Your Relationships And The Law of Attraction, Can I Attract A Specific Person Into My Life? Take a hard and honest look at yourself and the relationship.  Do your best to figure out went wrong and learn from it.
List all your qualities, good ones as well as bad ones.  Try to do what you can to limit or erase the bad habits you possess that may be detrimental to the success of your relationship. Yes, it is hard to let go of old bad habits but if you really want to win her back, it’s a sacrifice worth making.

So yes, the ways to win back a girlfriend are varied, but in the end, it’s your personal style and the things that first helped your girlfriend fall in love with you that are the most important.
Be you, the best you can be and hopefully you’ll have her back in your arms in no time at all. Scrutinizing each aspect of the breakup is important because it can help determine if the relationship is salvageable.  If the relationship is not fixable, it’s time to let go.
If she shows any sign of returning your feelings and intentions, then by all means go with that.

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