Here I am talking about another service, My-cool-sms, which allows you to send text messages to Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, India, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Taiwan, Turkey and UK  for free. This is taking longer than I thought, and I have put in more features than I had planned initially. I am now working on the creation of a mobile phone application for Android and Iphone which will allow you to send free SMS using the PHP API which I created a month back . This is a mobile application for iPhone 4 and Android 1.6 which will allow you to send SMS messages to India, UAE, Singapore, Kuwait etc using the free web based SMS gateways like 160by2, way2sms etc. This entry was posted by Kiran Kumar on August 26, 2010 at 1:29 am, and is filed under Uncategorized. Many android apps require toggling between full screen and non full screen view (lets call it framed screen) smoothly. KBC game will load below Game requires Flash plugin 9 New KBC HTML5 game launched This was a simple game I created using SWiSH in 2005. I just  tried out the sencha touch examples  on the android 1.6 simulator and the performance is pathetic.
Developed a facebook app for placing virtual bets on cricket matches with teams made from your facebook friends. Playiing with reflection & refraction materials combined with smoke and particles became my new way to pass time.
The art of sending wishes in the form of images, greetings and messages is a very popular practice in India. With the trend of sending wishes through messages, greetings and image texts have become a very integral part of the messaging service.
FullonSMS provides a large variety of video messages divided into categories such as festivals, funny, inspirational etc.
The day was the fifth of the month and even while brushing my teeth I was worried about the status of my salary.
After serving Tea and Toast, my wife announced that there would be no dinner today as the LPG cylinder is exhausted and the other one was empty too; thanks to my absent-mindedness.
We reached home late and before we went into bed, I noticed my wife sending an SMS and wondered who it could be whom she can send message at these wee hours. So friends the moral of the story is that the best way to stay connected with friends and share your feelings is by sending SMS and the cheapest way is to send free SMS to mobile using free online websites. Timeline : If you don’t focus on your lifeline, you may be excused but if you don’t focus on your timeline then you might risk yourself losing some friends.
Friend requests: Never fail to respond to a friend requests but ensure that the one you confirm are genuine profiles. Update your Profile: One crucial factor to stay connected with like-minded people is to complete your profile and regularly update it. Finally when you reach the milestone of 5000 friends and no more friend requests are allowed, it is time to create a facebook page of yours just like other celebrities have. The FM has assured that steps would be taken to boost supply of vegetables and reduce the juicy margins.
There is further good news for students as the government has decided to setup four more AIIMS and 5 more IITs and IIMs.
Saluting the Real Heroes of the Nation, the government has approved the ‘One Rank One Pension’ policy for defence personnel which would benefit over 25 lakhs retired military personnel. 49 % FDI has been allowed in the Defence Sector to boost production of defense equipments locally.
A 1000 crore scheme “Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana” has been initiated to provide assured irrigation. Several Agriculture Research Centre and 100 mobile laboratories are to be setup and Rs.100 earmarked for Soil Health Card Scheme.
The Holy river seems to be the biggest gainer with the FM allocating Rs 2037 crore to clean up Ganga under the ‘Namami Ganga’ Project and a separate NRI fund has been setup to receive donations for conservation of ganga. Rs 100 crore has also been set aside for development and beautification of the ghats at Kedarnath, Haridwar, Kanpur, Varanasi, Allahabad, Patna and Delhi.
Choosing the right type of patang as per your skills and as per the flow of the air is practice adopted by the seasoned players of kite-flying. Lippo : A very light weight kite generally made of plastic paper that is easy to fly but difficult to control.
Charkhi (Kite Spool) : A spool created with split pieces of bamboo stuck into two wooden discs with protruding stick handles used to loosen or reel in the strings by putting one handle in the crook of one’s elbow and rotating the other with fingers. Manjha : Manjha refers to the glass coated cotton string that is attached with Kanne of the kite and reeled around the charkhi.
Saddi : A white colored thread that follows the Manjha that is stronger but not sharp as Manjha. Dheel (chhodna) aur Kheench (marna) : Dheel is the fine art of letting the string loose whereas kheench is the act of pulling the strings in a swift action so as to cut the strings of the enemy kite.
Aiebow : Aiebow is the outburst of joy and victory against an opponent when a team cuts down the kite of the other group. So all the novices in the field of patang-baazi memorize these keywords and start practicing kite flying under supervision of your seniors. Psychologist from West associate monsoons with SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder) in their countries, but in India Monsoons are associated with the syndrome ‘MAD’.
The Rainy season also brings memories of childhood when we used to reach home from school, all soaked struggling our way out in the gushing water in the streets. Nowadays the best medium to share our joyous moments about the monsoons is through photographs, Facebook posts, tweets and SMS. So friends if you really want the monsoon too flood your city and stay longer than 1-2 months, send Unlimited free SMS online through “FullonSms”  wishing them the wettest of monsoon. Akshaya Tritiya has equal holy significance for Hindus and Jains, as this day marks the birth of Lord Parshurama. According to Jain religion, Akshaya Tritiiya is considered to be a holy and extremely auspicious day.
