We picked our unique baby names list based on unrivaled appeal in strange yet non offensive but rather cool names.
Amya: a name which might be difficult to pronounciate, but still one of our all time favorite in the unique baby names list! Callisto: Greek mythology is so rich that it can be found in almost any unique baby names list. Cyra: the female variant of Cyrus, Cyra is a special baby name that has a unique doulbe pronounciaton, SEER-a or CY-ra. Hadleigh: a not so common variant of popular name Hadley, this old English surname-turned-name means heathery field. Imara: an excellent choise for American parents who would like to choose an impressively reminiscent name for their baby girl. Indigo: a haunting name that leads the way of the new generation of color-related baby names. Kenzie: if we told you that Kenzie is the dimunative of McKenzie, would you guess the name’s origin? Phaedra: according to Greek mythodology, Phaedra was the wife of Theseus, who fell in love with another man, Hippolytus. I found this site at the absolute worst time… I thought I had my daughter’s name chosen!! Enter your email address to receive new posts full of baby names ideas grouped into meaningful and fun lists to help you make up your mind and understand each name meaning and origin! While deciding one name from among all these can be a difficult task, it's worth the effort. While we were sharing some of these names with our family my Dad jumped in and quickly voiced his opinion about several of our top contenders. We are so excited to share the name of our baby girl with you, lovingly named by her Grandfather! Sutter is from Sutter’s Mill in California where the first gold was struck in the California Gold Rush in the 1800s! Ann is the name of my maternal Grandmother whom I never met, but know we are connected in so many ways.
Giving your beautiful daughter one of the following unique baby names 2014 will be a statement that this girl is not common. Then we will look at unique baby names 2014 that are still rare, even though they have been around for a long time. Don’t know the gender of your baby but still want a unique name for your little angel? Neriah: in every special collection we build for each sex, we try to include a unisex name to compensate the parents who prefer a more holistic approach to names. Tippi: an invented nickname that is going to be an exclusive choice for parents who search for unique baby names 2014.
As a bonus category, we have added some really cool exotic girl names to compliment our unique baby names 2014 list.
From A to Z, our unique baby names 2014 took a journey among different cultures, many countries and continents. Hi Nattalliee, thank you for the kind words, we are thrilled to hear all your girls have so unique names!
Hi there, since your baby girl is due in Nov, why don’t you check out our list of November Baby Names?
Hi Anna, thanks for the feedback, Bonavita is indeed a lovely name that is definitely unique and rare!
Based on the Book of Invasions, Cessair was the female leader of the first residents in the land of Ireland. Electra was the lead character of Sophocles’ works but has also been an inspiration for other Greek tragedies as well. Indigo doesn’t sound too Greek, thus it has the unique ability to hide its origin and remain exotic since it is associated with the seven colors of the rainbow (if you are a rainbow fun, you can also consider Iris as a cool baby name).
This wonderful baby name, is considered unique as it’s not as eccentric as Daffodil but less common than the heavily used Daisy. This substantial short name has a unique meaning for parents of African-American origin since Nia represents one of the days of Kwanza. If you did, hit that like button and share your own thoughts on what does make a baby name unique. Such amazing feedback keeps our team spirit high so that we can keep on delivering the best baby name suggestions for future parents like you. The meanings will definitely help you zero in on a name faster, but what's important, is that you give enough thought to the one name you choose.
I am overwhelmed with the support and excitement around this amazing time… also partially in disbelief!
This sweet baby girl is destined for greatness (in her own ways of course, I’m no stage mom)! Vince and I are so honored to be able to carry her name on, and do it paired with a first name so meaningful in American history. It is difficult to find names that are meaningful & unique but don’t cross into strangeville! Sutter is so different and I also like that you tied the middle name to family which is always nice.
Parents to be looking for unique girl names in 2014 can satisfy their hunger for cute rare baby names! She is not just like any other girl and everyone can tell by the very first introduction when they hear her name. First we will explore unique baby names 2014 that are new and have just been registered on our radar.

