Every time I visit a company's depot from now on, it shall be under the title format above.
Thanks to the staff from Anglian who always allow me access to the yard, though today there was a bit of hesitation due to the fact that someone else had already been there a few hours before. The first thing to report is that MAN 18.270 EcoCity 112 AU13FBL looks like the next bus to have her window vinyls removed. I then moved on to the back of the yard, where Anglian keep their withdrawn buses awaiting collection to their new homes, whether that be the scrap yard or another owner. So although I didn't manage to see everything I wanted to today, I still think it was worth a visit. Tomorrow I'm off a bit further away than usual after accidentally booking train tickets (don't ask me how), but fortunately for me there are buses there so I shouldn't get bored!
First's route 7, between Great Yarmouth's Market Gates and Belton, can often be relied on to provide the unusual. All images and text featured on the blog is property of Norwich Bus Page, unless stated otherwise.

The weekend is on its way (YAYness) and no matter what your plans, we’ve got the perfect outfit for you.
Whether you’re brunching, lunching, partying or adventuring, these Insta-worthy outfits will definitely turn heads. Polished yet trendy, this simple top and leather skirt will make you want to Insta your chic OOTD instead of your pretty-plated eggs Benedict.
If your week’s been way too hectic and all you need is takeout and a night in, this laid-back chic look will have you lounging like a boss. If your plans involve a little tequila and a lot of dancing, this sexy fringed dress is sure to make your ex jelly as hell. When I arrived, she was parked in front of the garage with the main wrap gone, but still retaining her less-obstructive side writing. I can't imagine they would press her into service when there are plenty of other available deckers in the correct livery, so I'm not sure where she was. The first thing I noticed is that after a period of about 17 months, burnt out Optare 228 X228WRA was gone.

This athleisure outfit a la Gigi will (fashionably) serve your activity-packed weekend well. Anyhoo, I've been making the most of this recent glorious weather by getting out and about on my bike and today was no different. I did check Beccles Bus Station too as sometimes a decker is used as a driver shelter but again, no sign of her. I headed up to Beccles early this afternoon to see what I could see at Anglian's premises on Beccles Business Park.
This bus faced the same fate as 228 but this time caught fire whilst in service on the college service 68 in Filby last week.

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