A visitors unleashed a funny text messaging prank upon his Twitter followers last night, instructing them to “accidentally” send a drug-related text to their parents and quickly reneging afterwards (to sell the oops! Manual Text Bombing with Your iPhoneWhile you're probably not as fast as two-time National Texting Champion, Austin Wierschke, you can probably shoot out a couple of texts in rapid succession. The message doesn't have to be long or contain any actual words; the main goal is to maximize annoyance by rapid fire. Text Bombing on Your iPhone with AppsThere was a time when SMS bombing apps roamed free in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you want to bypass the pitfalls about messaging rates and fees, you can email bomb your victims instead. Texting Bombing OnlineIf you search "SMS Bomber" or "How to send multiple texts to one person?" you will find a few results. Nathan Fielder unleashed a genius prank upon his Twitter followers (s' parents) last night, instructing them to "accidentally" send a drug-related text to their parents and quickly reneging afterwards (to sell the oops! Top pranksters know they need to keep up with the times to stay relevant, but not everyone has the time or money to turn an entire house into a ball pit. The easiest and farthest reaching modern technology prank is practically glues to the palm of your hand. Change the auto-correct settings to get your friends to admit to things like having a totally justifiable crush on Paul Giamatti. Nathan Fielder came up with the sly idea to have followers text fake prompts guaranteed to give parents a heart attack, then immediately retract the statement. But don't blame us if you end up grounded, because you're the one who pranked your mom about drugs. If you want to prank your most grammatically correct friend, you need to think like the overbearing 8th grade English teacher who never lets anyone go to the bathroom because it disrupts the learning process.

People are suspecting pranks, so be so committed to the prank that you convince them you're a relentless customer service bot.
If they don't get the prank then what's the point?You shouldn't have to spell it out for them.
Comedian Nathan Fielder (who hosts Nathan for You) suggested that his followers text their parents about a fake drug deal…hilarity ensues. With that many text messages flying around, you're bound to get overwhelmed at some point by someone a little overenthusiastic with their thumbs.So, what better way to pay back that friend that texted you 8 messages in a row at 5 in the morn than with an SMS bomb using your iPhone?
But after numerous complaints filed against these app makers, both companies made a concerted effort to get rid of as many of these apps as possible. It's located in the same xsellize repo, so no need to add another source.Simply, search Cydia for SMSFlooder and install on you iPhone. With SMSFlooder via Bite SMS you can send an ridiculous amount of emails to a contacts email address.
I tested a few of them out, and many ask for registration or money, which I was not about to do.
Actually ,the better way is use the sign function of some web-site to send message to the phone you want to attack. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. While you may find a few after some time searching, they wildly over priced and have very poor reviews.I scoured forums and searched online but no one could offer me a legitimate (non-jailbroken) alternative. SMSFlooder is by far the best way to SMS bomb an iPhone contact, so be sure to hit up Cydia and download it for free. While SMS bombing isn't necessarily illegal, a victim could claim harassment and take you to civil court.

What I'm trying to say is that pranking someone on Meerkat is still a few month away from being most effective.
Though most parents are practically expecting the fake pregnancy scare from their teens on April Fools' Day, so try to be a little more creative. Once you have both of those applications installed and configured with your contacts the fun can begin.Open up SMSFlooder and enter in a phone number or chose from your contacts by tapping the blue arrow next to the Sender field.
Sorry guys, but jailbreakers just have more fun, although having too much fun with this could land you in actual jail. That person would seriously have to be terrible at life, but anything is possible.You should also try to find out if your victim has unlimited text messaging. Most smartphone plans from major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile all come with unlimited text messaging, but there are some that do not. And for your victims without an unlimited text plan, the cost of your little prank could be absurd. So, if you bomb our victim with 100 texts in a row, you just cost them 20 smackers.Needless to say that probably wouldn't be appreciated, and kind of kills the joy of a well thought out prank. There isn't a charge for sending an email, so that will always be a plus.So tread carefully my friends.

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