Applications that send short messages (SMS), using SMPP protocol, can communicate with SMS center (SMSC) and deliver messages very fast. If you are a linux user there is an open source application, called Kannel (, which is a production ready solution for your messaging needs. On Figure 10 you can see that Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has sent out the message to the specified recipients.
Also, can receive asynchronously, delivery reports for each message, so you can know the status for each SMS you send, automatically.

SMPP client communicates with SMPP server by SMPP protocol, which is a native way for sending SMS.
There are quite enough resources - libaries on internet, that you can check and find the appropriate solution for you. If you wish to use our service with SMPP, feel free to contact with us and we will provide to you all connection details and your username & password. When there is a change of status for an SMS, then SMPP server will transmit a delivery report back to client.

So, we don't have to care about making extra actions to retrieve the delivery report for a message.

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