Starting at just $40 per month, all three 4G LTE rate plans offer affordability, flexibility and predictability with unlimited nationwide talk, text and Web browsing, with all applicable taxes and regulatory fees included. Customers can also look forward to no activation fees, no long-term contracts and easy tap-up options.
TELUS has announced it plans to offer two year wireless plans on July 30th, which will feature unlimited nationwide talk and text and the ability to share data with multiple lines on the same account. A single person gets a new iPhone 5 and a new Samsung tablet from TELUS, both on two year terms at discounted prices, along with a shared 1 GB data plan – $105 a month. A family of four gets a new iPhone 5, a new BlackBerry Q10 (both on the Smartphone plan), and two new Samsung Galaxy Ace II X’s (both on the Smartphone Lite plan), all on two-year terms at discounted prices. An individual already has their own smartphone they want to keep using so opt for the BYOD plan.
TELUS today also introduced two year plans for Small Business, with some to include built-in U.S. The plan to change to two year term pricing started when Bell announced their own pricing last week, set to begin in on July 17th. Update: We asked TELUS why customers should choose these new plans over the two year plans offered by Bell. Overall, we are dramatically changing how we offer wireless, just as we did in 2009 when we launched our Clear and Simple plans. Subsidy makes sense on a 3-year contract, unless you can save more than ~$14 per month on your monthly plan (for two year that would be ~$20).
Providing complete coverage of the wireless industry, cell phone news, and future 4G technologies. Following up, Verizon Wireless is offering customers a special slate of plans until midnight tonight that include unlimited messaging, data and calls to other Verizon customers, with the bonus of being compatible with the forthcoming iPhone 4.
If this were true then the phone number listed would be operational until midnight which it was not as of 3 hours ago.
Also, keep in mind, that with hours remaining, we weren’t going to hold back our reporting to add additional clarifications. T-Mobile made much ado at CES of its desire to become the "UnCarrier," with steps away from subsidies and the usual complexities of smartphones.
Southern Cell was founded with a promise to the residents of Louisiana for the lowest price on cell phone service. We are offering our customers in Louisiana no contract cell phone plans with unlimited data, text and voice on the largest 4G nationwide network for $49 a month, with no roaming charges or data sharing. Our partners have invested billions of dollars to develop the nation’s largest and most technologically advanced 4G cell phone network.

And now for the best part…included in our plan is the right to become a social partner and earn an unlimited income sharing our cell phone service with others. Down in the French Quarter, all over New Orleans, in Death Valley on the campus of LSU, up in Shreveport and in the Heart of Acadiana – Southern Cell can hear you all over Louisiana. Don't get us wrong -- $40 for unlimited talk and text alone is still a pretty fantastic deal in the scheme of things -- but in tweaking its LTE service plans today, MetroPCS has made the data situation just a little confusing.
With the $50 and $60 service plans, consumers have more data access service choices to better fit their actual usage of certain streaming audio and video content, real-time Internet gaming, music and video downloads and other media applications.
These days, it's the prepaid carriers making just as many waves as the postpaid ones, and Virgin Mobile is stepping up its game with a new $40 Unlimited Talk and Text plan ideal for consumers with moderate usage on feature phones.
While they talk and text a lot they don’t use much data, just a bit of social media and a few apps. A service provider must suspend data overage charges once they reach $50 within a single monthly billing cycle, unless the customer expressly consents to pay additional charges. The offer was expanded internally both by zip code and to all existing customers in qualifying zip codes.
The deal ending sparked many additional people to call in and try to lock in the plan, and when they achieved success, they contacted us using our anonymous contact form. In fact, most of the people that were denied, from our tests, were denied because a CSR thought the promotion had already expired.
We’d rather people try and get the deal, than be angry at us for not telling them about it.
Still not better then Sprint no Any Mobile no nights at 7 plus I have twenty percent discount.
I got one agent more then happy to sign me up I told her I got the email but then I wasnt ready I didnt get her ext called back another said impossible the offer ended the 30th I could tell she just wasn’t willing then got another but too much work trying to get the phone I want from best buy etc and then she saw something else I used to have I shouldnt have said on an old acct that was cleared.
Southern Cell is committed to providing our customers the best cell phone rates in Louisiana on the largest 4G nationwide network. We offer unlimited 4G nationwide cell phone service coverage that includes unlimited data, text and talk for $49. The more people you sign up for our nationwide 4G unlimited data, text and voice cell phone service, the more money you make. MetroPCS' other current service plans remain unchanged and continue to offer unlimited talk, text and Web browsing services. The company's payLo offering brings nonstop talking and messaging (which includes text, picture, email and IM), as well as 50MB of web access. They are fairly heavy data users, so decide to share 3 GB’s a month – $270 a month for the entire family.

We’re following up with some more details from TELUS (ie iPhone pricing on two years), so stay tuned. The new SharePlus plans are a complete re-think of how we offer wireless to our customers and we’ve developed these plans with them in mind, really looking at offering more value.
As much as I love Sprint, Verizon could really put the hurt on ’em if they kept these plans around longer term. And now on Family plan maybey I just thought it looked good because Verizon is sooo overpriced but millions dont mind paying them.. Anyway there being selective and depends who ya get because one agent said theres currently no end date on the offer and another said she has no way to add it that its over as of the 30th even though I told her I got the email the 31st then she tried to say well you should have called.
A memo suggests that T-Mobile is revamping plans in the near future to make unlimited talk and text a de facto part of the experience, where data would be the only changeable factor: on Classic tiers , the starter $60 plan would have 500MB of full-speed data with hotspot support built-in, while subscribers could upgrade their service in 2GB increments that cost between $10-20 dollars per month for individuals. Plus, instead of spending millions of dollars advertising our plans, Southern Cell pays you to use our service. When you choose Southern Cell, you pay less than half price on your cell phone service in Louisiana.
That's hardly enough for most avid smartphone users -- a few reloads of your bustling inbox would eat that right up -- but more occasional users may not take issue with the low data cap. These moves are in line with the new Wireless Draft code, which allows customers to cancel contracts after two years. You'd still have 'real' unlimited data on Classic from $90, with the hotspot as a bolt-on option.
At $60, you get unlimited access to MetroSTUDIO including 18 channels of on-demand video content. Shortly after these changes were announced, incumbents warned pricing could increase for customers.
What we've seen doesn't specify a date or price, but T-Mobile happens to have an appropriately-themed event coming up on the 26th; we wouldn't be shocked if we heard more at that stage. MetroPCS' lowest-cost LTE offering had previously been $55, so it's a step in the right direction -- but pro-net neutrality?

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