Avoid the common mistake on page 12 if you really want to have your ex back in your arms quickly!
Our top ten lists are second to none and these lists have caused a quite stir amongst our readers. It’s time that you grow some and get back at the man who nearly ruined your life (women are so dramatic).
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Read page 11 for important information that you NEED to know in order to save you relationship! Thinking that we’ve found the love of our lives and all of a sudden the dream come true becomes a nightmare—it all happens way too fast. Typically, women take a trip to Crazy Town, where they learn key their exes car, set his clothes on fire etc; but there are more strategic ways to get back at your ex. If you want to do him really dirty, you can leak his freaky pics to the world; if not, you and your friends will always have something to laugh at. Tell her that you would like to do something special for her to show her how much she means to you.

Some involve massive pampering like getting your hair and nails done more often than usual. Ask your ex’s friends if you need some fresh ideas or can’t remember exactly what she likes. Knowing these things will assist you in finding locations where the two of you can be comfortable. The worst thing you can do is jump right back into a relationship with the first guy who’s nice to you and feeds you, so MAN UP—no pun intended.
Surprise your ex with small gifts throughout the night like a bottle of champagne or an unexpected detour. As you cut off communication you will find that this is hard for you but it will also be hard for her.
This time apart without communication will allow your tempers to cool if you were angry in the end. Don't call her friends or family and ask for their help because you miss her so much and you want her back (ways to get your ex gf back). Continual contact with her friends and family will anger her and may escalate to her telling you to stay out of her life forever. By giving her space and time alone she will be able to miss you and feel her sadness without you in her life. You were both individuals when you met each other and you by allowing her space it will show that you really care.

If you beg for your ex-lover back it will not happen If you want your ex GF to come back to you it is very important that you do not beg. By imploring her she will want to go further away from you and will lose attraction for you. She wants power over you and probably wants you to beg because it will give her satisfaction. When you beg and appear pathetic in her eyes it will only confirm that breaking up with you was the right thing to do. If you want her back she needs to think positive thoughts and begging will only result in her thinking negatively about you.
As she will withdraw from you more as you beg you must instead show her that you are mature and moving on. If she sees that you cannot be controlled by circumstances she will feel positively towards you and want you back.Acknowledging that you screwed up is a surefire way to get your girlfriend to come back to you.
Whether you broke up with her or it was the other way around an apology is almost always in order. This is a good time to create a list of areas in your relationship where your actions contributed to the breakup.

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