The question how to Get over Being Blocked by Someone You Admire on Twitter has been asked 368 times by our users. On Kik, if you block somebody then decide to unblock that person, will get messages they sent when blocked? Related How To QuestionsHow to get the list of users you've blocked on twitter with blockedbyme? Whatever the circumstances - you wish you could get them out of your mind, even if you're desperately wishing they could be part of your life! It may be too late, but if there's still a glimmer of hope have a look at my page on how to create the best chance of getting back together. Go right ahead and comment (please keep it short)!I'll do my best to offer a few words of comfort.
Twitter isn’t just a cute way for keeping in instant touch with friends on mobile phones anymore.
Applications galore allow you to find friends all over the world with similar interests and keep up with them in real time.
Businesses can form instant direct relationships with their customer bases simply by signing up and using the service regularly, and according to the models Twitter is trying out, they will soon be able to advertise to the Twitter community as well.
We’ve compiled an alphabetized glossary here for you so that you can just scan down the list and find the term that you are looking for, as well as a list of popular Twitter applications and instructions for incorporating Twitter into your website and blogs. If you had no idea what Twitter was walking into this article, we’re going to start you off at the very beginning. Twitter has compiled a list of Suggested Users that they give when you first sign up with Twitter.
Once you start following someone, their updates, or “Tweets”, will appear in your “timeline”, or your Twitter feed.
To post your messages, or “Tweets”, go to your profile page and type your tweet into the box provided. In order to enable updates from your phone, first check with your mobile provider to make sure that you have a plan that allows you to update Twitter via text message at a reasonable cost – some Canadian customers may run into issues here. The first quest of a new Twitter user is to add followers who are interested in the same topics as they are. There has been a lot written about this topic and we’ve included links to some more high-profile articles by Darren Rowse at ProBlogger.
While keeping in mind that everything you do on Twitter is public, make sure that your tweets are always coming from a place of honesty and transparency. If you have something of value to offer online, like a blog or a website, share updates that you make to it or new postings that you have written. This tells your potential followers that you care about your Twitter presence and will probably be a good person to follow. Twitter was founded in San Francisco in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. Unless you narrowly avoided death by eating a puffer fish, nobody really wants to know about what you are eating today. If you went live with a new site or posted an article on a blog, that is exactly what Twitter is for. Tell someone that you’ll go “off-Twitter” if you need to talk about something that you don’t want the world to know about. Use any one of the URL snipping services out there, like TinyURL, to shorten your links to something manageable. The basic idea behind Twitter is to produce occasional status updates, not hold personal conversations. IM contractions like 4 U and the like are best left to IM’s, although most people still use them. If you are going to use a service like TweetLater to send automatic direct messages to people who sign up to follow you, keep it short and not sales related.
Twitter has started posting definitions of common Twitter terms on your profile page, beneath your picture. Updating Tweets from a Mobile Device: You can send tweets from any mobile device using text messaging. Hashtags, such as #BSG for “Battlestar Galactica”, denote groupings on Twitter for popular, commonly referenced items. You can “lock” your profile so that only friends can see your updates by scrolling down to the bottom of your “Settings” tab on the Twitter website and clicking the box beside “Protect My Updates”. A variant of “offline”, usually used when someone wants to share something with someone privately. This stands for retweeting, the process whereby you repost someone else’s Twitter post on your feed.
This is a command that returns how many people you are following, how many people are following you, and which words you are tracking.
Name of the most popular URL snipping service which trims URL lengths to allow for inclusion in twitter messages. Twitter employee that restores your lost followers if you have lost them due to a technical glitch. Similar to a “flashmob”, this is a bunch of people who descend on an often ill-prepared location based on a Twitter message.
Twitter as the human version of Google, since you can post a question and get instant results. Most of the mainstream news media articles on Twitter lately seem to be focusing on the negatives of the technology while having to admit that not only is Twitter useful, it is here to stay.
You can tell from the headlines on some of them that they are trying to capitalize on the “Twitter Backlash”, a cultural moment that reached its apex when Brian Williams, an anchorman on MSNBC news, offered up to Jon Stewart that he would never use Twitter. In a recent case worth $12.6 million in settlement dollars in the US, one of the jurors was found to be tweeting during the trial.
