With these android apps, You can send & receive SMS from computer or tablet using android phone number. MightyText features include instant notification of new SMS messages on computer or android tablets. AirDroid lets you manage your android phone from desktop or tablet browser via wifi without connecting usb cable to your phone. March 23, 2014 by iPad Mini Tricks Leave a Comment The Message app is flexible, letting you send and recive messages via SMS on your mobile network or via the iMessage service on Wi-Fi. Messages can have photos or videos attached to them by pressing the camera icon next to the message input box. If you only want to send via the iMessage service, then go to Settings > Messages and turn ‘Send as SMS’ to Off. Like iMessage, but more widespread, this is an app that works on iOS but also other systems such as Android. Primarily concerned with picture chatting, you can snap an image, share it and tell the app how long you want it to be viewable for. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Although there are many carriers have included unlimited text messaging in the data plans or you may pay certain amount of fee on top of your data plan to send unlimited SMS text messages.
For those who are Android phone user, please check out our Top 8 of Best Android Apps to Send Free SMS Text Messages.
Textfree with Voice by Pinger allows you to send and receive free unlimited texts and pics, plus earn free calling minutes.
Do you want to send & receive sms messages from your android tablet, iPad, computer or any browser using your phone number?
It works on all android phones including Galaxy S2, S3, S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Nexus 4, Nexus 7. You can send, receive messages, sync messages, view android phone photos on Computer, tablets & even iPad.
I use similar functionality on my Gmail, and it always sends after 5 seconds in the background. AIM lets you talk to your Facebook and Google friends, and is beautifully integrated with other social networks.
But, do you think that it’s worth to pay extra to those carriers if there are some apps available allowing us to send text messages for free?

This might be helpful If you are reading a book on your tablet, you are working on computer and don’t want to switch between computer and phone all the time. They also sync SMS back to your phone so that you can see entire conversation later If needed. There are options here for adding character counts and to turn Send Read Receipts on and off – this notifies others when you have read their message. You’re  can also create groups, share images and contact details and keep track of earlier conversations. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

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