You’ve always received wrong number texts, those misfired missives that leave you scratching your head and staring at your phone. Your iPhone 5′s screen capturing capabilities need not only rely on stumbling upon an autocorrect or a random wrong number text.
As technology (and our parents’ age) advances, those that brought us into the world have the opportunity to embarrass us (and themselves) in ways we never imagined.
Apple is being sued by a California woman who claims that when she bought a Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple's iMessage system for iPhones stopped delivering text messages to her. One woman says her daughter's winter break from college was ruined after she received a free Android Moto X iPhone as a gift for being in the audience of the Jimmy Fallon show. UPDATE: See the crazy advice Apple is giving customers who can't receive texts from iPhone users. Others of a more conspiratorial bent believe that some people inside Apple are secretly enjoying the flaw in iMessage because it punishes people for leaving the iOS mobile device ecosystem.
In the meantime, ex-iPhone users who have switched to Android are emailing Business Insider with their stories faster than we can reply to them. APJonathan Eells: "I work in a Verizon retail store and recently switched from an iphone to a Samsung note 3.
Steven Hemingway: "I joked at the time that it must be Apple's way of withholding your messages and tricking you into thinking something is wrong with your phone so that you switch back. Matt Rober: "I chose to hop onto the Android bandwagon and was thrilled to be unshackled from the grips of Apple until I tried texting my friends. Tax FixJames Maiorana: "I recently switched to Samsung Galaxy a few weeks ago and had the same issue. Yang Wang: "My experience is that the problem eventually fixes itself (for each individual sending a text, not fixed universally) after a few weeks if the person sending the imessages tries to send "enough" of them. Several people say they nearly lost relationships with spouses, friends or loved ones who thought they were ignoring their texts. Joa and Andy stopped by our house a couple weeks ago, and I had to ask her how she texts me cute little icons.
When using the keyboard, you can now hit the globe button in the bottom row and choose from tons of emoticons. I have the iPhone 4 and it worked for me, but I did do the upgrade offered by Apple when the iphone 4s came out. I’ve been obsessed with this for a month or so now so I can relate to how fun text messaging has become! If you were the creative type, you probably screwed with the texter first, but lost those texts to that great big trash can in the cloud. You have the ability to save all varieties of your friends’ fails, face palms, foot-in-mouths, insults and any other embarrassing comments and conversations in the palm of your hand.

Ever think you’d experience your mom accidentally propositioning you, and have proof of it in writing? The plaintiff, Adrienne Moore, is hoping a federal court will grant her claim class action status.
Much to their delight it was the week when Jimmy gives gifts to the entire audience, and they both won new designable Moto X phones. Still to this day I cannot receive text messages from any friends using iPhone as they go as iMessages. A I recently had to deal with this issue multiple times and informed many of my customers who were switching that they would not receive messages.
I was wary of previous complaints about the issue so I made sure to turn off iMessage and log out of all my Apple accounts before making the switch. Today, I am able to receive some text messages on the occasion from some numbers, but some numbers I'm not able to communicate with whatsoever.
Apple was no help and went as far as to tell me that I had to tell everybody in my contacts list that has an iPhone to change settings on their phone to contact me, which I responded by telling them that was near impossible and insane at the same time. If ANY device has your phone number listed, then all messages sent to you from within the Apple ecosystem will remain there. Our babysitter turns off iMessage from time to time because she has a very small data plan.
My 2-year-old loves to send my husband and sister text messages entirely comprised of animals and little icons that he picks out. Now that you have an iPhone, you can capture these WTF moments and share them with the world.
Which brings us to some of our favorites from Parents Shouldn’t Text —which we admit is kind of a misnomer, because honestly, they really, really should.
A Verizon sales rep says he also lost sales commissions after angry customers bought new Samsung phones and then returned them for iPhones when they couldn't get texts from friends who use Apple devices.
Rather, the opposite is the case: An Apple customer service rep recently told Lifehacker blogger Adam Pash that "The engineering team is working on it but is apparently clueless as to how to fix it," according to Pash. She was home for winter break, during her freshman year of college, and couldna€™t wait to see her high school friends. After switching I talked with a bunch of friends with iPhones who would try and message me.
I found over the first few days that I wasn't receiving any texts from anyone with an iphone. Apple assured me that my contact info and number had been removed from their system and that the issue would resolve itself. All you have to do is go to the apple website, sign in, and actually delete your phone number from your apple account.

Several people say they nearly lost relationships with spouses, friends, or loved ones who thought they were ignoring their texts.
However, at least one other lawyer unconnected to the California case has contacted us to say they are also preparing to file litigation against Apple on this issue.
Texts get "stuck" briefly or permanently inside iMessage when they're directed to someone who has switched their number to an Android phone because they're trying to find your old, inactive iMessage address. They told me one day it would go through as a text and the next it would send as iMessage, which of course I couldn't receive.A  a€¦ I kept my phone for 10 days to see if the extra time would solve the issue, to no avail. I researched on the internet about the problem and found (surprise!) that others had the exact problem. Once the phone number is deleted it is no longer registered under an apple product, there shouldn't be any more issues. The first night she thought perhaps her friends were busy with family responsibilities, but when I noticed she wasna€™t replying to my texts we realized her texts were not going thru, and friends with iPhones couldna€™t contact her (without realizing the text hadna€™t sent via iMessage and taking the step to resend as text).
I know this issue has started arguments between me and my girlfriend because she was upset and thought I was ignoring her and she was already not to happy that I was no longer using an Iphone.
I made sure I was logged out of Apple everywhere, turned off iMessage on my old, non-working phone and my iPad, but still no dice. As time went on I was forced to change my phone number to fix the problem, which was not only a pain for me, but also for the hundreds of contacts that now need to learn and program my new phone number. Wherever you've allowed iCloud to setup with your phone number and not expressly disallowed it, your phone number becomes a part of the Apple ecosystem. I called Apple to make sure they removed me from their database, and they told me that it was a known problem, and that they COULD NOT REMOVE me from the database. A I explained how to go about getting it fixed but they said 'I can't not get messages as much as I don't like my iPhone and love the s4 I need to get all my messages.'A  I couldn't believe how Apple had gotten this customer right where they wanted them. They had to go around to all of their Apple devices and uncheck their phone number in the iMessage or iCloud settings, as a 'receive messages at' address. A I was also upset because I had now lost out on any money I made in the sale and couldn't believe the audacity of apple. After that everyone sending them messages from within Apple automatically switched to texts. A  a€¦A  I know a few customers were very unhappy about this and trying to contact apple to get your number unregistered from the servers is like pulling teeth.

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