fun? You may be thinking that some of these relationship questions are not relevant to your particular relationship - however you will find that they are, in that all the questions answered above will help you activate your own wisdom; all will help you gain clarity in your current or future relationships.
And that's why I've compiled my answers to the top 10 relationship questions, and included them in an PDF ebook of the same name.
Ultimately, it will help you better understand your relationships - past, present (and future). And using the wisdom of many, as my ebook does, helps you to trust yourself more, helps you find your own answers. Will your relationship get magically better once you've bought and downloaded a copy of my ebook? You'll receive a notification of your order email which also contains a link to download the .zip file (containing the 3 PDF files) and receipt of your payment at your PayPal e-mail address. Are you still reading this because I'm still writing it, or are you genuinely still unsure? I did the 10 Days of You challenge a while back and a bunch of other people did the same on their pages, and we all linked back and forth and it was cute and fun and distracting and we all got to know a few cute things about each other. Be the kind of person (like me and my brother) that can quote the Simpsons, the Office, or Family Guy at the drop of a hat. Filled a pot with water, added goat meat, added fennel and onions and garlic and salt and ginger and all the other spices. Helped brother put his belt on the correct way (figured out which side the teeth are supposed to be on for guys v. When my brother eats cookies or something from the pantry and then puts the EMPTY BOX back in the pantry. Again, in accordance with Sufi teachings, I’ve been stopping myself whenever I catch myself lusting after anything. I want extra cupboard space in my kitchens to store more coffee mugs than a single woman would ever need in her life.
I want to be the type of person that always has some kind of lemonade in the fridge, and can immediately think of twenty things to do with a chicken breast or steak.
I want to be able to let an entire day pass (occasionally) without having uttered a single word.
I want to get letters and cheap, quirky, fun little presents in the mail from my friends, and to send out the same as well.
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A couple of bloggers I follow are currently doing this same challenge and I am enjoying every single post.
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I offer a wide selection of birth chart interpretations and relationship compatibility reports, together with discounted report packages on various themes.
This page describes the Relationship reports package, which contains eight full length professional astrology reports (approx 90 pages total). Each report included in this package is also available individually for $7, from the Astrology readings page. A natal interpretation in a basic format "this planet is here, which means this", it lists all your planet placements and what they mean. This report groups similar facets of your natal chart interpretation together and describes the net effect on your personality. A natal interpretation in a basic format "this planet is here, which means this", it lists all your partners planet placements and what they mean. This report groups similar facets of your partners natal chart interpretation together and describes the net effect on their personality. A basic comparison of two peoples natal charts in a basic format "this planet in your chart interacts with this planet in your partners chart to create this effect". Your individual charts are combined into a composite chart for the relationship, which is then analysed in detail.
These are the best commercial quality astrology reports available, and sold for up to $30 each elsewhere.
If you have any questions please donA’t hesitate to contact me there's also a link to do so available on the right hand menu of any page on this site.

All the analysis is based off of the date, time and location of birth for you and your partner. To my mind this is the minimum information which is required to fully understand your relationship.
My clients have included three of Europes largest dating services, for whom I've matched tens of thousands of premium members worldwide.
I use state of the art techniques from multiple astrological schools and practices including western, vedic, cosmobiology, symmetrical, hellenistic, huber, harmonics and others. My opinions on the latest and most interesting ebooks related to love, sex and relationships. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! I believe that it's okay to fail, it's okay to be wrong, it's okay to look foolish in relationships, as in life. Instead, it's answers to the most popular relationship questions faced by men and women alike, designed to encourage you to find your own answers to YOUR relationships. Was supposed to wake up at 4:15AM so I could pray Tahajjud and Fajr, then start making pulao for Eid lunch. Stopped to admire her grapes, which are growing quite nicely and will be ready to eat soon.
Stood there and rang the bell twice as a tortie cat lounged on the steps and meowed loudly to be let in. I’m uncomfortably short, but hey, all of my limbs are perfectly formed and in perfect working order, so there is absolutely NOTHING to complain about.
I want a cozy, small house with big windows in the kitchen, plants that are immune to my attempts to kill them, and a large dog that knows exactly when my feet are cold (almost always), and sits on them. I want to throw dinner and brunch parties for my gal pals and also for couples if I’m ever a part of one.
