Purpose:  This spell can be used to bring back an ex-lover or end an argument between friends. Items:  Two white candles, A photo or drawing of your lover or friend make sure he is alone in the photo, a photo of yourself smiling, a chamomile tea bag, a piece of blue material. Say his name slowly 3 times and then put your picture face down on top of his so that the two images are together. Love Spells, Voodoo Spells, Reuniting Spells and Voodoo “Lover Return” Spells!  These intense Lover Return Spells, Voodoo Love Spells and Return Your Lover Voodoo Spell Rituals works on the love, care, concern and affections between 2 people and weakens those barriers causing you to be apart. If more than the normal obstacles are in your way, other people are involved in sabotaging your relationships or you are limited due to mitigating factors, or a long time has passed since you’ve had contact with this person, then we STRONGLY recommend performing a “Remove This Obstacle” Spell Kit  before conducting this ritual. NOTE:  Just some personal advice on bringing a lover back: be very careful what you wish for – if he or she is an unworthy mate – they will come back to you as an unworthy mate! On a Friday night at 8 pm exactly, light some orange incense and hold the image of your love in your hand as you visualize seeing the two of you happily together again.
TO SEE YOUR EYES AGAIN MY LOVE, TO GAZE AT MY OWN REFLECTION THERE, TO WALK SIDE BY SIDE IN STEP WITH YOU. Seal the spell’s power for good by sticking the photograph or drawing of your ex-love face down against your bedroom mirror.
The whole purpose of love attraction spells is to fall deeply in love with a particular person. This spell will aid in bringing back that special someone that is distant from you at the present time.
You can use this spell to bring in UP TO $5,000 a month if you believe in the magick and follow my directions.
This spell is of a neutral nature – no black magick is involved so if that bothers you, rest assured. This spell is ideal for a couple who are already involved with one another and there are few to zero obstacles involved. This casting will help protect you from an enemy or entity who is causing you mental, physical or spiritual harm. This is a two part spell; the first part involves a banishing component, while the second directs the hex portion. This ancient, magickal spell will banish away anyone who is causing you harm and remove them from your life. Reunite BRING BACK MY LOVER NOW~Powerful Wiccan LOVE Sex Desire SPELL Charm Bead added to cart.
The seller treats clients exceptionally well and has not only good turnaround but follow up as well.
This spell works by opening out the soul and heart of a person and he or she will feel attraction and reignited love towards the other person.

If your situation is very complex, with long term issues or layers of problems, we offer our  selection of powerful Voodoo Spells & Voodoo Rituals Performed for You by highly experience and initiated Vodou Practitioners. If your username or email address exist in our database, you will receive instructions how to reset your password.
In the practice of sorcery, spell casting is the art of creating a spell through ancient ritual and magic, then sending (or casting) that spell to the being who is to receive it. Problems in a relationship can happen because of several reasons such as doubt,jealousy, presence of negative energy, problems because of lack of adequate communication, professional, financial condition etc. It is dire that your intentions and thoughts are pure through this casting and that you really feel in your heart a strong urge to create this break. The danger of attraction spells is that there is a risk of forcing someone to love you against their natural will.
This spell works fast and it is part of my BOOSTING set of spells that can work every single month if you want to reap the rewards of this prosperity money spell and continue to benefit from its wonderful effects.
This ritual is best to correct obstacles that are lingering within your current love relationship. You can use this love spell for headstrong situations that involve cheating, love triangles and stagnant relationships.
This Hoodoo love spell can be used on a specific person that you already have interest in OR to draw in a totally new person. This spell is made in particular for thise who wants to expand their business, rapidly increase their income, find new success and status in a new industry, and pay off lingering debts.
This spell is best for someone who does not have many outer lying problems in their relationship. The idea behind this spell is to create a long term love blossoming between you and your lover. There should not be any manipulation and interpretation with a person’s free will as this is all white magick.
When the spell has been cast, the spellcasters work has been done, and the spell, woven deeply with magical threads, will carry out what it was created to do. There is a need to effectively deal with these problems in order to find a solution and it is possible if you cast effective spells. Please be very sure that the person you are trying to attract with this casting is interested in you before I cast the attraction spell. Is the passion that bonded you to your mate in the beginning of your relationship fading or non existent? It can also be used for someone who wants an extra push in the financial department within their work place as far as getting a raise or a promotion. If you want to kick things up to the next level, as they say, this is a great option for you.

You must make sure that this is indeed what you want and you are willing to be focused and disciplined while the spell takes effect. It also has a hex component which will return to them the pain that they have put upon you. To insure that your ex gets the message- light the candles at 8:00 each night and say his name three times.
Ask yourself “Why” you feel this way before you consider this spell as it is permanent and utilizes dark magic forces.
You can also use this spell in combination with my other spells for money, break ups, love and even judicial purposes (court cases) to BOOST the magick of the other spell.
This is a spell casting that is useful when you simply need to positively open communication with anyone your at odds with. This can help with negative outside influences, evil spirits, protect against sickness and ward off evil in general.
This is a powerful binding spell and must ONLY be used if you are certain you want this person back. This is an amazing spell that can offer wonderful results if you know what your intentions are and they are PURE. This casting can be used to reach out to a former love with whom you need to get in touch with.
If your love is obstinate or so extremely willful that they do not want to budge to make changes, this spell can work for you. This spell should be used if you are already involved with the person – not trying to reunite or seek out a new lover. Some people consider it unethical and wrong, but if your thoughts are pure, your intentions are genuine, and you truly want to be with this person then your results should manifest beautifully. This casting is useful for very head strong, difficult situations that seem almost impossible! If your heart and intentions are pure, this spell will work beautifully and not cause any harm. Some days are filled with people bringing positive energy into our lives and the world around us. When someone intentionally tries to do you harm physically or emotionally, it is human nature to at least consider seeking revenge.

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