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Wanna get nutty updates?Sign up for our awesome email list to get all the dirty deets about NEPA BlogCon! In most cases, pain from squatting comes to technical errors; whether the pain is in the lower back or in the knees.
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One the low bar squat, the bar is  lower on your back and it placed on the middle of your scapula (shoulder blade) and it sits on your rear deltoids. If you’re doing low bar squats and going too low, your lower back will round excessively and that can cause back pain as well. Tip #2: Keep your low back tight Whatever variations you are doing, make sure that the lower back is flexed and tight during the squat. Do a back extension and hold it at the very top to get a feel of how you’re supposed to flex and keep that tight. You can also do a mini back extension from lying on the ground like this: Tip #3 Brace your abs Using your abs will keep your back from over extending. Take a big breathe and hold it for the entire rep and brace your abs like you are about to get punch in the gut.

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