Within the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows there are hundreds of entries containing spells, potions, charms, rituals, tonics, descriptions of Cosmic Beings, Demons, Warlocks and magical powers. The highly stylized and calligraphical pages include illustrations and writings on all aspects of magic.
MAGIC RETURNS TO SAN FRANCISCO - Destined follows the lives of nine witches descendants of a long line of witches: The Warrens.
Series Premiere Promo featuring Main Cast: Wyatt, Chris and Prue Halliwell Each one with unique powers will continue with the task of keeping the world safe from demons and all evil creatures. Three sisters are reunited in their ancestral home and up in the attic is an ancient book that unlocks their dormant powers of witchcraft. Contact Us: To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider.
Elemental Manipulation: Alternate the natural elements of existence at a sub-molecular level.
Homing Effect: To make any object automatically follow, home in and lock onto its target or targets until it hits them. Motion Manipulation: Guide or shift directional vectors through direct molecular motion manipulation. Intuitive Aptitude: To learn how an object work by taking it apart and putting back together. Telekinetic Blast: Emit telekinetic energy to make blast that destroys anything in the user's path.

Telekinetic Constructs: To create objects, weapons and creatures out of telekinetic energy. Dimensional Travel: To bend the very fabric of dimensional barriers, allowing travel through wormholes or teleportation-like movement. Neural Impulse Manipulation: To redirect the electrical signals between the brain and nerves, achieving control over thoughts, feelings, and movement of a body.
Age Shifting: By manipulating the cells through telekinesis, could potentially achieve Immortality.
Psionic Explosion: To create and discharge a destructive psychic energy across a wide range. Universal Force Manipulation: To manipulate both the physical and esoteric forces of the universe. Ballistic Telekinesis: where the user causes any nearby objects to be moved around the user at high speeds, explode or to be propelled away from the user at high speeds without conscious effort from the user of the power. Elemental Matter Manipulation: using certain elements that have the potential to manipulate objects' movements (such as electromagnetism, gravity, and air). Spatial Telekinesis: manipulate matter and energy by manipulating the space it is occupying.
Tactile Telekinesis: where the user has to be in physical contact with an object to be able to move it telekinetically. Telekinetic Force Manipulation: specialized variation concentrate on simple but (extremely) strong TK Force itself.

Vector Manipulation: user creates telekinetic energy appendages to move the object, giving it vector, making it easier to move and more effective than normal telekinesis. Psychic strength may be proportional to user's capacity, meaning an opponent with physical strength stronger than the user's mental strength may break free, or even be immune to the ability altogether.
It has a total of 22 episodes being the first episode a 2 hours series premiere. Destined is a spin-off created by Sol based on WB hit series Charmed created by Constace M. Known as the Destined Ones, the Halliwell and Mitchell siblings and cousins are the kids of the well-known Charmed Ones. Leader Wyatt (Wes Ramsey) the first Twice Blessed Child possesses a lot of powers, obsessed Chris (Drew Fuller) Wyatt?s younger brother, strong willed Prue (Sophia Bush) the second Twice Blessed Child, sweet and kind Melinda (Blake Lively) the only just witch in the family, lovely Charlotte (Leighton Meester) more connected to her cupid side, rebellious Cassandra (Victoria Justice) the younger of the family, spicy Tamora and allways-in-troubles Pandora (Misha Barton) the only twins in the family and playboy Henry Jr. Other uses include focusing it inward increasing ones physical traits, while simulating Invulnerability via skin-layer Barrier by surrounding the body in a field of psychokinetic force. Individually, each is strong, but together they are the most powerful source the world has ever known since their mothers, the Charmed Ones.
Together they will have to face a new arising evil while trying to deal with work and relations and especially with what?s within them. Each exciting episode in this richly layered series is a supernatural adventure soaked with a pinch of suspense and humor.

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