This Slate article argues for the usefulness of Twitter as an integral tool and against recent charges that it could be a Google or Facebook killer.
This article argues for adoption of Twitter by small business and reports on the success of crowdsourcing via Twitter versus traditional media coverage.

A San Francisco Chronicle story about how Facebook’s redesign is moving them towards being a more Twitter-like service.
Rose’s new Twitter directory lists the top twitter users for tags that they want to be associated with. This article is in response to the request of some parties to pay to be a “recommended” person to follow by Twitter. The unofficial Twitter community has top 150 lists of followers, updaters, and people who are following.
This actor has accumulated quite the 2.0 following with a blog and Twitter feed that provides substantial, interesting content.
The famous basketball player displays more wit than you could imagine, as per this recent post: “forget tony danza I’m da boss“. This site defies any advice that Twitter can’t be used for sales by posting very interesting items and their prices, with links.
Disclaimer: By Evan Williams’ own admission, there are over 2000 third-party apps for Twitter out there. A bookmarklet for your browser, BigTweet lets you tweet from anywhere online, making cutting and pasting from sites easy. A compact Twitter application that displays incoming tweets in a temporary window in the upper right hand corner of your screen and allows you to choose to save, reply or retweet under each message. Twitter’s own way of delivering your Twitter feed to your mobile device without a third-party application. Create polls and see what other Twitter users are voting on with this visually appealing service. One of the more visually appealing Twitter clients for the PC, based on the Adobe AIR platform.
An alternate search engine for Twitter that returns results based on your queries and then allows you to add people talking about your interests from one interface. This service allows you to post to Twitter when it is down or when you can’t reach it over a firewalled network.
Website that allows you to track who has favourited your Tweets and favourite Tweets from other users. This gadget for iGoogle and Gmail fully integrates Twitter with your Gmail and iGoogle pages.
This service gets your blog postings automatically sent to a number of microblogging platforms, including Twitter. Twinkle keeps the easy-to-use streamlining intact with a few extra features, including Geolocation so that you can talk to other Twitter users around you. This app works over the data network so you don’t need to use SMS and be charged for texting. Sending a text message to your crush is one thing, but using clever pickup lines that won't get you slapped in the face are another. It's like they're permanently camping inside your head.If you were actually in a relationship with that person, you may or may not have had an inkling that it's was going to end.
There may still be a chance to mend your broken relationship.If there is no time to waste, don't wait!
So, in part 2 I'll give you a list with tried and tested ways to help you move on from someone you love.First of all - being emotional costs loads of energy. It has ramped up quickly to be the search engine of choice for some with its human driven results. It has grown into a behemoth that is hard to get your hands around, which is why we’ve put this article together for you. Twitter will allow you to import e-mail lists, contacts from instant messaging services, and you can find your friends on their search engine. Generally the best way to get followers is to add people based on your interests, as most people will follow you once you start following them.
If you find someone is getting on your nerves with too many senseless Tweets, go ahead and remove them by going to their profile page on the Twitter site; you may do this by clicking on their name. Applications like the ones referenced below make the process a bit easier and remove the need to visit the website to make your updates. The origin of the 140 character limit is the 160 character limit for SMS, which leaves some space for a name in addition to a 140 character message. Share helpful tips for your industry that don’t have to do with your followers buying your product. If you want to account for time differences in North America, aim for morning to early afternoon.
If you don’t yet have an online profile to speak of, consider building a blog or website so that you can offer your followers more value. All they did was give away a free e-book that was usually only for sale as a paper book to anyone who followed them on Twitter or gave them their e-mail address. Do unto others as you would have done to you and you’ll be a valued member of the community.
Founder Evan Williams is “encouraged by” the fact that there is a lot of commercial use of the service already, some of which they may be able to charge for. When you post something, at least one person is going to read it and have a memory of that event. If you have over twenty new posts a day on your site, tweet only the more interesting ones. If articles are rocking your world a number of times a day, pick only the few that rock your world the most.
