This man is too sweet, willing to turn around and run all the way back to pick up Tao’s watch when the maknae dropped it during the performance. When the airport was chaotic, when he was squeezed and pushed by fans, he wasn’t afraid.
I can’t clear away your pain and sadness, but I will try my best to give you a little more happiness. Exo Terra Rock Outcrops help create a more 3-dimensional habitat in all types of terrariums.
2NEXO is particularly interesting because some of the most popular pairings include Luhan and Kris, both of whom are inactive and in the midst of legal battles with SM Entertainment.

With both Kris and Luhan’s involvement with EXO in jeopardy, will 2NEXO fans change its biases to accommodate these recent scandals? The shape of these Rock Outcrops enables them to fit nicely in small spaces, minimizing wasted space within the terrarium and generating basking areas closer to the top screen.
It has become a somewhat troll-driving hobby for 2NEXO fans to create images of the two bands interacting with each other, and the movie posters is one such example. With his tears twinkling, he didn’t dare to turn back, neither did he utter a single word. The multiple entrance holes turn this Rock Outcrop into a secure hiding space, preventing stress.

When we come out with our art, your fans will turn their back at you, yes, they'll scream for us.

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