When your wife doesn’t seem to love you anymore, should you really exert your energy towards saving your marriage, or should you just move on and live by yourself? Most husbands don’t choose this decision (which is why there are so many divorces occurring right now). However, the men who do try to save their marriage, and stumble upon helpful information that teaches them how to interact with their wife in a new way, end up not only succeeding in their marriage, but having a marriage that makes them feel like a newlywed again. The husband suffers as he watches his wife find a new man and appear to be happier than she has ever been before! The sad part is that if these husbands could really understand what was wrong with their marriage, and just put forward a little effort to fix the issue, they could save themselves the pain that divorce brings for the rest of their life and instead build a marriage that is happier than it has ever been before. There are a few different reasons that could have caused your wife to lose her attraction; however, the number one reason is your behavior. Interesting note: Physical changes are not often the cause of a loss of attraction for a woman. Now that you know the power of attraction, you don’t have to go through all of that pain. In the end, you can choose to give up on your marriage, but that will result in a lot of unhappiness. If you want a resource that will really help you understand women on a level you have never experienced before, I urge you to check out the Marriage Savior System.
When his divorce finalized, Gerald Rogers created a list of marriage advice he wished he would have had when he was married. The list includes things such as never stop courting your wife, which I think is excellent marriage advice.
There are 18 other points in his list, including treating her like a woman in bed and sharing everything with her to maintain trust, and every point is just as powerful as the last. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
My Wife Doesn't Show Affection - Is This a Sign That My Marriage is Over or Can I Turn it Around? My Wife Doesnt Show Affection - Is This a Sign That MyMarriage is Over or Can I Turn it Around?You would believe that a male who cheated would be falling all in excess of himself to besweet in purchase to inspire some forgiveness. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. I made the mistake of giving a guy I’ve never met my phone number via a private message under the pretenses of well, you know, being friends. It started with a friendly hello, some small talk about what we do, Los Angeles, and nothing terribly interesting. I throw in some more small talk because I have literally no idea what to talk to this guy about.
This was my effort to be completely clear with this guy, because no one likes to be lead on (even though I did not feel as though I was even doing that to begin with, given my apparent lack of interest).
On the 20th, I send the main squeeze a picture of his bed, perfectly made with clean sheets and all.
They don’t see any reason to save their marriage because the future looks depressing. Soon, the wife asks for a divorce and gets into a marriage that may stand the test of time.
When you want something, and that want is strong, you make things happen that ultimately get you to your goal.
That little bit of desire to save the marriage is all it takes to start doing what is necessary.

Chances are you have changed from the man you once were, and her feelings towards you changed as you changed.
If a man is satisfying her needs emotionally and physically, then it doesn’t matter what he looks like, he will still be attractive to her. For instance, many married people end up getting back together after they separate because all of a sudden there is a spark of attraction there again. If you want to save your marriage and make it last, then you have to find a permanent way to rebuild that attraction. The problem is that many men find advice from people who don’t understand women, and once they apply those answers to their marriage, they make the whole thing worse. Just as there has been a ton of research done on why men do what they do in a relationship, there has been a ton of research on why women do what they do. Knowledge allows you to understand why your wife reacted the way she did to a certain situation, and it allows you to easily do what you need to do to smooth things over and bring your marriage back to a healthy balance. Going forward in your marriage doesn’t have to be full of unhappiness if you learn how to make your wife happy on a biological level. Not only will you learn what your wife is thinking and why she is acting the way she is acting, but you will gain the confidence needed to move forward and save your marriage, on all levels, once and for all. The minute you stop trying to be the man that she deserves is the minute that your relationship starts to take a nose dive. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You had fun together, you were happy, and you knew that you were going to be together forever. You have no idea what’s coming… or you will if you keep reading, you sassy little shit. This does not justify the photo of the bed and the late phone call, with absolutely no interaction in between.
This is when I decide that maybe Fee is right and I should put this guy on full Thought Catalog blast. The man she fell in love with disappeared, and in his place was someone who didn’t appeal to her emotionally.
However, if they don’t fix the underlying issue that caused the attraction to fade, they quickly end up unhappy or separating again. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to marriage, and knowing how women work at the very core is important to having a happy relationship with your wife.
And once you understand women on a biological level, and begin to learn why they feel what they feel, you can start to interact with your wife in a way that makes her happy. When you understand women, you will experience a life full of true love and intimacy with a woman you have loved for a long time, and that makes saving your marriage worth it.
It is ironic that it took a divorce for him to really get a clue about what would have worked better in his marriage, and save him from divorce. I let his textual grammar errors slide before, but now it doesn’t even seem worth it to bear. I start live-texting Fee with the details to keep him filled in on all the juicy gossip happening in my ever-so-eventful life. You have no one to confide in because your wife either gets mad at you or doesn’t feel like listening when you talk. She may not jump your bones, but she would be affectionate, compassionate, caring, supportive, and kind to you if she was feeling even a small amount of attraction. It’s even more interesting that women all over the world are sending their praises to this man who was not able to keep his wife.

She will grow as her life evolves and so will you, it is your job to recognize that her growth is okay, and support and love her as she evolves. You are not sure if you are going to last another day, let alone a lifetime, and no matter what you do things are not getting better. I like to think that not every dude that talks to me is trying to get it in, because I’m not that cocky and unrealistic, but COME ON.
Never mind the persistence… hey, if someone doesn’t text you back, definitely text them 12 more times, each of the following days!
He certainly needs some release that real punk rock music at the gym just can’t supply him with.
If you feel I’ve wasted your time, just remember, you clicked this and kept reading to the end.
You probably feel more like a single guy living with your unhappy mother than you do a husband with your wife. Occasionally, I reallyfeel like replying that if Im this sort of a horrible particular person, what is he performingnevertheless married to me. Some of you may remember an earlier piece I did called 20 Signs You Might Be A Stage 5 Clinger… you’d think this kinda thing would happen after meeting once or twice, but no, we have never met. Mind you, at this particular moment, I was with my main squeeze, completely disregarding my phone to enjoy real life 3D happy fun times.
Everyone has free will, just as I have the will to type this up at 1am weeks after the fact. I initially just shared the following screen shots with Rob Fee, especially since this all went down right around the time his Weirdest Person on Facebook post and I thought he could appreciate it. I was actually pretty relieved he didn’t see that this dude called me after 2am that same night, despite the lack of response to the bed photo.
Granted, I was doing nothing out of line, but I didn’t want him getting the wrong idea. If you don’t find this funny, you can blame him, because clearly if Rob Fee finds something funny, it is worth sharing with the internet. What can I do about it?"There can be many motives that cheating spouses will act significantly less than type to theirpartner following they have been caught cheating. Most of the factors are the result of somekind of defense mechanism or an endeavor to justify the cheating.
Even when you know that yourspouse isnt excellent or there is no question that your marriage is significantly lacking, deepin your coronary heart, you know that cheating is wrong.
So the following time he can make 1of people snide reviews, you might think about stopping him and expressing something like:"do you consider I do not hear that?
Your remarks are hurtful and I cannot pretend otherwise.You act as if I have completed something improper or that I have accomplished some thingto damage you when you know that neither is the case.
If Ive done one thing to make youangry or to inspire your feedback, then lets discuss it appropriate now. Nothing at all that I have accomplished justifies your cheating on me.That is the concern that we need to function via.

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