I want to drink black tea with milk and honey, just like my mom takes hers, in those cups as I sit by a window and read. I want to have the resources to be able to pay for my food and the maintenance of my home, and I want to die before I become a burden on anyone else. It was an amazing, Kennedy-esque wooden creation with twisting staircases, a crumbling twelve-car brick garage, a peach tree and roses crawling around on the fence, a book shelf built into the wall with glass panes, and a tub crouching on claw feet. I have a super tiny waist that snaps back after a pilates session or two even after I’ve eaten burgers all week. If you want to recapture your lover’s heart and soul again you need this instant self-help download today.
In as little as 90 minutes a week you can actually transform the body you have to the body you want! Rekindle the romance and passion in your relationship by using the secrets and tips in this self-help book and take your relationship to another level.
The notes refer to summaries that Brian Johnson wrote on 180 books he read, most focusing on self-improvement and personal development. You can realize your true potential using the methods and exercises which were developed by Jose Silva in the 1960s.
This reduces contradictions which typically exist when placements are examined individually. Topics covered include where and how you complement each other, how you communicate, the weaknesses of the relationship, and the influences that can affect the longevity of the relationship. Ideally those details should be as accurate as possible, but I can work with the best information you have.
A very high percentage of my business comes from repeat customers and personal referrals, so ensuring every customer is satisfied is a high priority. I promise delivery within 48 hours, though it's rare for one to take longer than 12 hours, and the average is around 2 hours. I've purchased several instant systems, and none of them are accurate more than 50% of the time. I could sell one report for the same price that I package 3, but the end product would be inferior.
I want every customer to be 100% satisfied, so I offer an unconditional money back guarantee.
There are no magic answers in this world, or in relationships, just common-sense wisdom applied as best you can - that's what always makes a difference, after all. Download the ebook, and if you don't get value from what you read, if you don't believe it's helped you find your own answers - whether it's long distance relationships that you're wondering about or just plain creating your own healthy relationships - then I'll give you your money back no questions asked!
Your order is risk-free - I'll give you your money back no questions asked, should you decide this purchase has not helped you access your own relationship wisdom! If you’re doing it, too, link back here (or just tag me in your tweet, if you tweet it) so that I can go check it out. He’s been watching me carefully for years now for signs of  me turning into a nerd pod person.

She didn’t realize that I could trace the IP easily, and that I knew where she lived (as in where her phone was routed), even though she goes to law school in a different state, and her boyfriend, who she often visits, lives in a different state. There was a lot right next to the house that was the yard, huge and empty and a blank canvas for my imagination. The challenge asks single people to discuss how single life is but doesn't ask "taken" people to discuss how their lives are. The best part is you don’t need to buy any fancy foods or special expensive diet supplements and you can often see results in the first 24 hours. Just by knowing what to say and do at the right time will reignite the passion in your relationship so you can both start with a fresh slate. If you are bored with your sex life your partner probably is too and that can have a devastating effect on the relationship. This program was developed by Jon Gabriel who lost an incredible 220 pounds after studying biochemistry and the human body and using the method now available to you.
Brian made Audio recordings and PDFs explaining the concept and most important points so from these summaries you can deduce whether you want to go ahead and buy the book.
6 million people all over the world can’t be wrong, click here and learn how easy it can be to make the changes that will reboot your life permanently. For example it lists scores for patience, loyalty, introversion, extroversion, how romantic you are, how logical you are etc. Soaked almonds, tea, pretzels, chocolate pretzel turtles, brownies, watermelon lemonade, pulao, dhai pulki, nimku, tamarind relish, Coke, chickpeas with potatoes, haleem. I allow myself to be enslaved by certain cultural dictates as much as I decry and eschew other cultural dictates.
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A healthy sexual relationship has so many benefits including helping you to reconnect with your partner and reawakening the passion you both felt in the beginning.
He delves deep into the mind and reveals reasons why your body may secretly want to be fat. This is a brilliant idea for those of us that never have the time to read everything we want to. For example it lists scores for patience, loyalty, introversion, extroversion, how romantic they are, how logical they are etc. Instant systems use lookup tables for the current DST rules for a location, and are nearly always wrong for dates 20-50 years ago.
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For a long time I was mulling it over, trying to figure out the best way to either expose her in a super humiliating fashion, or to get back at her. If you’ve tried everything you can think of, have run out of ideas and don’t know what to do next you really need this course to reconnect and recapture the romance.
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Also, it was a prettier place in my childhood when I didn’t realize that there was a child slave living next door.
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