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Users can use the text-based device to communicate with other goTenna-twinned devices within a 50 mile range and during emergency situations, users can broadcast a message to any goTenna users within range using a dedicated button on the app. Messages sent over goTenna are end-to-end encrypted with RSA-1024 public-private key ciphering except for messages sent using the “shout” and “emergency” features which are by definition public conversations with others within range. As there is no central server there is no proverbial “back-door.” Moreover, users can opt to have messages self-destruct after intended recipient(s) read them. Looking back, home security cameras have surely evolved in terms of technology, price, ease of set-up and operation, output quality among other factors.
Provides two options of storing data: you can store it on a hard drive or use Foscam cloud service. If you are searching for a home security camera that will cover a wider angle in or around your home, then this camera will prove to be invaluable!
The major cons of this camera are: Incase of poor external lighting poor quality images will be received and also the quality of pictures is determined by the distance between the camera and the DVR.
The real downside side to these cameras is; they are a bit big in size and hence difficult to hide or disguise. Wireless security cameras are the best option for home and business surveillance without requiring extra man power. Wireless security cameras are equipped with sound and motion sensors that send an alert to users if triggered. There is no configuration needed for this camera; no memory card changes, no Ethernet cables and no need to set up servers. This is convenient as there is no need for a computer and viewing can be done from anywhere.
This high resolution camera has non-visible infrared LEDs and requires no manual configuration to set up.
It syncs automatically to WIFI networks and creates an account where users can register to view real-time footage. Starting from the first practical photographic breakthrough by Louis Daguerre, way back in 1837, cameras have undergone magnificent changes over the two centuries.
The beauty with these digital cameras is the wireless aspect of it, this means that when you hook your camera to a power source, there are no more worries of finding a cable that will essentially reach into your computer. Before clicking or picking on that item to buy, always ask yourself: what conditions will the camera be located in?
Secondly, another essential feature to consider before getting yourself a wireless IP camera is the pan and tilt range. Are you looking for a lovely home security camera in 2016 that will capture the data you need with precision?
The only downside is that it will consume a large amount of data capacity can reach up to 60GB per month. If you opt for DropCam HD you have to consider whether you are capable to have that much data consumed each month.
If you are in need of a neat surveillance camera and you are on a tight budget, then TENVIS JPT3815W might be the answer. This model is also a low budget camera which features pan-tilt zoom, auto IR-LED illumination and 2-way audio.
This typically allows recording of crisp security footage and capturing of important moments to share with others. With its digital zoom feature, it can magnify videos up to 8 times using its secret weapon to avoid degrading of the image quality. This SmartCam HD Pro specifically uses a 2.8mm lens with a 128 degree field of view which produces 1080p HD Video at a 30 frames per second.
It has a digital zoom power of 10 times on web browsers; however, the mobile app normally has a 4x zoom power. This camera uses infrared LEDs lights to illuminate dark areas and record night vision video in black and white. This type of camera uses 2 lenses to capture video, one of which is designed for a low light recording at night to give an above average night vision range of 30 feet.
This is a HD IP camera with a 107 degree field of view and a powerful resolution of 720p giving clear video pictures during the day and at night. The camera utilizes infrared LEDs to illuminate most areas at night. The house and office are the two main places where most of your valuable materials are kept.
Using radio wave frequencies, these systems can detect motion around places where they are set on.
There are various commercial security webcams in market that are suitable both for outside and internal environments. These systems use varying degrees of technology which are integrated with an app in your mobile phone. If you are thinking of acquiring a wireless security system, the best way to find one is ask people who have used these before or are currently using them.
Professionals in wireless security system installation and monitoring are currently available in most regions. The number of cameras to be installed depends on such issues as; the coverage area, the size of one’s property, and the camera positioning spots. An outdoor camera records any suspicious, criminal, or unusual activity that occurs on one’s property. They help to prevent burglary entry, or the thieves from breaking into one’s car, or the trespassers from ambling on one’s property.
On the other hand, an indoor camera acts as an extra precautionary measure whenever break- in occurs and the outdoor camera fails to record the footage. Most cameras available in the market today have both day and night visibility to enable vision in total darkness. The security cameras are usually mounted at entrance and exit points to capture those coming in and leaving one’s residential or commercial area. They can also be side-ceiled towards the individual to provide a better angle of view of those coming in and leaving the property.
