Now that you are committed to the love of your life and you believe she is the one that makes you complete then I am sure you might be wondering how to make your girlfriend stay happy and content. However uptight and respectable the President and his opponent may appear during debates and interviews, these two were undergrads at one time too, and we have a strange impression that they didn’t spend all of their time hitting the books during their time in college.
First round: Who would be more likely to roll up with an Emergency 30 when the party’s running low? Despite the likelihood that Mitt would have thrown the more extravagant bash, rest assured he, or a paid employee, would have been collecting entrance cover (What? While today the governor may be hesitant to compromise his expertly quaffed hair, it’s almost certain that the athletic and competitive Mitt would not have let anyone beat him in keg stand seconds, even if it required multiple attempts (and uncontrollable staggering). Valentine’s Day has passed, and odds are you feel like a failure for your Vday gift-giving performance. Written by students for students, by a team of journalists from universities nationwide, we’re on the pulse of the college experience. Unlike the general misconception, girlfriends aren’t delighted with expensive gifts but by small things that you do for her to make her feel special. While foreign affairs, student loan interest rates, and global climate change are important, the real question is which one of these guys knew how rage harder in their glory days? Although the President may not have had the same checking account that his Republican counterpart did in his college days, we don’t doubt that he would have no problem pitching in for the greater good of the banger.

And while we may never know what its like to party with potential presidents, it certainly provides new perspective into an election that seems to be neck in neck when it comes to everything else. This question has been asked so many times in so many places but the exact answer is still unknown. There was a time when cute meant kittens, puppies, soft toys and miniature cartoon tea cups etc.
No matter how different your girl might be the following rules will definitely make her blissful while it proves you to be Mr. We put America’s current political sweethearts to the to the test to get to the bottom of who was really a better time back in the day.
We bet Obama would not only have the more laid-back soiree, but his time as an activist probably also means he would have an interesting group in attendance. Compliment Her: Enlighten her by saying that she is gorgeous, especially when she is least expecting.
Guys Feel More Powerful In The Relationship Our relationship choices are largely determined by our psychological needs. When a guy towers over his girlfriend, he automatically feels more powerful in the relationship. Instead of saying, “Your hair is beautiful,” try saying, “I truly like the way you did your hair today.

Defend Her: When a girl knows that her man has her back she is not only happy but feels secure as she knows that she can rely on him in any circumstances. This will allow her to free her inner spirits which will eventually secure the relationship even more. Return Her Text and Calls: Let your girl know that she is always on your mind even if you aren’t with her in person. Whisk her away to an unexpected romantic weekend, trip or dinner but make the plan only when you are sure that she won’t be having stuff to do during that time.
Never try to ignore her if you don’t have a real good reason as it is most likely to make her sad.
Don’t make her think she is dim-witted just because her way of thinking is different from yours on everything.

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