It will NOT work on any other version of Android but should work on ANY phone running Gingerbread (2.3). This application works in a similar way to DSP Manager but with this tool you can push the volume up much higher.
With over 7 million downloads, Whiteboard is the leading real-time collaborative painting app for iOS. You may have come across several websites on the internet that gives the facility to send free SMS anywhere in India.
Just enter the Indian mobile number of the person to whom you want to send sms and write message of up to 160 characters on the homepage and hit ‘send’ button. This service is not unidentified as they store all records in their servers and co-operate completely with the legal authorities to trace abusive messages to the originator.

No matter if you are on roaming, or the receipt is a DND registered, send free unlimited SMS to ANY mobile in seconds just with using the internet. The first resolve takes the longest; if you disconnect and reconnect after this, it should be much faster. is a website which offers to send unlimited 160 character sms without advertisements. PLEASE don't comment or rate badly if you are on a Stock ROM as this is most likely the problem. Your message will be delivered instantly and you can also check the delivery reports of the sms sent. Now your work is finish; your message will be sent instantly as well as you can get delivery report.

Note that occasionally delivery reports could take up to 2 hours to get updated at their server even though the sms get delivered immediately. We have tried our best to provide the native android messaging application look and feel for your connivance in using the same. This application store the SMS sent and received in the native messaging application database so you can check your messages even in native messaging application.You need is working GPRS connection or Wi-Fi connection to send SMS. Just like every coin has two sides, as per few people they get unnecessary sms from website because site lets sender to send sms without any sign up, hence anyone can make misuse of this.

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