If you absolutely have to swear in the context of what you are saying, use $#%% characters instead of the swear word.
Conversations with more than one person are exactly what Twitter is for and these should be encouraged, but if it is obvious that there is only one other participant take it off-Twitter to an IM client. If people like what they see of you on Twitter, they will go to your website and read up on you there. You can follow updates on hashtags in real time at They were developed as a means to create groupings on Twitter.

This may deprive you of followers who would have otherwise followed you based on keywords in your posts and isn’t advised for general use.
You can delete your tweets on your profile page, but everyone on your follow list will still have seen it when it was posted. You are specifying that it is a retweet and putting in the full username so others on your list can choose to follow them if they like it. This is not a comprehensive list at all, but it is generally accepted that a member of the Twitterati has 30,000 or more followers. The rest are an interview with Evan Williams and positive articles on the use of Twitter in small business. This may have some serious legal implications for the juror, particularly since he was telling his followers to divest stock in the company being sued. Techcrunch reports on their own experience with being a recommended user name to follow with some interesting results. More than just a ranking site, Twittown covers news, tools and just about everything Twitter. Recommends users to you based on your interests, suggests who you should unfollow based on lack of activity. It also allows you to send those automatic welcome messages that you’ve probably seen after following a couple of people. Graph your tweet density, how many replies you have sent to certain users, time of day that you are tweeting, etc.
It may not have the more advanced features of some other apps, but it keeps users from switching with its fast and seamless interface.
You may well be tempted to spend your time thinking about the lost love, nurturing every thought about him or her. It’s a collection of popular Twitter users that Twitter just picks at random for you to follow. Click the arrow beside “Following” just below the top of their profile page and then click “Remove”. There are a series of commands that can only be used via mobile phone that are explained in our glossary. While Twitter doesn’t charge, the standard text messaging rates from your provider still apply, so be careful.
The way most people take is the one described above, where you search Twitter for your interests and add people based on those interests. If you don’t treat Twitter as a more personal experience and spam it with sales messages, you will get unfollowed very quickly. Do not install a bot program to Tweet for you – your followers will figure it out and unfollow you. If you complete a new website for a client, share it with your followers to get some great real time feedback and make them feel like they are part of the process.
In October of 2006 the company was purchased by the senior management and the company Obvious was started by former Odeo employees to operate Odeo and Twitter. He also states in the interview linked below with Charlie Rose that they haven’t really figured out how to monetize Twitter yet, but the service won’t die because there is no immediate way to monetize. Unless you lock your profile, all of your tweets are public record and searchable, forever. You can also set up many of the Twitter clients available to automatically snip any URL that is entered. To do so, click on “Direct Message” on their profile and type out your message, again only up to 140 characters.
Hashtags became popular during the San Diego fire, when Nate Ritter used the hashtag #sandiegofire to chronicle his updates of the event. You would only want this if you wanted to use Twitter, but need to avoid public communication for a specific reason. If we’ve left one out that you feel should be here, please post it in the comments section.
This is so much more effective than an “e-mail this” button according to everyone who has installed it. Not being able to be with him or her can be 'hell' and concentrating on anything else or just enjoying yourself is so hard.It could be that you're still part of that person's life one way or another.
You could stay in bed and weep all day, wishing you could just switch off and forget!You may be torturing yourself with thoughts about who he or she is with.
To get help with any phone-related Twitter questions, visit Twitter’s extensive FAQ on the subject.
Always give your followers something that they can take away from the conversation and use. If you are taking off for a few days use a service like TweetLater to schedule your tweets.
Twitter rapidly gained popularity until April 2007, when Obvious spun the company off into Twitter, Inc. While Twitter is all about honesty and just being yourself, you have to act like you are writing something that your parents will eventually read. Automatic direct messages can be set up to thank someone for following you using a free service such as TweetLater. In unrelated, but still cool news, continue reading for a video of the real-life Need4Speed team. They will recommend you to your friends and you will generate tweets that will encourage new people to follow you. Keep in mind that you cannot send Direct Messages to people that are not following you, even if you are following them.

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