If you need a spell to help you find direction, solutions to problems and the determination to see it through, download my eBook Simple Wiccan Magick Spells and Ritual Ceremony.
A full moon in Sagittarius is an ideal time to do spells for successful beginnings in areas of learning and education and also for long-term travel. Write out your questions ahead of time and add a purple candle and frankincense oil and incense to your usual altar set up. Use a pendulum to help you make a decision on which path you should take. Though there are no strict ceremonies to follow for Wiccan weddings or handfastings and your vows may be for “a year and a day,” “for all eternity” or “for as long as love shall last,” you might want to include some time-honoured elements on your special day.  The following flowers and herbs are traditionally associated with handfasting. Flowers gathered from your garden or bought at a market are more eco-friendly and economical. Even though I like to keep things simple here and in my ebook, The Master Book of Herbalism is a wonderful reference for those wishing to delve deeper into the magickal meanings and uses of many herbs and flowers. The magick spells, rituals and meditations in my best-selling eBook Simple Wiccan Magick Spells & Ritual Ceremony transform time-honoured traditions into simple ceremony. Ideal for ceremony work around the altar, alone or in a group, this book of spells and rituals can be used on its own or as an addition to other witchcraft books. All correspondences have been thoroughly researched and tested and are in keeping with traditional practices. Each full moon spell contains traditional correspondences, a complete ritual and appropriate seasonal recipes. These spells, rituals and correspondences are designed to maximize the energy of different full moons, but they can be used any time. In Wiccan traditions, full moon in Cancer spells should correspond to family and home life.
If you need a love spell for December, you can find one in my Full Moon Spells & Rituals eBook, along with the above recipes.

Also the fullmoon it is going to take place on december 24, meanwhile, how can I wash the talisman? Hello Ana, you can substitute Lavender or Jasmine or Bay Leaf for the Angelica in a love spell. Now, the Holly King vanquishes the Oak King and we begin our long descent toward the darkness of winter. Outdoor activities are highlighted as are intuition, independence, healing and forgiveness.
Once your choice is clear, make notes and until the next full moon, take steps to move towards your goal. One charming way to use Wiccan traditional handfasting flowers and herbs is to decorate wedding favours, like a tiny box of candies, with a sprig of rosemary. I enjoy sending flowers for many occasions, especially when people aren’t feeling well. Use the power of your intent and the Witches’ Wheel of the Year to find love, success, creativity and better health. Today, these connections are being rediscovered as we seek to fulfil our dreams and align ourselves with the universe. Full moons are in the opposite zodiac sign (a full moon in the sun sign Capricorn is actually a Cancer moon), while waxing and waning moons are in the same zodiac sign.
All have been thoroughly researched and tested and are designed for the busy Neo-Pagan in today’s world. If you feel you do not need the magick of a particular full moon, simply give thanks for that blessing during ritual and proceed to the spell of your choice.  However, the power generated will be stronger during the corresponding full moon.
I’m so happy with the positive feedback you have given me about my books, so I am starting to compile a fourth book.  Of course, I will use some of my own spells for success and creativity to help me complete the project!

As it occurs in the sun sign Capricorn, it becomes a full water moon in the opposite sun sign Cancer.
We may feel more sensitive and vulnerable and pick up the negative thoughts of others, so it’s also an ideal time to do cleansing rituals.
You can cleanse (wash)and charge your talisman by holding it over incense and then touching it with your blade or wand.
We need to make a decision and a commitment to embrace change before the lazy days of summer slow us down and weaken our willpower. I don’t use a specific florist all the time, rather I search for one close to the recipient and call them with my request. Supplies such as candles and herbes are listed for each festival and for the entire Wheel of the Year.
As this full moon occurs early in the morning, you should perform your ritual or set your tools out to cleanse and recharge on the night of December 24th. Love spells are also called for however, you must first decide where to manifest the feelings of love before beginning the ritual. If you can’t find Orris Root, you may substitute Jasmine, Cinnamon, Patchouli or add extra Lavender. I know you can place an order online, but I prefer to talk to them so they know exactly what I need.
At points further east, like Australia, you may perform your ritual on December 25th, as the moon will be full at 10: 11 pm.

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