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If your ex still wants to be a close friend of you even after a breakup, then these are strong signs that he is very much interested in you and wants you back even now. Your ex might keep on apologizing for the mistakes and misunderstandings that you both had during your relationship. You’ve just broken up, but even though you both were fine with it, you still think that he has feeling for you. It is an optimistic sign if he tries to make physical contact with you whenever you two meet – he holds your hand, he gives you compliments while he is touching your face, he hugs you often and so on.
After you’ve left him, he tries to accept any criticism that you had about him, he makes changes and uses the first opportunity to announce it. He is asking for your opinion too often?A It is not because he values you as a friend, but because it is your opinion and he wants you to take part in his decisions of his life.

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Are you wondering if your ex boyfriend is giving you signs that indicate he wants you back? One of the biggest signals to look out for is when he is communicating with you constantly. The biggest sign of all that he wants you back is if he actually tells you that he wants you back and he misses you. A healthy emotional bond is a very difficult one to break and your ex will keep finding ways to be in touch with you somehow and sow the seed of love again between the two of you. This shows that he wants to change whatever has happened in the past and wants to be with you again. A website dedicated to girls, love, style, beauty, fashion, diet and fitness, health and career. All comments that contain link dropping, keywords or domains as names, spam or advertisement will be deleted!

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