Many of us tend to let ourselves go at this time by either going on a binge or drinking spree. You can send a funny or cute message if you feel sorry about something you may or may not have done. Your ex should know that you are around and this is best done by sending short text messages enquiring after their health. Let him or her know that you are great fun to be with and do not bring up the topic of the breakup unless they want to trash it out.
These are salient top ten ways to get your ex back to adopt when you wish to get them back after a breakup. This entry was posted in Get My Ex Back and tagged get your ex back, ways to get your ex back on June 8, 2014 by Alex J. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Thanks to all those out there who in one way or the other has been able to let the world know about this powerful spell caster called priest tokubo and All thanks to Priest for restoring my broken heart and bringing back my ex boyfriend to me. I thank priest tokubo today because I was badly hurt when my lover of three years left me to be with another woman .
When it comes to breaking up, we're usually of the opinion that the person doing the dumping should at least have the decency to do it in person.
But the breakup texts in the slides below are so funny, we may have to reconsider our stance.

Tell us which breakup text is the best (and by "best" we really mean most awful) in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for 15 hilarious autocorrect fails from Damn You Autocorrects.
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The ease of screen capture on the current crop of smartphones has led to a major online trend of posting images of text messages.
Your ex will be piqued to note you are going out with friends instead of brooding or sulking at home. Maintain a positive attitude throughout and let them know that you are confident that you can resolve the situation and get back with your ex.
I was really very worried on how i can get him back after the break up and he went after another woman.
I cried and sobbed every day, and wish the world will just come to an end , until it got so bad that I reached out to the Internet for help when i heard about a woman who got her husband back through priest tokubo. There are thousands of well-designed weapons out there, I attempted to pick some of the best ones. They will help you get over your blues and give you friendly advice which will help you cope with your feelings. Let people know that you respect each other’s feelings and guard against being emotional or spiteful.

And i saw a testimony of how priest tokubo have been helping people with similar problem that very day i read a lot of testimony and post of this powerful spell caster , and i said let me give it a trial so i contact him for help and he cast a love spell for me which i use in getting my love back and now i am a happy woman. If you try to communicate with you ex, you will end up saying the wrong things and make the situation worse.
I have been rejected by my husband after three(3) years of marriage just because another woman had a spell on him and he left me and the kid to suffer. Humorous text-fails have become popular enough that there are many websites dedicated to publishing them.
While the notorious text usually are due to autocorrect fails (that we have written an article about), these are just fails. The texts are usually funny because of wrong-number misunderstandings, although a few autocorrect fails have slipped in of course. While many screenshots are pretty lame and others have clearly been faked, some are worth a few chuckles.

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