I saw this photo (or another like it) of Greta as Mata Hari when I was about 14 or so, and was so smitten, that I tried to create such headpieces myself. What you may not know is that the credit for the circle skirt, or at least its popularity, is attributed to one woman, Juli Lynne Charlot.
I cut it out of felt, because I didn’t know how to sew, and that was the only material I knew wide enough to cut a complete circle skirt without any seams. Anyway, just one week after the holiday party, Charlot sold her Christmas circle skirt because she needed the money. Just one year prior to this 1953 newspaper article, Juli Lynne Charlot designs were so successful that one of them appeared in a national ad campaign for Maidenform bras.
Come back, because I’ve got more to the story of circle skirts comin’ up next week! I own one of Juli Lynne Charlots skirts, bought many years ago in Melbourne for a very modest sum. Healthy Natural Baby (HNB) is an registered 501-(c)(3) non-profit service and educational organization that provides counseling, advocacy, educational programs, and public policy initiatives that promote optimum health practices for pre-natal mothers and neonates.
We help parents recognize the grand design and natural body function that evolution has gifted us. We empower parents with information so they may better evaluate medical opinions and avoid the tendency by the medical community to pathologize normal body function.

The special physical and emotional bond between mother and baby is best exemplified during breastfeeding .
After an exhausting day of work, soaking in lukewarm water, for baby’s comfort, will relieve all the stress. Dad will release a hormone call oxytocin (the love hormone) when he feels the skin of his newborn close to him.
In the first few weeks after birth and skin-to-skin contact, dad will find that the baby will feel safe with him, and the baby will develop a deep relationship with dad. Our bodies are truly a magnificent design, and that is clearly evident during childbirth and the neonatal period, where our evolutionary heritage has provided for nearly everything required by newborn infants.
We are strong advocates for breastfeeding since it has tremendous benefit to both the baby and mother. There are multiple benefits to skin to skin, or kangaroo care in the beginning of the newborns life. Mothers need to let fathers have their time with the baby to learn how to soothe the little one his own way. Mother hocked her diamond ring three weeks in a row to help me meet the payroll,” she said in that 1953 interview.
We help parents avoid unnecessary or unneeded medical interventions to both themselves and their children.

When he is seated, he will need to take off his shirt, keep baby in a diaper (or clothed if dad has a hairy chest), and a soft blanket to cover baby with. Fatherhood is such an ignored subject until children are old enough to play sports and whatnot.
Through our advocacy, we can achieve better health outcomes for neonates while reducing unwarranted costs for all stakeholders. We recognize that infant male circumcision is a needless medical intervention that can interfere with breastfeeding.
Bathing together can calm the child and dad and they can enjoy the closeness of each other.
If the mother is breastfeeding, pump a bottle before bed for baby and let daddy feed the baby. There are multiple ways fathers can be apart of their infant’s life from the first breath and continue that bond throughout life! When baby gets a little older, he or she may want to splash and this makes cobathing not only for bonding, but for play.

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