Mac Bulk SMS Software - Professional provides facility to compose and send numerous alert messages from Mac OS X installed machine to group of mobile phones via connecting GSM Technology based mobile phones or Android mobile device. Step1 : Screenshot displays option to load recipient numbers and corresponding messages by clicking on a€?Load Contact filea€? or a€?Add or Paste numbers manuallya€? button.
Macintosh SMS sending software is useful for SMS marketing to send instant messages such as job alerts, product promotional information, greetings, invitations, business campaign etc from Mac machine to mobile phones.

Exclusion list Wizard option that allows you to maintain lists of contacts or Groups, which you may need to exclude time to time while sending messages. Also ensure that your iPhone’s phone number is ticked and iCloud email address is also selected. Go to your Mac and you should have a notification with the code in it – input that code on your iPhone screen – it should be 6-digits.

If you don’t get the code notification on your Mac, you will need to go back into Messages > Preference and sign out of your iCloud email and then sign back in again.

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