By the time we're done here, this trick will allow you to send SMS messages even if you forget your smartphone at home.Before moving any further, it should be noted that, as far as your carrier is concerned, the text messages that you send using MightyText will originate from your Android smartphone. Thanks for sharing, we can also use Coolmuster Android Assistant to manage your android phone on computer easily, including send text messages to mobile phone from computer directly.
But what if you need to get your recipient to not only read your message but respond to it … now? Unless otherwise noted below, all instructions and screenshots are for Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows. Even if your work e-mail isn’t hooked up to Microsoft Exchange Server, you can still send text messages via Outlook. Setting up SMS service in Microsoft Outlook is actually pretty easy, depending on which service you subscribe to. If you’re not currently subscribed to an SMS service, Outlook will start a Wizard to guide you through the process.
The website gives you a list of Microsoft-approved SMS providers that are compatible with your wireless carrier.
Because SMS stands for Short Message Service, you’re limited to a certain number of characters. Simple, Bandwidth has a communication API that lets you control phone numbers programmatically. SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAILEnter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When you send attachments from Windows Explorer and use the Send to > Mail Recipient command, the message does not use your default stationery, signature, etc. It’s possible to create a custom Send to shortcut that uses your default stationery and signature, with your desired email account selected. Background: Modern versions of Windows have a feature called "Send to" which allows you to right click on a file in Windows Explorer and send it to one of several locations or applications, including "Mail Recipient".
Note: To protect against computer viruses, e-mail programs may prevent sending or receiving certain types of file attachments. Because of the method used to access Outlook, the Send to command will always use the Outlook editor, not Word (Outlook 2003 and older, if Word is set as your email editor) and a signature will not be added to the message body.
You can use this method to create shortcuts that use custom forms, including pre-addressed forms.
However, you can make your own send to shortcut and it will honor your new message settings, including adding your default signature, using your stationery, and using the editor of your choice. To jump to the folder, copy the correct command for your version of Windows and paste it into the address bar of Windows Explorer or in the Run command (open it using Windows key + R).
With Outlook 2013 click-to-run, the command to add the selected file as an attachment and address the message will look like the following if you use 64bit Office.

Older versions of Outlook use the same command line as Outlook 2003 but with the correct path to Outlook.exe. Now when you right click on a file in Windows Explorer and choose your new shortcut from the send to menu, the new message will use the desired account, your default stationery and signature.
If you delete the account from Outlook or change its name, the shortcut will revert to using the default account.
Instead of creating a shortcut in the Send to folder, you can edit the registry to add a command to the right-click context menu, just under the Open, Print, and Edit commands.
Note that when you use this method and select multiple items, you'll create one message for each attachment. Following are registry files that will create a basic Send to shortcut for Outlook 2010, 2007, and 2003.
If you are missing the Mail Recipient shortcut in the Send to folder, go to the Send to folder then create a text file in the folder. Joseph's method uses a windows script and allows you to select multiple files and attach them to a new message, preserving your signature and stationery settings. About Diane PoremskyA Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book.
As it turns out, SMS messages are not forever tied to the limited screen real estate of a smartphone. While some carriers only offer plans with unlimited SMS messages, this might not be the case for your respective carrier and plan. Just go back to the New Items drop-down on the Home tab and choose Text Message again, and you’ll be presented with a text message form, similar to an email message form but with fewer (and different) features.
One feature you might want to consider using is found on the File tab of the message form above.
You can set up Outlook to send you SMS messages to alert you to upcoming calendar events, send you a summary of today’s schedule, and forward specific e-mail messages (based on a Rule) for immediate attention. Pretty much every on-demand service (call-a-car, rent-a-room, borrow-a-dog, etc…) all use some sort of telecom API to power part of their business. If using Outlook 2010 pre-SP1, the email account may not be the default account set in Account Settings. This feature does not require Outlook; it will work with any email client that is set as the default client in Internet Options. Or you can create a custom form to use instead of the default form, just replace IPM.note with the name of your custom form. Edit the path to reflect your version of Outlook and edit the display name as necessary then change the extension from txt to reg and double click to run. Instead, you can use a free app called MightyText to send SMS messages from the comfort of your Windows or Mac computer.

If your plan does not come with unlimited text messages, the ones you send from the web using MightyText will be counted towards your quota, or incur further charges.The context has now been set.
Virtually everyone (and his grandmother) has e-mail, so your recipients are so overwhelmed by the volume of e-mail they’re getting, your chances of getting a quick response to your message are slim to none.
You may find, as I did, that the SMS provider also automates the process of integrating SMS service with Microsoft Outlook so you don’t have to struggle through the process of setting up the messaging account in Outlook. If you click on Properties, you’ll get a dialog box that, among other things, allows you to schedule the message for future date and time.
If your address book in Gmail contains your contacts’ mobile phone numbers, you can simply click the More drop-down on the far right and choose Send SMS. Otherwise, you will need to add one file using the shortcut, then drag others to the open message form.
If it's not working with your version of Outlook, you can use preaddressed published forms. If you need to add multiple attachments, use the shortcut to open a new message form with one attachment then drag the other attachments to the open message. You can either save it in the SendTo folder or save it elsewhere and create a shortcut to it to place in the SendTo folder. You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet forums.
Heart-Text is a simple NodeJS application written with the Express framework that shares the love. If you use a shortcut you create to send images, you will not get the Image Resizer dialog that comes up with the Mail Recipient command. First, we'll teach you how to set up MightyText, and then we'll show you how to send the texts.Step 1. Simply text or call 732-iLoveBW (732–456–8329) and Bandwidth will respond with a Whole Lotta Love.
Tap the "continue setup" button, and the app will provide you with a link that you should go to on your Windows or Mac.Step 3. When you go to the link on your computer's Web browser, you'll have to allow MightyText to connect to the Google account that you use on your Android smartphone.Step 4.
The existing text messages on your phone will be synced to MightyText and will show up on your computer at the link provided at the previous step.
This will send your message.That's it, you now can send as many SMS messages as you want from your Windows or Mac computer.

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