When you say that there's an election for the student council coming up, my advice would be to go the funny way.
Therefore, if you want a huge team of supporters, you need to come up with some wacky and intelligent campaign slogan ideas. What you need is for people to remember your name, and one of the simplest ways of ensuring that is to rhyme it with something. It's the sense of the humor that gets people -- it's attention-grabbing, and it guarantees to make an impact in the limited space provided.So it ultimately gets the person to continue thinking about the idea that was planted in his head and have a positive impact like thus. And now that we have established that adding a touch of humor to these slogans will help your case plenty, we're going the funny way.
Vic.Tips on Writing Funny SlogansWhile it might seem like it is quite the feat to come up with funny slogans, that is not the case.

For example, use the shape of a fish and attach your photo with it, then caption it 'Catch of the Year'. With slogans like these, you'll be the talk of the town -- cause you see, no one can just pass by, without looking at slogans like these. In case of students council, the leader is elected by students of the school itself, and they need fresh ideas to convince them to vote for him. Let's give you some ideas on what these funny slogans will include then.Funny Slogans for Student Council ElectionsStudent council elections are a fun activity.
There are certain pointers that you can keep in mind and come up with funny slogans of your own. There's something about the funny that tends to grab more attention than anything else much ever does.

With so much excitement and enthusiasm in the air and so many things happening all at once -- banners being put up, stalls and counters being set, and the most important -- the slogans on those banners. The point is to get your name noticed, and when you add a funny element to it, people are bound to remember it.

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