If your ex refuses to see you or answer your calls, it means that (right now) she doesn’t feel good about the idea of interacting with you.
How quickly you can make her negative feelings for you go away depends on how you interact with her from now on.
The approach that you’ve been using so far has been repelling her and you need to change that. How Long Will it Take For Her to Feel Good About Seeing You or at Least Talking to You Again?
Based on my experience of helping hundreds of guys to get back with their ex girlfriend, fiance or wife, I know that an angry woman can calm down and become more open immediately, within a few days or after a couple of weeks.
In most cases, a guy will be able to get his ex girlfriend to agree to meet up with him in person after the first or second phone call.
Yet, sometimes a guy has really messed things up with his woman and it can take up to 2-3 months before she feels okay about answering him back. Essentially, when a woman is presented with a new and improved version of her ex, it’s only natural for her feelings towards him to change. I’ve dealt with more than 100 cases where it initially seems like a completely hopeless cause to try to get the girl back, but when the guy follows the advice from my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System he not only gets her back into a relationship, but she becomes more loving and devoted to him than ever before. You can change the way that she feels about you, BUT you have to willing to change some things about yourself first or at least give her the impression that you’ve changed. After all, she most likely once told you she loved you and wanted to stay with you for life, or at least gave you that impression. As you will learn from the video above, you need to make her feel attracted and drawn to you by the way that you interact with her.
Unfortunately, most guys never get taught how to attract women as they are growing up and end up getting into relationships that fall apart after the initial lust has faded away.
As a man, you will either go through your life never truly knowing how to make a woman feel attracted to you, or you will learn this stuff and begin enjoying much easier, consistent and natural success with women. When it comes to getting an ex back, many guys further ruin their ex’s attraction by sending her endless texts, messages on social media sites or calling her to try and reason with her and find out why she won’t talk to them or see them. I understand why a guy would do that because it sucks to have a girl break up with you, but what you need to realize is that it will never, ever help you to behave in that way. If your ex currently hates you, getting endless messages and calls from you will only make her feelings of dislike for you more intense. The only way she is going to feel open to talking to you and seeing you again is if you make her feel attracted and drawn to you.
In my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System, I provide tested examples of what to text her so she does get on a phone call with you. On a phone call, your ex will be able to hear the tone of your voice and hear your confidence and emotional strength (which will attract her to you) and if you suggest it correctly (what to say is provided in my program), she will be curious enough to want to see you in person. Then, when she sees you in person and suddenly begins to notice qualities and features about yourself that are now way more attractive to her, she will naturally begin to feel more respect for you as a man and she will feel drawn to you. At the meet up, I explain how to use reverse psychology on her to the point where she feels like it would be stupid to fully break up with you and not give the relationship another chance. Again, I’ve tested these techniques, so if you want something that is going to work for you when you meet up with her, make sure that you use my approach. I’m here to help you, so get started with my program now if you are ready to take immediate action to get her back. In my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System, I explain 70+ reasons why a woman will break up with a man. Luckily though, most things you can fix pretty quickly or even immediately, BUT you have to be willing to put in a bit of work to make some of them happen.

Get Your Ex Back: Super System is an opportunity for you to rapidly transform and improve yourself as a man.
To become back open to talking to you and even seeing you in person, your ex may want you to change certain things about how you communicate with her, interact with her and even how you live your life. In almost every case that I’ve dealt with over the years, the woman will never tell her man everything that she wants him to change. To get your ex’s love, attraction and respect back, you need to learn the REAL reasons why she broke up with you so that when you next speak to her, you can let her know that you truly understand where you went wrong. When she hears you talk about those things, it makes her drop her guard and feel more open and even happy to be interacting with you again because you’ve actually made the effort to see things from her point of view.
If your ex is refusing to see you or answer your calls, this is not the time to be making promises to her.
What she needs is for you to make her feel differently about you by actually changing the way you interact with her. When you contact your ex, you have to be ready to show her that you’ve fixed your emotional issues (e.g.
You’ve got to make your ex feel differently about you by communicating with her in a new way.
In the beginning of your relationship, she may have fallen in love with you, but over time, you might have said or done things that gradually made her lose touch with her feelings of respect, love and attraction for you. When she is presented with an improved version of you, she will naturally begin to think and feel differently about you. If you are serious about getting her back, you have to understand that you can make her feel differently about you.
If you want to change how she feels about you right now, you have to be the one who actively makes her go through that transformation. My name is Dan Bacon I am 100% committed to helping men succeed with women and relationships.
I've already helped countless men to get their woman back and I know that I can help you too. If you want me to help you get her back, don't leave my site until you watch this FREE video training on how to get your woman back now.
Watch the free training and you will learn how to get her back NOW without having to waste time ignoring her, or waste energy trying to convince her to give you another chance.
If you want to make them jealous because you want them back, then the answer is to just live well and show apathy towards them.
If your ex is a narcissist, the reason you want to make them jealous may be perhaps to make them a little sorry that they left you (or you left them) by seeing that your life is so awesome. Now, if you have broken up with someone and you want to make your ex jealous, you merely need to look fabulous and date again. If you want to make an ex take notice of you again, you might want to try the breakup eraser.
Women, never fear, the one secret to making any man fall in love with you is also revealed at the man attracter site.
Sometimes, he is able to get her on the phone right away and other times it takes a few days and a couple of specifically worded text messages.
It’s only natural that she will drop her guard and open herself back up to talking to him again. I’ve literally helped guys get an ex back when their ex girlfriend or wife has refused to talk to them for weeks prior to using my approach.
As you may know, most women are pretty emotional and dramatic, especially when it comes to break ups.

She will perceive you as being needy, desperate and smothering and she will feel repelled by what she perceives to be your weak state of mind. She doesn’t want to hurt his feelings because she knows that a guy may become aggressive or violent.
She doesn’t want to give a guy too much information to the point where he can talk her out of her decision by promising to change those things or by pretending to have already changed those things. When you watch that section of the program, you will be shocked when you realize some of the hidden reasons why she may have broken up with you. You’ve got to be able to make her feel respect and attraction for you on the phone, not pity. As long as she can see that you’ve already improved yourself and fixed at least some of the issues that were causing her to feel turned off by you, it will make her drop her guard and become more open to talking to you. It doesn’t matter if she’s not taking your calls right now; you can still contact her via a text message or via e-mail to get her to agree to a phone call.
So, if you’re saying, “My ex refuses to see me or answer my calls” it’s because you’re sending her the wrong type of message.
When you get her to feel differenly, she will automatically change how she speaks to you, treats you and behaves around you. You have to be the one who makes her feel a renewed sense of love, respect and attraction for you.
Maybe you want to make them jealous because you feel that they are taking you for granted?
And date happily (that means get rid of that woeful, miserable look you have been dragging around since the breakup). The information shows you exactly how to break up the couple and win them all to yourself. I am not kidding; this report will totally make you into a man that will stop her clock from ticking in anyone else's hour but yours. An emotional woman might say something in the heat of the moment and then completely change her mind an hour later. You have to make her feel respect, love and attraction for you by the way that you interact with her.
My ex refuses to see me or answer my calls” and hoping she magically changes her mind about you. I've already helped thousands of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. Now, do not play with another’s heartstrings simply to make your ex jealous, but if you look fabulous, if you are stunning, and if there just happens to be ten people of the opposite sex hanging on your every word, that's surely going to make any ex jealous. She doesn’t want to take on the role of mother or big sister and give him the education about being a man that he seems to be missing. View customer success stories, browse my products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women. The secret here is to not wonder what they are up to but to make them wonder what you are up to.

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