Build actual relationshipsDona€™t just tell your customers and clients that you value them.
Check inI have used hundreds of different tools in the past few years, from marketing and PR tools to social media platforms and organizational solutions.
Restore your confidence.  Contrary to popular belief, confidence is not a prerequisite for change. Do you routinely do work on ‘spec’ or get sucked into other cash-flow zapping requests for your time? From problems with money to managing time and everything in between, it is possible to break the curse and return creativity to the wonderful servant it is meant to be. If you are looking to make a breakthrough this year, then take some time to think about what theme would produce that outcome.
Special thanks to Bill Baren for his ideas about setting an annual theme that I have adapted here. The following article on strategies for securing testimonials was featured in the September 1st edition of the Business Authors Association newsletter. Testimonials are an important element in your marketing strategy as a new author.  A well-crafted testimonial from someone your reader identifies with and is influenced by positions you as an expert. Mariette Edwards is an Executive Coach specializing in Strategic Career Packaging for High Achievers. Those who speak their mind, tell it like it is, and do the right thing, even when that’s unpopular or the consequences unpleasant. Whether you are going for a new job or a new career, packaging your background and experience in a persuasive and compelling way is critical to moving your search forward.
Surprisingly, even high achievers in the job market make some very basic mistakes in how they package themselves. Scoring: If you recognize yourself in one or more of the above, spend time working on that issue to improve your chances for achieving your goals. The best way to create the brilliant future you imagine is to take action NOW! Here’s how.
If you want to make your customers love you, make it ridiculously easy to contact you or your organization.
I had to hop off mid-webinar to take a call, but I desperately wanted the recording and slides. Summer is the perfect time to retool, reenergize or reposition your career.  Get started today. The creative gift often goes hand-in-hand with challenges that seep into every aspect of our work, leaving us frustrated with our results and damaging our careers.
It provides a context for the actions you take and expands your thinking about what’s possible.

Be sure to share your theme with others you can can count on to help you achieve your breakthrough, then keep track of your progress, measuring all that you are doing against your theme. Advice like this that scrolled across my Twitter feed a few days ago–about ditching the traditional post-college big company career-launcher job for the thrill of the small and risky business. I like to tell clients, and anyone else who will listen, that attitude is more important than experience. A simple layout in an easy-to-read font with plenty of white space will get your message across better than any complicated layout with fancy type.
Yes, there are still a few people who don’t know (or believe) that LinkedIn has any place in their job search.
Those party pictures and hot button rants certainly let people know what you think and do, but how well do they sell you into the work you want?
We are here to guide you through the process and help you have bragging rights at the office after your winning bracket destroys the competition. Jonathan graduated from UCF with a Master of Sport Business Management degree and has worked in a variety of capacities in the sports world. Facebook, Twitter, Live Chat, LinkedIn, websites, blogs, instant messenger toolsa€¦ need I go on? Instead of having to call, check the website, etc., I simply clicked on the hashtag for the event and found my answer. Thata€™s wonderful for you, but dona€™t assume that your prospects need exactly what youa€™re selling.
The answer isna€™t just their outstanding product range and Steve Joba€™s vision, but their unique selling system.
Keeping this perspective will show your customers that you care about them as more than just another number in this quartera€™s profits. Often, a few months can go by, and I realize I may have neglected one or more of these tools. I absolutely love turning my creative mind to mapping out the strategies that turn their desire into results.
You may have already encountered this when asking for a recommendation on LinkedIn, for example. That business, the author states,  provides excellent opportunities for learning about yourself and thus cuts years off the hunt for ahem, your great work. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be for others to help you find it. You can tell people what you did by way of your job description or you can show them what you did by talking about your results.
With so many social platforms, there is no excuse to not make your organization easily accessible to your clients, customers, and colleagues.

To make my life even easier, the webinar presenter, (who saw a tweet I sent out) even messaged me to say that I could contact him if I had further questions. Everyone hired to work at an Apple store must complete an intense 14 day training program and exercise lessons learned daily on the sales floor.
You can build a more personal relationship by having more than one source within each company.
That strategy worked well for the author and could certainly be just the right thing for others, but when I look back on the jobs that launched my career, I see those big company experiences as the ones that taught me how to navigate that world and show others how to do it, too. I know first hand as the person who did the hiring and the one who was, on occasion, the hire-ee. If they have an issue that you cana€™t solve, send them to a colleague or other business acquaintances.
Since this can be a numbers game, the more invitations the better to increase your chances of one or more bites.
Click the arrow on the right side of the page to see Heavy's top five tips to winning your bracket pool.
Sometimes this is a check-in phone call, a personal email, an email blast, or even a link to a blog reminding me about the reason I began using the tool in the first place. My family is in Ireland, so needless to say, I make a lot of international phone calls and texts. Make sure that your a€?moment of trutha€™ (the moment your company first makes contact with a customer) is meaningful and unforgettable. In todaya€™s society, we are all subject to information overload and in a hurry to try out the latest and greatest app or tool on the market.
I spent almost an hour on the phone with a rep trying to explain what I wanted in terms of an international phone plan, and debating the obscene overage charges after a recent trip home. We stay consistent and loyal to those that are more than efficient; they provide us with excellent customer service. After 90 minutes and one transfer to a supervisor, I got nowhere, I was too frustrated and got off the call.
Train your staff, your frontline staff especially, to listen to customers and clients.
Though my issue was resolved, I wasna€™t very forgiving of the rep who wasted 90 minutes of my day.

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