Top 10 Best iPad and iPhone Texting Apps : best free texting app for iphone, top 10 free apps for iphone. Intelligenti Publishing explains that its guide offers all the tips users need right from their Home screen, instead of forcing device owners to search the internet for the answer.
The software acts as a handy booklet which offers over 120 tips covering all aspects with using the new iOS 4 including multitasking, rotation lock, finding the hidden hold calls button and more, the company said in a report.

Tather than giving dry and boring information typically found in manuals, the app aims to give quick and useful advice, offering examples related to the users in an easy-to-read format without technical jargon. Two versions are currently available for download, one free (Tips & Tricks - iPhone Secrets Lite) and one paid. Just tap Shortcuts, Troubleshooting, Safari Tips, Typing, Battery Life, Security, or Miscellaneous to get on the path to discovery”, the company explains on its web site.

The FREE app turns your handheld into a wireless remote for your Windows or Mac computer (requires installation of the Touch Mouse Server software).

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