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StarFields writes: I am in the process of collecting some good, hardworking love spells and love symbols that actually work and do what they're supposed to do.
The Book Of Love Spells is too big to fit into the theme of the site, so click on the cover below.
When Piper Halliwell was diagnosed with Oroya fever and was most likely not going to make through it her coma. Unknown to everyone, the doll Prue and Phoebe used in the spell came to life diseased with Piper's condition and roamed the hospital infecting anyone in its path.
The same warning is then inscribed again in Theban, an ancient alphabet used in modern Wicca to hide magical text from those who do not believe in witchcraft.  The author, a witch, has signed the page using the Theban alphabet.
According to Wiccan traditions, a witch’s Book of Shadows, or grimoire, should be burned after the witch’s death to keep their magical identity a secret.  This ritual makes grimoires very scarce and a sale of this nature is highly unusual. Before eventually finding their way to M Benjamin Katz Fine Books & Rare Manuscripts in Toronto, the grimoires belonged to Alice Monseratt, the wife of Israel Regardie. In response to your comment above to start out with there are couple of things you should be made aware of that will be a good source of help to you. Secondly Once we know our self and how we operate at mundane conscious level, then we can start to learn about Natural Laws as it applies to Spiritual World above and below.
Thirdly, Once we get through to this level of development, you would notice that you would be operating in light and able to overcome any and all issues that crosses your path Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.
It startles me that a Christian, who claims to have found the only spiritual path that is for everyone, would dain to call others’ beliefs pretentious.
Spiritual paths are as those above stated a choice, mine is peaceful and filled with nature and life.
With all do respect I do not want to offend anyone or intentionally put anyone down in their thoughts or beliefs, but I do have proof that Wicca is not a few 20th century religion. I studied a lot on the American and European Wicca religions and they are very similar to the Wikka my ancestor talked about in her journals. Hello all people…I am new to magic and spells i already did some things with magic,and am trying to find a spell book, also for all of the comments in top of me lacey yes i agree and sort of the same as catty thank you for reading this.
Wicca is a religion that honors the old traditions of pagan religions as well as witchcraft. The poppets are really simple - just make yours out of anything, from modelling clay to wax, cut the shapes out of paper or whatever you have to hand. You can personalise them by adding some hair or just writing their names on the poppet somewhere. As you do this, think about the time when you made your vows and pledges, remember all of that and have it be real. When you are done, take a moment and look at the two poppets, tied by love because that takes us from what was then to right here, and right now. Again, take a moment as you then also untie the remainder of the strings from the poppets themselves, and focus on a very positive sense of health and freedom for both who are now untied. At this point, you can also bless them both, do healing on them or for them, pray for them and all sorts - just go with what comes to at the time. In this case, we want the relationship to continue but to turn from a romantic (red) relationship into a friendship (yellow). A Note: If you are using this "cutting the ties that bind you" spell and your partner can be expected to suffer major trauma or heartache by losing this relationship, it is a very good idea, after the cutting and tie-removing, to spend some time focussing on healing their heart.

