You Might Want To Be Careful With What You Do On Facebook, Or You Would End Up Self-destruct!
It’s no news that people on Facebook would do tons of stupid things, and I have to say, most of them are hilarious! To be honest, it’s sad to evaluate the quality of your birthday and social life by these posts. Check your tagging before you hit the send button, cause you don’t want to create this awkward moment. We might post some status out of frustration or anger, and when you calm down, you will regret it, so, next time you should think twice before you post something. Facebook albums and saved messages make it so easy for us to have some nostalgic time, but, be careful, you may see some pictures of you and your ex, and that would definitely cause you some pain, or, hatred. Yesterday morning, while in a taxi on the way to the airport, Husband sends a message to my work email which is connected to my phone.
I'm not a marriage counselor, but I'm pretty sure that if you and the spouse aren't sleeping together as much as you'd like, the way to turn her on is not with passive-aggressive use of Microsoft Office. They're a young couple, according to her post, both 26, married two years and together for five. She goes on to say that since she received the spreadsheet, she's tried calling him several times with no response. People in relationships and people who might be in relationships in the future if you end up falling in love this weekend, a brief warning: You will experience periods when you aren't having sex.
If this period worries you, the way to address it is to say to your partner, "We aren't having sex that much. Now, obviously, one way to respond would be for the wife to return the spreadsheet with an additional column titled, "The Real Reasons I Didn't Want To Have Sex All Those Times." But it sounds like she's just going to wait to talk to him about this.
Or maybe they can just sit down together and enjoy If Porn Was Based On The Sex Lives Of Married Couples. The article was posted on North Attleboro, MA's The Sun Chronicle website early Thursday morning. Danny's mom better not have been kidding when she told the Sun Chronicle that her son "loves going to the mailbox and finding mail with his name on it," because that's about to become his full-time job.
The reddit post got upvoted several thousand times and it's now near the top of the front page.
The last time this kind of thing happened was the pizza incident, where the family of a little girl battling cancer taped up the words "SEND PIZZA" on their hospital room window as a lark to amuse their daughter. Considering that a birthday card is way cheaper than pizza, Danny's PO box is about to be so flooded with mail that he could single-handedly pull the US postal service back into the black from all the postage sales.

Bouyed in part by an eight-day, eight-video roll-out promo stunt, Weird Al Yankovic's new album Mandatory Fun seems on track to debut at No.
According to some entomologists, ants are among a few select species who could potentially be considered the true rulers of this planet. Olympic officials are apparently backing a proposal for a year-round sports channel to focus exclusively on sports like high diving, javelin throwing and long distance running, in an effort to connect with younger viewers who have yet to figure out how much less interesting those sporting events are when they happen more than once every 48 months. Tommy Wiseau—mysterious and delightfully delusional creator of the cult film The Room—seems like he's finally set to release The Neighbors, a television series he's been teasing for the past ten years.
This was shared on reddit with the title, "I asked my wife to take a video of me showing off my garage sale purchase." She might not have pulled that off.
The Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth, like most reasonable entities old enough to appreciate it, was a huge fan of the long-running '70s-era PI comedy-drama The Rockford Files, as well as its preternaturally charming star James Garner. A 59-foot rubber duck sculpture by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman was washed away from its mooring point on China's Nanming River earlier this week following several days of extremely heavy rain. Adam Levine has reportedly married his latest supermodel girlfriend, professional Victoria's Secret sexy-underwear-wearer Behati Prinsloo, over the weekend in Los Cabos, Mexico. We know it shouldn't be a shock that there are drama queens on Facebook, but these infuriating users are are becoming a scourge, making the world's most self-absorbed medium even less tolerable with every intentionally cryptic, overwrought status update. Posting a status in a time of frustration, and regretting it after you’ve calmed down. The short-lived series about sexless couples—in which we got to see Adam Scott receive a hand job on a prosthetic penis—might not have won lots of viewers, but here we are seven years later and couples still don't know how to handle that inevitable period of their relationship when they stop having sex for a period of a few months-to-eternity.
Despite their youth, she cooks and cleans for him and they pretty much sound like a couple from the 50s, which might explain his bewilderment at her failure to provide sex on demand.
In person, he'd been acting normal the whole time, maybe a little standoff-ish in the last week. Danny Nickerson is a 5-year-old kid from Foxboro, MA who, last October, was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), an inoperable brain tumor located in the brain stem.
There are over a thousand comments on the post from reddit users from around the world, not just sharing their thoughts and prayers for Danny, but they're actually coordinating with each other what gifts they want to send to him. The pic made it to reddit, and before long the entire floor of the hospital was flooded with pizzas being shared by the children and the staff. 1 on Billboard's 200 Chart, a first for the accordion-playing parodist who first received exposure through Dr. Supreme Court put a halt on their benefits until a state appeal to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals is completed. Not only do they outnumber people by orders of magnitude, but their combined biomass massively exceeds that of the human race.

Instead, she recorded a wonderful instructional clip that will be shared on the comments of every horribly recorded video from now on.
James's 50 Shades of Grey was just released onto the Internet (via Beyonce's Instragram account, for reasons that make as much sense as anything else in this story). So, we can only imagine how excited He must be to finally get His chance to meet the 86-year-old Hollywood icon after Garner passed through St.
Our condolences to all the delusional junior high students to whom this surely comes as a crushing disappointment. Everyone has at least ten friends like this who constantly court concern with updates about how "you" broke my heart and now "life just isn't worth living," and they know they can get a dozen comments from their gullible, similarly theatrical friends by typing nothing more than a simple "Ugh!" The crybabies included here are just a small sampling of a growing Facebook population that must be stopped!
But, of course, some of them are upsetting, you don’t want to browsing old photos to nostalgically take a trip down memory lane and, in the end, find some photos that would remind you of your failed relationships.
Case in point, the guy who emailed his wife a spreadsheet of every excuse she's made to not have sex with him over the last seven weeks. I open it up, and it's a sarcastic diatribe basically saying he won't miss me for the 10 days I'm gone. His birthday's coming up on July 25th, so his Mom asked her community to help give her son the best birthday ever by sending him lots of birthday cards. Then late last night, someone posted a photo of the original article to reddit with the header, "Saw this today around town, a little boy with a brain tumor only wants one thing for his birthday: letters.
Someone even set up a public Google Docs spreadsheet for the thousands of strangers to keep track of each other's gift-gving so they don't overlap.
On top of that, the only thing stopping them from swarming over and devouring us is a current lack of desire to do so. The actual trailer for the actual movie that's scheduled to be released in February is scheduled to be released on Thursday.
Reynolds Tobacco Company held him down and forced him to inhale the smoke from hundreds of thousands of cigarettes over the course of his 36-year life (or so I'm assuming) was awarded $23.6 billion dollars from a Florida jury. Attached is a SPREADSHEET of all the times he has tried to initiate sex since June 1st, with a column for my "excuses", using verbatim quotes of why I didn't feel like having sex at that very moment. This means that Weird Al's novelty songs are now more popular and cooler than the pop hits they're making fun of. So, in case you do something stupid, here is a list of the 12 most self-destructive things we might do on Facebook.

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