Do you want to Send Free Sms to your friends and family living in Nepal or other countries online using Computer via Internet ?
These days mobile phones have become an integral part of life, and have changed the way of communication in this modern world. Saves typing time (time required for typing in these sites is less as compared to typing on cellular phone).
You can send messages free of cost to any contact no across India while you have to pay messaging cost in cellular phones. You can send messages to any person across world and can get instant reply on your cellular handset i.e within few minutes. You can send unlimited messages per day and moreover some sites provide advantage of sending message more than 160 words.

Through this you can send Free Sms to Indai to any mobile network .Its free and easy to send. Very papular website to send free Sms with advance Feature of enabling and sending scheduled messages all over India. Set the Desired Time and date, type in your message , forget it the message will be send automatically.
Moreover, It contain sms collection though which you can take any topic based instant based messages and send to any one. It also has a list of latest online music songs which you can listen online while sending or chatting with your friends. Send free Sms to any Mobile in India Easy sending ,coupled with exception delivery speed with free Email alerts on mobile has made site2Sms highly papular.

They already providing free sms service to various departments like stock brockers , financial institutes, students who needs instant delivery of sms .
Send your love and dear ones free sms and get connected with them each time when you miss them.
It provide us a lot of advantages like browsing internet on our cellular phone at any time. One of the major advantage is of short messaging service (sms) through online sites which only require our contact detail of the cellular handset.

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