I don't know if anyone said or thought of this previously in this site, but I'll say it anyways (since I'm yoo lazy to scroll through the pages of posts). Is there a mod to make your follower stay on the ground longer when he is hurt ( at least until the end of the current fight ) ?
I really like the sound of this mod, maybe include a mod that actually makes there a proper working economy so depending on how you work as each of these it changes things like how people live, work and the prices of things. The only mod I know of that I believe has Neck adjustments is ECE - Enhanced Character Edit that can be found on Nexus. I've had a look at ECE, but it seems the only neck adjustment slider it has is neck length, and not neck width.
Does anyone know of a mod in Skyrim that adds a functionality similar to the Mojave Express boxes in New Vegas?
That would probably cause more problems than it is worth, cause some of those children have quests. If their appearance is an issue, there is a few mods out there that change their appearance. Would anyone know of -any- kind of male clothing conversion overhaul of sorts that fits SOS' body, that keep the outfits close to the vanilla versions, and not overly-exposing ones?
Hello, seeking mod or add-on to mod, that i see one time on LL, that do "Fill Her Up", EC+ and another mods that change belly size compatible.

Nemu, the creator of Shia uses this girl on tumblr often, but there is no download link for her.
In addition to the armors linked on the SOS main page, there is A Scoundrel's Outfit and T71's Sexy Male Bunny Suit. Skyrim is a modding paradise, soon to become even more so with the full release of mod tools just around the corner. Now, the guys who made the GTA 4 ICEnhancer mod and the insane Deus Ex graphical mod are at it again with Skyrim. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. Well, when I finished Skyrim's main quests (which perhaps 3 months after its release), I was kinda disappointed that you gain little commemoration for your actions. You may start a rebellion against Ulfric or Brunwulf or you could work your way up to earn it.
I know it sounds complex if this was to be ever made into a mod (I barely know anything about modding), but hey, just a thought. Basically, I want a mod that would allow me to drop items off in one city and retrieve them in another. So what I'm thinking is that when you gain a good reputation to a person or group of authority, you can make your way to the top and make it yours.

If ever you'd make it as the High King, you'll be confronted by issues regarding with the Thalmor, the Imperial Legion, the unfair treatment of different races, the pleas of small villages, Skyrim's economy etc. You can decide where the guards are posted at so that whenever there are bandit raids (which the guards keep blabbering about), your town is guarded. And to make things more interesting, some members may try to takeover your position and be the guild master.
You would also be faced with possible assassinations and betrayals which will be decided on your decisions before and after your reign of power. Perhaps even discuss with a jarl on bounties and the amount of fine or sentence placed on crimes.
Maybe even lead grand heists or treasure hunting with some of your guild mates and possibly gaining the Cowl of Nocturne.
You would also have to meet with the other Jarls to discuss a hold's status or Skyrim's entirety.

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