The timing for these girl names to come into surface has never really come, but we are here to reveal some of the best kept secrets. Among the heavenly unique baby names 2014, Celestina derives from the Italian (or Spanish, depends who you ask) form of Celeste. Eris belongs to the family of unique baby names 2014 of Greek origin that comes from the rich mythology of ancient Greece. The elegant country is known for producing the most exquisite names that American parents love. Milou adds a bit of Marie which means bitter and then ends with a stir of Louise which stands for the renowned warrior in French. Unique baby names 2014 are not an exception, thus we have Neriah as a rare choice for parents who don’t mind having an uncommon name that is given to girls as well as boys.
Thanks to actress Tippi Hedren, this name was introduced to American parents though not so many took notice. Check out some international names, coming from all around the world and get to know their background story.
Kalani is no exception and it’s not leading the bonus part of our unique baby names 2014 collection. The meaning of Mandala is circle and is used as a spiritual symbol of deep importance in Buddhism.
The meaning of Zvezda is star and shines brilliant light to new options for American parents who wish to give a European name that sound exotic. Looking into mythology, history and ancient religions, we brought you some of the most exciting unique baby names 2014 so that you have plenty of choices before you name your baby girl. Unisex baby names are very popular and parents sometimes go off the beaten track and try new things. We have two boys that start with an x and a little girl that has an x in the middle of her name. Most of our lists take into consideration the US trends and popularity of names, so it’s not a surprise to see this difference between countries. You will not be able to compare the following unique baby names for girls with any other baby names, as our team has worked hard to uncover real gems from the scattered literature found both offline and online. Most of the names are picked from ancient mythology and include great women and epic tales.
The story tells her mythical transformation into a bear which later became a group of stars, known today as Callisto the moon of Jupiter and one of the largest moons in our solar system. It can also be a cool alternative for parents that love the name Lucy but would like to pick a more exclusive choice. The name became known lately thanks to Real Housewives’ Phaedra Parks (see photos of her new born son, Dylan).
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! And while many of these names had very significant meaning to us, I do believe there was a reason why with all of these stunners we hadn’t yet officially chosen a name. My older one had a name no one else I knew had when I named him and then it was the number one name for 10 years straight. I am not even pregnant but have my names picked out for either gender for next time around. Setting aside the popular baby names of 2014 for a while, we looked away from the trends and stayed away from the usual predictions of top baby names. We do believe this is a great way to start any kind of relationship as these unique baby names 2014 will be remembered much easier than the more common ones.
They are very fresh and parents have not yet been using them so much, so it’s a perfect example of how you can get ahead of the game and be among the first to have a daughter with these special new names. Handel’s masterpiece received critical acclaim and turned Alcina into a symbol of all sorceress.
Rarely heard before, this divine and blissful girl name makes a great choice for religious parents who like to look up in the stars for inspirational words. In Europe, the name has been associated with the lovely dog companion of the cartoon detective Tin Tin. We love unique baby names 2014 that are both rare and have potential to get more popular in the future.
An unusual Hebrew name that means light of Jehovah, Neriah is given to baby girls born on Hanukka, just as Noel is given to children born on Christmas.
The exceptional nature of any invented name makes it so distinctive that it will be easily remembered by friends and acquaintances. Make no mistake, Kalani is inimitable and matchless with a wonderful inspirational meaning, the heavens.
Hindu people used to draw a mandala in their rituals, forming a square on the ground that represented four gates which eventually contains a circle with a center point, a sign of balance and harmony. Caution, this might be a bit difficult to spell or pronounced as the Zv- Zd- combo might prove to be a puzzle. After all, this is a list of rare and unique baby names, so it does make sense you found it here :) all the best to you and your daughter! Every name in this page has an astonishing narative that doesn’t makes it bizarre but rather unusual and amazing!
Branwen can be traced in the Welsh mythodology, in Mabinogion, which is a huge collection of tales. Some historians tried to link Cessair’s extraordinary story to the biblical flood of Noah. Electra plotted the revenge for the murder of her father, and killed her mother along with her brother Orestes. One of the characters, Finella Christian, was the fairy-like assistant of the Countess of Derby.

On this post, we will be focusing on new and unique baby names 2014 for girls that will make a difference. Being different means so much these days and the search for unique baby names 2014 has already started as parents are looking to uncover hidden gems.