These days, it is becoming very irritating to read dirty political stories of allegation across the newspapers. The Short Message Service (SMS) is popular all over the world and especially amongst the youngsters. With this website, you can send free SMS in India, no matter where your near or dear ones are situated.

He wants to make an Identity for himself, he loves, testing new softwares and services which can really help to improve the productivity of individual. I am now waiting for apple to approve my enrollment into the developer program so that I can release the app on app store. This is the domain I never explored before, so will take a bit longer to come up with something useful. Of course, you will need to register on the respective gateway websites to get an account, afterwhich you push in the accoutn details into the app using an easy to use interface. Typical apps which require this feature include social networking apps (which require maximum use of the space to accomodate infinite timeline like features), ebook reader apps, image gallery apps, video player etc. We all love to wish our friends, relatives and acquaintances on different occasions and festivals with the help of messages. People use it as the medium of expressing their feelings, emotions and love for their friends and family.
You can even send these video messages to all your group members within a single click and without any loss of time. The nickname suits his reputation of Spamming all colleagues and friends with at least 10-15 messages daily. After taking my bath, I checked my mobile and hurrah my salary has just been credited into my account. While I was working on a presentation, one of my colleagues told me that since he has to meet the deadline for his project, he would not be able to go to movie for which he bought the tickets and asked me if I was interested. I got the message that my LPG cylinder has just been delivered to my house that relieved me of the horror of returning back to home without one. Few seconds later my mobile buzzed with the SMS of my wife that read “Thanks for being such a nice hubby and spending a wonderful day with me”. Likewise on facebook apart from your posts and pictures what one view first time he lands on your page is your cover picture.
Photographs play vital role in keeping your friends updated with the latest happening in your life.
Keep regular updates of your timeline and respond whenever post of a close friend appears on your timeline. Write a short yet catchy introduction about yourself, add your offices, school colleges and your favorite quotation, always update your contact information and on the top of it keep your movie, music, tv-shows, sports section updated. Another good news for the Taxpayers is that Housing Loan rebate has been raised from 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs. However, youths who like show-off their branded and designer clothes in their friend circle would have be shelve out more money for the Branded clothes with increase in duties. Be it grounds or rooftops or any other open space available, all have turned into arenas for patang-baazs. Though it is bit difficult to make the Gudda airbone but once up, it is easy to balance and good for a kheench. An expert assistant in-charge of the charkhi plays important role by means of facilitating the dheel and kheench during the battle of patang-baazi.
The manner in which a samurai chooses his sword wisely, one should choose the manjha carefully because ultimate its sharpness is the decisive factor in determining who cuts the string of other’s kite in the ultimate battle of Pench. An unbalanced kite would fly towards one side and put a fighter on disadvantage especially during a pench. Only a seasoned player of patang-baazi can make the right decision when to give dheel or kheench during a pench. It is the final battle of Patang-baazi (Art of Kite-fight) and here the skills and experiences of an individual play a vital role in finally defeating the opponent and cutting down his kite (string). The joy of the winning team is at par with the celebrations of a soccer team scoring the winning goal.
And those who just love to stay with their mobile taking pictures of patangbaazi and posting them on social media, the best way for them is to spread the message of freedom and joy by sending SMS online through various Send free SMS service websites.
The monsoon rains not just drench each and every nook and corner of street but they also drench our hearts with sweet memories of the past. Indians are MAD about monsoons.  Some children can be seen climbing roof atop dancing and enjoying the rains and whereas other are busy playing all sorts of games in the water-logged streets that appear as if mini swimming pools. Children dressed in school dresses wearing a transparent rain-coat or carrying umbrellas could be seen jostling their ways to schools. After a quick change of dress, we used to make paper boats and float them in the water of the overflowing drains. This festival is only for Hindus and Jains, therefore not considered as a public holiday nor is celebrated anywhere else in the world.
The leaders may or may not win the election but they have left no stone unturned to retaliate with full emotional power. It is more personal than other types of media, making it an ideal form of communication when you want the conversation to be private. You can also organize a party and call all your friends, without worrying about the cost of invitation. You can connect to as many people as you like and entertain all of them with funny SMS which you can find on the website itself.
Hopefully, I can finish it by the end of this week, so that mid of next week, I can release it here. Appcelerator’s Titanium Mobile and Sencha touch are 2 different frameworks which address a totally different set of audiences. These messages could be simply wishes in the form of text or images which become greetings.
The best part of these video messages is that they are formatted in such a way that any mobile handset is able to play the same. I immediately opened my laptop and made the payment of my Housing EMI, Credit Card & Mobile bills through online banking.
I checked my mobile and confirmed that I booked one a week ago and the cylinder was to be shortly delivered. I thought it was the best thing to happen and I immediately SMS my wife to get ready as we are going to watch movie and diner tonight. Around 6 when I was ready to leave the office, I noticed that my boss was still in a business meeting and if I was to wait for him I would definitely miss the show. Virtual connections and relationships are not personal but they somehow make you feel sane.

