To have a user or application enabled to send SMS messages please contact the Microsoft Server Team.
A SMS message can have a maximum of 160 characters, if the message is any larger than this it will be truncated. Day by day teri khusiya ho jaye Double, Teri zindagi se delete ho jaye sare Trouble, Khuda rakkhe humesha tujhe Smart & Fit, Teray liye New Year 2015 ho Super-Duper Hit. A way to share thought, feelings, emotions, sadness, express new things, happiness by message, send sms on mobile and express your feelings of your heart.
Firstly confirm and log-in to way2sms account you should change your password after first login.

Charge Codes will be set up to allow the SMS costs to be charged back to the responsible team (details here are yet to be finalised). Upon completion of processing you will receive email notification on the success or failure of your SMS transmission. Once a user account has been given permissions to send SMS messages they can send via Outlook or Outlook Web Access (Webmail).
Create integrated, cross-channel campaigns with personalised, rich-content SMSes for better engagement, and track everything that happens after you send.
Plus more, all SMS contact can be shared with the same contact on Outlook application.How to send SMS text messages from MS Outlook 2007 using SMSOfficer ?To send SMS via Microsoft Outlook 2007, first register for your free SMSOfficer account with your mobile phone number.

When the other person replies to your SMS message, it will arrive in your mobile phone.Once you register SMSOfficer services, you will get free 10 SMS credits at the same time without any registration charges.
Send a shortened link via SMS to a personalised landing page that renders like the online version of an email, and track who reads it. We also track replies, and, using our API, you can trigger events based on replies, like storing a lead in a CRM.Sign up for our weekly newsletter.

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