COLEEN advises a woman who is left heartbroken over her ex after he got back together with his former lover, and she's got some tough love to dish out as a remedy. COLEEN advises a reader who is scared her parents are going to break up over father's extra-marital fling. COLEEN advises a reader who feels the future with their partner is in doubt over something that happened way back in the past. I had no idea he still had his ex-girlfriend in mind, but it turned out that he still talked to her and a€?woke up thinking of hera€?. Over the past two weeks, hea€™s started acting up, not calling me and not taking my calls either, until he finally called to tell me that he is no longer interested in me.

You wona€™t do yourself any favours by chasing him, and even if you did convince him to come back, youa€™d still wonder if he really wanted to be with this other girl. As painful as it is to let it go and try to move on, ita€™s still less painful than being with someone who you dona€™t think wants to be with you. To me, it sounds as if he never shook that other girl off and was always hoping for a way to get back together with her. That was very unfair on you because you gave everything to the relationship and you fell in love with him. Still, ita€™s better that it has happened now rather than a year or several years into a relationship when it would be harder to pick yourself up and move on.

Therea€™s always a chance that once hea€™s been back with his ex for a while, hea€™ll realise shea€™s not right after all and try to win you back.

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