Installing the security cameras in such rooms allows for capturing of the burglar who manages to get in one’s property. Installing the security cameras on the driveway, on, or near the garage ensures the outdoor are safe and remain untouched by the trespassers. Installing the security cameras on the roofline or underneath the eaves of the roof enables the surveillance system to perform best.

The security cameras should also be mounted on the rooflines or on the ceilings within the buildings. The spot should be at a higher point to allow for clear view of all the entries and the exits and should also allow for a broad angle of view of your camera.
In the case where the camera has a receiver that is attached to your computer via a USB port, ensure it is attached appropriately. Last week in our Android customization series we took a look at how to push Android notifications to your computer screen using one of our favorite productivity apps, Pushbullet. Having installed all 5 on my device at the same time, I promise you, you are going to want to only try one or two at a time yourself. Fair warning folks, we are skipping our usual in-depth step-by-step instructions today, instead, we’re cramming more apps in and looking at things from a general overview.
Airdroid is an impressive productivity app, it allows you to do so much more than just send and receive SMS through your PC, allowing you to access files from your Android device and even take remote control of a few aspects of your Android gear.
To use Airdroid for your SMS, follow Airdroid’s fairly simple and bulletproof instructions on your phone to connect your PC to your Android device.
DeskSMS is brought to you by Koushik Dutta, a popular Android app developer responsible for a number of unique and powerfully productive apps, such as Helium backup, Clockword Mod ROM manager and AllCast.
MightyText is another popular app that is focus built for SMS management through your computer. MySMS is another option that utilizes a web page to access and control your SMS off your Android phone.
Pushbullet, as we discussed last week, was originally designed to push files, URLs and more between your Android device and PC.
If you followed along last week, you’ve already got Pushbullet installed on device and the browser extension setup and rolling. While Hangouts does bring SMS to your PC, for free, this is merely an available way to access the Hangouts tool.
We hope you find the SMS to PC app that suits your needs in this week’s Android customization post.
The iPhone or Android smartphone needs to be paired with goTenna device wirelessly, which uses Bluetooth Low-Energy (BTLE), and should be within 20 feet of the phone so that the two can communicate with each other. Over the years, manufacturers have creatively come up with cameras that address needs such as night vision, affordability, resolution, size, energy efficiency, ease of use and compatibility to devices.
To connect it, you are simply required to scan the Camera’s QR code, using a smartphone, and that’s it!
It costs  about $230. These camera’s special features make them unique among other home security cameras. In situations where wired security systems are not a viable option, wireless security cameras are the best to install. It has a great clarity and image quality of 1080p as well as a 130 degree field of view and night vision. Unlike most other brands, it has a zooming feature that allows users to focus on a particular area. It has a ring of infrared LEDs which allow for high quality night vision, even in total darkness. It has high resolution in image quality and small things such as car plates are easily recognizable. It connects directly to the router and viewing is done by downloading a free NetCam app to a mobile device. It has a wide-angle video for more coverage and infrared night vision with very clear images. Let’s fast forward to today, wireless IP cameras are digital cameras often used for surveillance and are capable of sending and receiving data through the internet or computer network. Many buyers often don’t really know which type of wireless IP camera suites and would satisfy their needs. If the distance between the camera’s location and environment is far apart, you better opt for one with optical zoom capability. However, the power cord that comes with the camera is only 3-4 feet long, and unless you have already installed a custom electric outlet near the place you intend to mount the camera you might have a bit of a problem. It has a unique minimalist design which gives way to a powerful lens that records 720p HD Video at 30 frames per second. Its lens has a 130 degree field of view. Generally, Drop cam Pro works in a tandem with infrared LEDs to produce clear and quality pictures in complete darkness. The zoom mode normally focuses on the smaller part of a larger video although enhancement devotes extra processing power to produce clear pictures. Basically, this means that the camera captures more details compared to other best IP Cameras in 2016. It distinctively records clear security footage at a resolution of 720p at 30 frames per second.
Simplicam cloud storage option, closeli recording services, allows saving of clips, schedule recordings and activating face detection. The HD camera records 720p HD video at 30 frames per second thus allows the camera to produce high quality security footage. All the videos can be recorded by inserting a MicroSD card into the internet camera’s memory Slot. If anybody enters the place while you are away, the a siren will be sounded just like in vehicle alarms.
Cheaper versions of these are simply put in a hidden place and can record daily happenings.
They may either use your main mobile service provider text message service or communicate to you through the app. They probably have had experience with these and therefore can tell you between good and bad. On the contrary, the bullet cameras are more unconcealed hence easily noticed by passers- by and intruders.
