When you need to broadcast the same message quickly to lots of people, sending a group text message is often the best way. Go to the messaging app, tap the contacts icon, pick your group and then either Select All or make specific choices for a subset.
There’s no grouping contacts facility on the iPhone (even in iOS 7) so you need to create groups from the Messages app every time you send a message. Type out the text of the message you want to send and then send the message when you are ready. Let’s say you just bought a new Android phone, and now you want to send a mass text out to all of your friends for an upcoming party. Let’s take a look at how to send group texts from Android devices to help you nurture, not hinder, your mobile relationships. This is by no means the best way to send out group texts, because it doesn’t always allow you to interact with your friends or family in a communal way, but it does give you a quick way to send out a blast to your existing contacts. Designate a group name of your choice and remember it so you can type it into the message field later. In order to add people to your group you can click on the group you just created and select Add Contact.
There are a few Android messaging apps that allow you to send group messages to other people. For the apps that do allow group chatting with iPhones you often have to convince your iPhone friends to download an app. This is a pretty self explanatory app, that takes a quick setup and then you can start sending group texts to whoever you want. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about how to send group texts from Android devices. If you have any questions about these methods, please feel free to express your concerns below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. With Go sms pro when I send a group text and I get replies…will everyone in he group text see the replies from everyone?
When I send group texts to everyone I know (from my DROID MAXX to a group entirely comprised of iPhone users) I do not receive any messages back whatsoever. If these don’t work, look through the settings and try to find some MMS settings that might be causing the problem. I have looked at Go SMS Pro; but users Feedback comments are scathing about the most recent upgrade.
I have also considered Handcent; but similarly, users are incredibly dissatisfied with the most recent update.

Both sites have comments about their most recent App updates that would make it impossible for me to use their App for my multitexts. There are many Android apps that let you send out mass texts (even the default message app lets you do that).
Let's suppose for a minute that a few times each month you have a movie night where you invite a group of friends over to watch a movie with you. Once you have set the time variable it will allow you to send out your message after verifying the message is how you want it. WhatsApp and Viber, for example, are great if everyone has a smartphone that can run them, and they’re free to use.
We'll explain here how to make your life easier as well as sending group texts the hard way.
Depending on your Android version and phone you might have an Add Groups option or you might need to tap the Menu to call up a Create Groups option. On a Samsung Galaxy S III this involves tapping the group then the add contact button and picking from the full contact list. Tap Done and you return to the messaging app where you can add more recipients or type and send your message.
However, you still need to select people individually from the group when you want to send them all a message.
You realize that when iPhone users create a mass text, you are included, but when you respond, the message only goes to the original recipient. This is handy if you regularly send messages to your family or a designated group of friends. Once again, some Android phones have different commands, but the buttons should be somewhat similar.
This is unrealistic, considering they would have to actually download the app and open it whenever they want to send you a text. With just a few simple clicks, you can group message anyone in your contacts, and it includes you in any iPhone chat session. Download Go SMS Pro to your Android phone and open the app when it’s done downloading. Try grouping your contacts before sending out a group text to make it a little easier for yourself, or even try to download one of the many group texting apps to get in on the action with iPhone users. You can see the review I did on the app here, or just download the new app from the Google Play Store. The problem is when you want to send out a mass text repeatedly to the same group of people or when you want to send out a text for a recurring event.

People like seeing their names and when a text like this is sent, they might think that you wrote to them individually (having recently graduated from college, there is a big difference in the probability of me going somewhere if I get a mass text rather than someone just sending me a message). You can tell your whole book club about the next read, or remind everyone coming to dinner where to meet up, for example. These iPhone followers find it quite easy to tease Android, since the platform has failed to come up with a standardized way of sending group texts. It’s even tough to send out a group text without having to deal with stray texts coming in, and people not knowing who is who. You might have to click on an Add Groups button or click on the Menu button to actually find the Groups option. The first downside is that many of them don’t solve the problem of joining in with a group chat with a bunch of iPhone users.
You can also close out the download page and open the app from your homescreen if you would like. Basically, if a group of iPhone users creates a group text, and they include you, instead of delivering all the messages separately to you, it pushes all of the messages to a thread for you to join the entire conversation. One thing to remember is that Go SMS Pro has a small lag when generating the threads for your group texts.
For some reason, Android still doesn’t really have a default way of mass texting other people, which makes it difficult to be included in group texts between a bunch of iPhone users. The explanation here about how to create a Group for your contacts to enable group texting (sometimes called mass texting or multi texting) doen’t explain that many android phones have an inbuilt limitation on the number of people you can multitext in the software. If their phone happens to be switched off or out of range when you send, as soon as they have a signal again your SMS will reach them. Groups can chat with each other via SMS, so that any changes to arrangements are easily shared by everyone.
Some might consider this a good thing, since you get to customize your phone and choose how you want to group text, while others just think the open nature of Android makes the messaging game a bit too complex. Pick the group you just created, and if you want, go select certain people from that group to narrow it down a bit. When you go to send out your message, the app will ask you what you want to set for the time.
Click on the Done button and then return to the messaging app to compose your message and send it out to your groups.

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