You remember you need to text your friend something, and you remember it right in the middle of the work day.
If you use Gmail and Google Voice, you're in luck, all you need to do is setup Boomerang, an extra service for gmail that schedules emails to be sent or read later, but with some more setup it can also be applied to scheduling texts. Setup Google Voice to email your text messages, by going into the settings and the Voicemail & Text tab. It means you can schedule all your friends to wake up at the same time as your alarm for a trip.
It means you can be a more effective helicopter parent and text your kids something right when they get out of class.
You can also do this using RightInbox, but decided Boomerang was better since it had better mobile support and is priced about the same. Our brains have a funny way of remembering that we need to do something at the strangest moments. You will see that the send button has changed to include a small clock icon, which lets you know that it is set to send at a specific time. To start the process off, hit the “+” symbol in the bottom left corner and start up a text message!
While our main goal was the send a text message via Google Voice in a delayed fashion, I have to give Titan Message Scheduler a shoutout here. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. If you enjoyed these texts, you can buy the book Texts from Mittens, which features these and more hilarious texts from cats, from Amazon.

Sending the message now potentially means starting a whole conversation, and not sending it now means forgetting it altogether. If you forgot to do #1, you can always go to the Boomerang website and cancel the text there.
If you press and hold on the message, you will see a menu that lets you send it now, cancel it, or make edits to the text or scheduled time.One way that I use scheduled texts is when someone in my family asks, "Can you remind me to call your uncle after dinner on Friday?" I just set up a scheduled text that will send around the time we'd normally be leaving dinner.
You just got done with your side job and want to let the customer know you’re finished.
Once the app is opened you’re greeted with a basic page that shows your scheduled text messages. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This is so messages don't clutter up your inbox, but the log of old texts will be there for when ya need em. If you're OCD and want to check later that the message was actually sent, you can always double check within the google voice app or website by going into the Texts section. This way, I don't forget, and my family member gets reminded at the appropriate time.What will you use scheduled text messages for? We have searched high and low for the ability to perform this via an Android device, and this method seems to be the only one available right now.
At the bottom of the screen, you’ll want to click the phone bubble to sign into your Google Voice account. I would love a little more stability (a handful of my tests just flat out didn’t send), the ability to use a typed in number for a recipient and the ability to send an attachment would be great features in the near future.

You could use reminders and calendars, but that could mean getting reminded while doing yet another thing, like driving somewhere.
Share your ideas in the comments.For more tips and tricks, check out How to do everything with the Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s a growing trend to have a business number run by some sort of VOIP service, and with Google Voice still being free (for now), it makes for a great option.
Near the bottom right, remember to click the settings button for making Google Voice your preferred message type. In previous versions of this app, clicking the image of a person and pencil would allow you to browse your contacts and choose someone from your contacts. Rest assured that if the ability to send a scheduled text to someone not in your contact list becomes available, we’ll be the first to let you know.
Granted, Google Voice can’t handle SMS messages quite yet, but such a feature would be great for timed messages sent from a local cell phone number. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5,Tech-Recipes recommends using the message scheduling feature.

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