The night security cameras are essential for monitoring the cars parked in the driveways to prevent car thefts that mostly occur at night.
The cameras should be installed in such a way that they point downwards from the upper part of the door. One end of the camera should be plugged into the camera’s outlet while the other end should be plugged into the DVR input ports. Link the DVR to the monitor via coaxial cables or the HDMI cables. Troubleshoot any issues of connection.

As an extra, we tossed in that Pushbullet will let you handle your SMS right from your PC, so we wanted to take a look at a few other apps that can do the same for you.
More importantly, some are made specifically to sync SMS between your PC and your Android phone, while others are designed for other purposes, but happen to be able to also tackle SMS.
But don’t worry, each of the apps has its own instructions that are easy enough to follow for these relatively easy to configure tools. It offers a premium service for a monthly fee that provides access across networks and a few extras.
Airdroid has been mentioned a few times before here on the sight, most recently as a tool to remotely clear your microSD card before using Android Device Manager to factory reset your device. While the app may be free, the service will run a small fee to go beyond a short trial period. In short, you send a chat or email message from your PC and it will translate into an SMS message through your Android device. MightyText focuses on handling your messages through a web browser, providing a web page for you to visit, from which all of your messages are synced between PC and Android device.
A premium option is available that brings sync across devices, backup into cloud services, export to a text file and more.
Startup the app and log in on your Android device, follow the instructions through and it will provide the local URL that you’ll need to access on your PC. Not only is there no extra fees to worry about, but Pushbullet offers APIs that allow you to build your own apps and programs to operate on their service. As Pushbullet grew, and Android itself became more versatile, Pushbullet took on the ability to push your Android notifications to your PC and handle your SMS.
There is nothing more to do here, Pushbullet on your PC will automatically handle SMS notifications in a way that allows you to respond to sender.
In contrast, each of the other apps today take your incoming SMS from your phone and have to convert them to a usable form for your PC. Next week, we would like to revisit using voice commands to control your device, we’ll use Tasker to control the camera on your device, and throw in an Android Wear app to give you even more flexibility.
Branching out to iPads and Windows powered tablets has been fun, but it all comes back to the Android tablets, that's my happy place.
By pairing smartphone with a goTenna users can communicate off-grid with those who also have goTenna, regardless of access to cell reception or wi-fi. Depending on what you are looking for, there are a variety of top-notch home security cameras to choose from. This home security camera supports Infra-red light with a 25 feet illumination and alerts are motion driven and it costs about $100. Knowing the brands and features of cameras in the market plays a fundamental role in making an informed decision before buying one. The camera is attached to a flex stand therefore it allows for a greater degree of surveillance and field of vision. As a result, they get sucked into buying wireless IP cameras that are beyond what they need. Most of the IP cameras in the market are digital, but you’ll never fail to find one with optical zoom. Always request for a test setup as this will enable you to determine the picture quality of the camera. All products are well-reviewed and you can pick just one of them which better suit your purposes. Lorex LNC216 usually gives 2 local storage options; record to a microSD card or to your computer’s hard drive.
The camera also keeps video on a cloud server and you can obtain the video footage if you log in using your SwannCloud account. Apart from these, you also need security for yourself whenever relaxing especially when sleeping at home. There are also certain systems that integrate all these features thereby increasing your flexibility and ease of use. Before opting for such, it is important to read through customer reviews since some of these can give vital information.
Contacting these before you purchase one will help you to receive the best advice and avoid wasting on something that might not help. The wireless cameras usually come with a software disc that should be installed to view the feeds. Ensure that the monitor, the DVR, and the camera are all connected appropriately to the source of power and they are all turned on. Check out below what the apps have to offer, then I recommend grabbing the one that looks best to you.
Simply follow the setup instruction in the Android app and you’ll be up and running in a few clicks.
This was a tough decision, but ultimately it came down to the fact that Hangouts does not handle messages the same way as the others today. Bottom line, Hangouts works even when your Android phone is turned off, the others require your phone to be turned on and connected. That’s right, get both arms into your selfies, or be a part of that group photo without having to run for it.
Send your friends messages, pictures, or even call them all at once for free over Wifi or 3G! In addition, it will give you an opportunity to learn how to set up the equipment in a proper manner to ensure that you get the best image and audio quality.
Hangouts is Google’s messaging service that melds together chat and SMS in one interface. Perhaps this makes Hangouts the best app for your needs, I just figured it was unfair to have it compete head on with the others today.

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