This site offers you the opportunity to send unrestricted international SMS free of charge. This website is distinct from the other websites because of the following features:  It enables you sending of long character SMS with a maximum of 440 characters. The site was quite popular at some point in India owing to its advanced features that enable you schedule sending of message. The site enables you send SMS message to all mobile numbers in India regardless of whether is GSM or CDMA. Freeware SQUAD is a daily updated blog on free tools for Windows, Mac and Linux and daily updates from the Mobile world.
Jaxtr has revealed a free SMS service for mobile users worldwide including India, Now the users will be able to send free SMS text messages to any mobile carriers around the world. Update: For users looking for sending free SMS service to India  check out related posts below. Now a days SMSes are known as the alternatives to letters as they are fast in conveying our message to our loved ones so most of us always love to send SMS to our loved ones.
Here we come with 5 messaging websites allows you to send fee text messages to any mobile providers. Note : These are the 5 free messaging websites in our knowledge and if there is any other sites in your knowledge rather than these sites and delivers better service please mention it with your valuable comments.

Moreover, it incorporates SMS collection based on various events and topic and be able to send the message to anybody in India. Currently, several departments such as education institutes and financial institution among others utilize it. If yes, here is an app which can connect you to SMS services and then send free SMS to any mobile number in India.  With FreeSMS app you can send SMS to any mobile number in India at free of cost from your Windows 8 tablet or desktop.
We also cover a variety of tips, tricks and tutorials on Windows, Mac OSX and mobile phones. The free of cost SMS service is really easy to use the only requirement is that you have to sign up at Jaxtr and then you can invite or send messages to your friends and family. No Spam.Click on confirmation link in email for activation, check spam folder if not in mailbox.
After registering to the site the users can send SMS either in Group SMS, Bulk SMS or online SMS. The reply is yes especially with increased number of youth taking pleasure in conversing with buddies daily.
You are able to send SMS with a maximum limit of 300 characters; as well, SlideSMS allows you send image SMS for free. Apart from this, you are able to have free email alerts into your mobile inbox; as well, you can chat with Yahoo and Gtalk friends through Way2SMS simultaneously.

The cool part of this site is that it incorporates online list containing the latest music that you may stream live as you send messages. You are able to send unrestricted SMS at no cost; moreover, there are no adverts in the SMS and there is no limit to the characters.
Out of the 160 characters of a standard SMS the site offer 140 characters to send your Personal SMS. The site offers a limit of 160 characters to normal SMS as well as 140 characters in personal SMS.
As well, you may send SMS through MSN messenger in addition, delivery of SimCity is reliable. Therefore, today we present top 10 sites for sending free messages online in India as well as other regions on earth. But we found the other way by which you can send unlimited messages free to any mobile providers in India.

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