If you are a crazy cricket fan I am sure you would never miss out on watching any matches especially when your favorite team is playing. But it’s not always that you have an active data connection on your mobile or have access to sports sites for example when you are behind corporate or school firewall. You can follow the instructions on how to link your phone with Google Calendar for SMS notification from our previous article. Once the page has loaded, wait for few second for menu Cricket Score Alerts to appear just next to help menu. You can turn off this service from the menu by selecting stop sending scores but to add more flexibility I have also added an option to control this service via email once you have started it from Google Docs as you might not always have access to Google Docs for example from your work place. Please make sure you follow the step correctly and check if score are being inserted in your Google calendar.

Craze of this awesome sport seems to have caught many with introduction of new formats like T20.
In case your not able to watch it you might at least would love to keep yourself updated with latest scores. Send the email to yourself or simply send an email from any other web mail account to your Gmail account. What should be in the body of email which we send to our-self to start and stop the service? Some ways you might opt for could be checking out sport news website or install apps on your mobile to keep yourself informed with latest happenings.
To configure the triggers for this script, or change your setting for receiving future failure notifications, click here.

Other alternatives would be to subscribe to SMS notification services provided by your telecom operators which ofcourse they charge you.
With ICC T20 World Cup 2012 super eight stage just beginning you should be finding this service useful ?? Lets get started with instructions.

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