Kawahara Reki is a genius, and the production teams producing all these different contents are doing great justice to the series so far. 10: Crimson Killing Intent*Spoilers*Forgive me for not posting last week on episode 9 of Sword Art Online, but there really wasn’t a whole lot that happened in The Blue-Eyed Demon.
In simple terms, Kirito found himself in a life or death situation where he finally revealed a unique skill to dual-wield two swords at once.Kirito wanted to keep this skill a secret because he’s the only one to have it, and once word gets out it will draw more attention to him.
The end of the episode marks something that’s been a few episodes coming now, and that is the issue with Asuna wanting to leave her guild.Asuna is a part of the top guild in Sword Art Online, and the leader of that guild is Heathcliff. The Knights of the Blood Oath don’t play around, so when a solo player like Kirito comes along to “steal” away a guild’s top player, things don’t go down so easily.
I think it was kind of funny, and somewhat necessary, that Kirito lost the battle because he is now a part of the Blood Oath Guild. If Kirito had won the match Heathcliff would have let Asuna leave, but he created the condition that if Kirito loses he must join the guild. Kirito can’t get his way every episode and thankfully things are switched up a bit with this turn of events.

And it’s not like it’s a big deal if they want to take a break from the front lines because they clearly did that later in the episode.Over the course of the series we have seen a slight growth in the relationship between Kirito and Asuna.
First Kirito reveals to Asuna why he has been a solo player all this time, then she saves him when Kuradeel goes on a killing spree, and then later on it’s heavily implied that they make love. Damn, such a good episode!But in all seriousness it does not matter if Asuna and Kirito were in a relationship before making love or proposing a marriage.
Their interactions in previous episodes built a growth of common understanding that proved a strong connection between the two individuals. The series built an expected atmosphere that was engaging to the interests between these two characters. It’s kind of cute… And now apparently they will be getting married in the following episode.
I wonder if this will be an actual marriage or if it will be similar to Romeo and Juliet’s marriage in Romeo x Juliet, where they simply decided on their own that they are married.Regardless, I am incredibly interested in seeing the next episode.
I wonder if it will be completely care-free or if their wedding plans will be ruined by some uncontrollable event.

At some point Kirito and Asuna will need to return to the Knights of the Blood Oath guild and fight at the front lines, so the pure happiness will only last for so long. His favorite games are Shadow of the Colossus and Final Fantasy IX, but he can’t possibly choose a favorite anime.
Jared enjoys following the games industry and observing what will happen next, and he puts out an invitation for discussion on these topics. He loves a great story in these mediums and prefers a stronger narrative design over most features. Jared is personally responsible for creating and managing the Anime section of the website, and hopes to inspired and entertain with everything he writes.

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