She is credited as the main reason the Trojan War started, as she managed to manipulate Greek gods into a fight between them. We picked Margaux as a prime example of unique baby names 2014 inspired by the French language since it has a truly uncommon spelling. However, American parents know little about it so far and thus it’s perfect timing for you to pick a name for your baby girl that is already a winning choice in Europe.
We know this for sure, as Maisie is already trending in Britain where it has climbed all the way up to the #21 spot.
This enlightening choice is due to shed plenty of light in the lives of any parents who choose it as their daughter’s name. In some cases, we heard reports from Tippi was used as a pretty short alternative for Tiffany – so there you go, we’ve just given you a diamond reason to pick this name!
The mystical nature of Mandala bring it at the top of our remarkably unique baby names 2014 collection, especially for parents that love philosophy, spirituality and inner religions. If you changed your mind and want some trendy ideas, you can also have a look on our Baby Girl Names 2014 list.
If you stay back home in US but choose to travel back in time, you will find that native Americans used Amya for sweet dreams. According to the ancient myth, Branwen was the daughter of King Llyr, and sister of King Bran of Britain. I am a total bohemian and would name my children a bunch of crazy nonsense just like all of those “interesting” people but my hubby would never agree to it! Parents should have fun while choosing their baby’s name, so our advice is to enjoy the process! Other modern variations that could be considered as unique baby names 2014 include Alsie or Alcie and can provide an uncommon alternative to the more popular girl name Elsie.
Sure it can be a bit burdensome as a girl name, but think of it as something completely different than anything you might have heard so far. Thus, it can be linked to the sense of kingdom that has driven so many parents closer to the idea of naming their child after a royal figure. The story goes that Branwen got married to Matholwch, the King of Ireland, but the magestic wedding did not bring peace to the realm. The Electra complex is also known in psychology as a child’s competition with her mom for the hears and minds of the father in the family. Giving a name for baby should be appropriate so the baby will be proud of their names later. There are so many changes happening, along with being 9+ months pregnant, I am actually pretty proud of the fact that I’ve held myself together (for the most part) throughout this journey. So, with all of the negotiating that went into finally settling on a name for our baby girl, there was a quite a list curated! Alcina will represent the vigorous activity of a progressive young mind, a clever girl who is perfectly capable of becoming an independent and successful woman. Plus, it sounds like Eros which is the god of love, making Eris a lovely baby name for sweet girls.
If you are having twins and are looking for matching unique baby names 2014 then you can pick Milou for your beautiful girl and Milo for your handsome boy. Not to be confused with Kalan which might sound similar but has a totally different meaning. The most recent artistic reference of Celestina is the 1969 Spanish drama film, nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film in the Oscars, translated as The Wanton of Spain in English. However, as you can see, there is nothing that reminds the old and tired name which has now been long forgotten. Margaux is here for a serious refresh, capable of breathing a delicate aura of style and dynamism. A killer combo that will be unforgettable in school and will be easier for everyone to remember.
If you have baby girl, that would be very important to give her a beautiful name which can be a hope to baby.
An amazing attribute that is a mus if you want to avoid and unnecessary tension and anxiety. Before your baby being born, you can do research for the unique baby names for girls on the online sources. That would be useful for you to know and understand well what may be good name for your baby girls.There must be lot of name which can be your favorite name for your baby girl.
You can choose a baby girls names and meanings which are beautiful and has deep meaning for your baby. When your baby is getting grown up and studying in school, she will be proud of her name which is unique. Baby girl needs unique name and even she will thank to you for giving her name with unique idea.When you are thinking about name for your baby, you must be thinking about what is the meaning. If you want to give name for your baby girl, you should think that the name will give a hope for the baby.
That’s why you need to choose the right name which is not only good to be called but also the meaning is beautiful. You need to think that your baby girl needs unique name.In giving your baby girls names and meaning, you can discuss with your husband about the name that you want to choose. You can give a name that you made with your husband to your little baby girl.Baby girl needs unique name and it should have beautiful meaning as beautiful as your little baby girl.

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