Although there are many carriers have included unlimited text messaging in the data plans or you may pay certain amount of fee on top of your data plan to send unlimited SMS text messages. For those who are Android phone user, please check out our Top 8 of Best Android Apps to Send Free SMS Text Messages. Textfree with Voice by Pinger allows you to send and receive free unlimited texts and pics, plus earn free calling minutes.
Sending an average of 40 messages a day per user, the WhosHere community has now sent over two billion free text messages.
WhosHere clearly resonates with our users and they love the instantaneous delivery that occurs with our messages.
In addition to free text messages, WhosHere users can send free, unlimited pictures and VOIP calls to each other. Stephen Smith, co-founder & COO said, “WhosHere clearly resonates with our users and they love the instantaneous delivery that occurs with our messages.
WhosHere is the first mobile social networking app for the iPhone to let users meet new people and interact based on proximity. The most common uses of WhosHere include dating, making new friends, chatting with like minded people, looking for jobs, selling stuff, looking for clients, promoting bands, practicing foreign language skills with native speakers and virtual tourism.
WhosHere was a Social Networking finalist in Mashable’s 2009 Open Web Awards and was a 2010 Hot Ticket nominee for Best Bootstrap by the Northern Virginia Technology Council. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
EmEditor Text Editor Free is a free text editor for Windows that fully supports Unicode, enabling you to edit multiple languages. EmEditor is a text editor for Windows that fully supports Unicode, enabling you to edit multiple languages. Professional Notepad is a powerful editor that allows you to view and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Delphi, C++ and other languages source code. Hex Editor II is a hexadecimal editor that helps an average PC user edit large files, containing non-textual data, safely and easily.

For the iPod Touch there is an app called: Textfree and if you get the voice version then you can not only text free and unlimited but you can also call free with minutes. Hey, I write pubs about beauty, electronics, virtual worlds, music, songs, artists, animals, etc.
Web-based, WYSIWYG editor or rich text editor is allow you to create and edit HTML code using a WYSIWYG web interface or simply just write rich text with underline, italics, font changes, bold, etc, using a web interface. Xinha is open source and powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor component that works in all current browsers. With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration.
November 9, 2012 By Julie J 4 Comments While surfing the web, and Pinterest, this morning, I came across some beautiful handmade cards and tags that included random bits of vintage text. I’ve also seen vintage text used in wonderfully creative ways in digital scrapbook kits. Whatever your craft or design purpose is, I hope you have fun with this full page of text from the November 1899 issue of The Designer magazine.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Julie is a vintage enthusiast and a Photoshop addict who loves to take pictures, scrapbook and cook.She collects old books and new recipes. But, do you think that it’s worth to pay extra to those carriers if there are some apps available allowing us to send text messages for free? Here's a handy text editor with all the convenient features that Microsoft left out of their Windows Notepad utility.
If you go to the App Store and type in: Textfree and install it then you will get these features.
It is free inline wysiwg html editor you can convert standard textareas to rich text editing.
It is based on many features such as keyboard shortcuts support, serialization of text input for security, batch-replace etc.
XStandard Lite is compliant WYSIWYG editor for desktop applications and Web-based content management systems.

Html, Textile, Wiki Syntax, Markdown, BBcode or even your own Markup system can be easily implemented. You can edit now your content semantically and at the same time display it to your users and editors in its final form. But i love using Dreamweaver, also i prefer coding from hand in dreamweaver than using such editors. I’ve just posted a page of French text as well (separate blog posts so they both show up in the gallery). First of all when you first get this app they will ask you for your area code so that they can give you a number in your area, and it will be easier to call people in your area. Content Management System Administration can easily manage its content through powerful html editors from backend system. You can text any number in the USA and maybe also Canada as much as you want without having to pay. But when your minutes end, if you still want to call someone then you need to either earn more free minutes or buy free minutes for $1.99 but I recommend earning them instead. Currently, I have 600 minutes from earning and buying free minutes on this helpful application. So when you first start out you also get to choose your own number from a list of numbers they give you to choose.
If you give your number to other people you can have them call you and if the other person calls you then it won’t take up any minutes.

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