Keep repeating this until you feel all is well with your ex's heart and all the pain is gone. Adding this healing ritual can save you a lot of aggro as with this you don't have a furious ex, out for your blood, hounding you for the next months or years or decades, either spiritually or practically! I was just going to put them on a web page but then I thought they deserved better, so I spend the weekend making a luscious Flash book instead. You can cast love spells, make sex potions, and if you are advanced enough you can cast a spell that makes everyone forget that you bought a wicca spell book. Her sisters Prudence, and Phoebe Halliwell found the "Awakening Spell" in the Book of Shadows since The Elders restricted Leo from helping, and Piper did not want Leo's help.
The three sisters were taken back to San Fransisco Memorial by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and placed in quarantine. He was accused by past members for violating the oath of the Order by revealing secret information, but Regardie believed the information should be shared.
If someone finds demons well maybe they need look at themselves and not towards the whole community of spiritual people.
I say wiccan due to the article went into detail how this was a wiccan witchcraft bos, if true first off wiccan reds will not allow you to harm. I also have proof that there is dark magic and light magic as contrary to Sarah’s posting. So my conclusion is to all you Wiccans out there, don’t let ignorant or miss informed people try to thwart your beliefs. While the concluding induces damage or soreness from the other social gathering, white magic is shed for the well being or the superior of the human being who will assistance from it. The difficulty is even greater with the relevant words in African, Asian, and other languages. And it's a good job the poppets are here, because they are PERFECT to help break a love spell. Others who read this and just want the relationship to be over, completely free and clear, can now dispose of the poppets by wrapping them in a separate cloth each and just put them in the bin as their job is done.
Should they get lost or accidentally destroyed, and the friendship weakens, make two more poppets and bind them likewise with the yellow string. To finish, you can give the poppet your best blessing and a little farewell kiss on the forehead, and you can know you did a job extremely well. Despite the rule that prevents witches from using magic for their own personal gain, Prue and Phoebe cast the spell to awaken Piper from her coma. Despite the initial backlash, The Golden Dawn is a mainstay in modern occult organizations and magical practices. In just the same way, I think it is no wonder that most churches are filled with people that do fairly well financially. Beside the general knowledge of the Astrological and Astronomical knowing I would recommend you to read the Book Entitled : Cycle of Life and Self Mastery by the Rosicrucian Library. Also that what is now called the Book of Shadows is only new because of it’s name only, but in fact was called by many other names in the past. My ancestor mentioned many times of cursing spells against others some of which were to do harm or even death. The problem of defining witchcraft is made more difficult because the concepts underlying these words also change according to time and place, sometimes radically.
If you want to be more dramatic, you can throw them into a river or the sea to represent "going on their lives paths" but that's up to you.

If or when you don't want the friendship anymore, you can "cut the ties that bind us" just the same.
I believe in God or a creature and I believe in Science as well as our very own universe and others.
Every time it was mentioned, it was referring to Wikka as a nature loving religion, that had weak magic but strong love of nature.
Some date back hundreds, if not thousands of years, and others are fairly recent developments. Moreover, different cultures do not share a coherent pattern of witchcraft beliefs, which often blend other concepts such as magic, sorcery, religion, folklore, theology, technology, and diabolism. Not knowing what to do and learning that Leo can't help her, Piper makes Prue astral-project to the Book of Shadows and find the reversal spell to the Awakening Spell. I believe we are meant to be so much more and I find it frustrating bc I would love to use my mind and soul along with the right education or guidence to really be who I think I need to be.
I am just trying to defend your beliefs a little.) According to my ancestor, their protective spells were to thwart against spells cast by people like my ancestor. Twice she cast spells of death against someone only to have them granted within days of the spell being cast. Some societies regard a witch as a person with inherent supernatural powers, but in the West witchcraft has been more commonly believed to be an ordinary person’s free choice to learn and practice magic with the help of the supernatural. Prue finds it, astrals-out back to the hospital, and her and Phoebe reverse the spell on Piper. I’ve always had a strong pull to natural things and feel I conect with the earth deeply. I cannot explain the demonic problems I had but let me say that when everything else failed, I reluctantly went demanding an exorcism from a priest and was delivered from my spiritual problems and attacks. And one was because of the fact that my ancestor owed money to an individual that I will not mention. Piper goes back into a coma and dies, but is healed by Leo at the only time The Elders can't see him. The Wicca everyone is saying that Gardner created was purely based off old traditional Wikka from time past.
Witchcraft is an umbrella term that includes all sorts of belief systems, some old and some new, and you do not have to be Wiccan to be a witch.
Jesus Christ’s way is for everyone and not the adept or those who spend years trawling through books and performing rituals and so on. In fact my ancestor only mentioned casting 3 spells that would be classified as light magic. Even Aleister Crowley admitted before he died, that he had wasted his life and wished he had done different things. Now that being said, Your opinion of no such thing as dark or light magic is total assumption. Lucifer is indeed a great deceiver, and those who practice magick and occultism, are deceiving themselves, all because of a pretentious quest to seek power, control and self importance in an elitist esoteric way.

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