Common tactics are to go to a cyber cafe, try locating neighbor’s Wi-Fi which does not have a password or go to a friend’s house.
There are lot of stories floating on how cyber games have been played between nations and power groups to destroy each other. Your friends are more likely to engage with posts that are related to subjects that are on top of their minds such as current events or festivals. You can Share these tips with your friends by Sending Unlimited free SMS through  Fullonsms and clicking on secret message.
The novice in patang-baazi could be seen handling charkhi as an assistant or hunting the defeated kites or honing their skills while attempting to make their kites airborne.
Jhoonp is balanced by tying a roll of thread on the lighter half so as to balance the weight of the kite. Youths and even elders go berserk enjoying rain on roads, streets and parks.  One cloudburst washes away the dust, the heat and the boredom of summers and Delhiites find themselves submerged in a fresh pool of joy and enthusiasm. Another sight is of commuters stranded under the Bus-stops and loggias and drivers of two wheelers and bicycles taking shelter under trees or flyovers. With the monsoon on, soon the streets are filled with vendors selling bhuttas roasted on burning coals and garnished with salt and lemon.
Infact the early showers were presumed to be a welcome treatment for the prickly heat and be it ladies, gents or children, all used to enjoy the first showers of monsoons. Lord Vishnu is the ruler of this day and it is said that any deed which pleases the God like Japa, Daana etc on Akshaya Tritiya would yield endless virtue. On this day people who observe the year-long alternative day fasting break their fast by drinking sugarcane juice.
The nit picking on opposition in harsh language leads to the whole process of election in a very bad taste. Most of the times, it takes less time to send a text message than to make a phone call or send an e-mail. Each mobile phone network that supports SMS has one or more messaging centers to handle and manage the short messages.
The app will support multiple gateways and the user will select a particular account to send the text message.
So, stop using the old way of wishing your loved ones and share the video messages with them and make them feel your emotions.
My phone buzzed with the security SMS and thereafter with the SMS confirming payments and balance left in my account. I took the courage and SMSed my boss that I have to take wife to doctor and hence need to leave early.
Internet websites offer many facilities for communication and contact through voice, image, email and text. For the auto-wallahs of Delhi, monsoon is bliss as it not only it reprieves them from the scorching heat but they also find passengers in abundance. We surely cannot bring back the “budhiya jise log kehte the Nani: (grandmother), but certainly monsoons are going to visit us each year adorning our life with joys and memories. When we look at the Hindu and Jain calendars, there is something really interesting about this day.
It is believed that buying Gold on Akshaya Tritiya would make sure that Gold never diminishes and would only grow to bring you wealth and prosperity.
The very first ‘Ahara Charya’ was established on Akshaya Tritiya and this is one of the reasons why it is worshiped and believed to be propitious by Jain religion.
Candidates file their nomination papers and start propaganda with dreams which may be impossible virtually. We reached the Mall in time I showed the booking SMS to the ticket counter and they handed over the tickets to us. As per Jain and Hindu calendars, few days of the month are absent in counting and few of them come extra, but Akshaya Tritiya is one day which is never found to be missing from the astral datebook.
You as common user of internet get your free mobile recharge for sending SMS, playing quizzes and having fun. Since SMS is such an important form of communication, let’s find out a little more about it. Abbreviations such as ‘LOL’ for lots of love, ‘TTUL’ for talk to you later sprang up for time saving as well as coolness.  Smileys also began to be used to reduce the abruptness of the medium and give it a more human touch. Most teenagers cannot switch off their phone only when battery is dying or they are being spammed. The word ‘Akshaya’ has been taken from Sanskrit which means ‘the never diminishing.’ There are several beleifs associated with this day, which are that if you do charity on this day you will be blessed with good luck and success. There is another mythological importance of this day, Treta Yuga started on Akshaya Tritiya.
This day is considered lucky, so there are many interesting activities to do on Akshaya Tritiya apart from shopping gold.
Secretly I admired his collection of SMSs and the way he keeps connected with all friends wishing them on their Birthdays and Anniversaries through SMS. While I was enjoying the show, I got a promotional SMS informing 30% discount on food in a restaurant that I used to regularly visit. It sounds ridiculous to those who are not addicted to the internet but for most it is a feeling of no or zero existence if there is no internet. People are not recalling and adapting old medieval times when things were simpler and easier. It has become very popular to use such options as they are free of cost and can be done any time of the day.
There is another interesting event associated with Akshaya Tritiya, as per the Hindu mythology this is the day when Ved Vyasa and Lord Ganesha began writing the Mahabharata. As per Hinduism if you initiate any new job or project on one of these three days then success is guaranteed. It’s one of the least complicated websites available on the web and makes you wonder that maybe in some way pigs can fly. The candidates have unlimited dreams and desires so much so that they practically do everything possible to achieve that dream.

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