As a Psychology major, I find myself in a constant search for answers of human behaviors I see around me. Throw any single guy to mix with any decent enough single girl and the next thing you'll know would be the single guy weighing the options of whether he should chase her or not.
When a guy asks you whether he can be friends with you, deep down in his heart he's thinking about making you his girlfriend the moment you say yes.
To them, a girlfriend is never a girlfriend until both of them have made "passionate" love together. Disclaimer: This post is intended as a joke and is no way supported by any theories, studies or scientific evaluation.
Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Well I’m new to tumblr so I could use some help in getting around the site itself but I got the hang of it for the most part.

That's the single most popular reason of why guys would want to know a girl in the first place. So it wouldn't be surprising for us to think that life wouldn't end happily without a girlfriend by our side when we grow up since we have this message hammered into us from young. Reason being that without you, we would be missing on the 5 big enjoyments of life listed above. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. This would include submitting some stuff yourself so we could get more content and get a buzz going.
Our collection of most popular funny images, memes, funny quotes, comics and other funny pictures is updated daily. There's no such thing as a guy really wanting to be your friend when he ask you whether he can be your friend or not.

And if the girlfriend refuses to give them sex, they would go on and on about how the girlfriend doesn't love them and stuff. I would really prefer it if the submitions were hand drawn but there will probably be some exceptions.
Tell me a little bit more what being a member would include, and I'll talk to you again soon! Also you can be a part of our website - just upload or browse images and share them with your friends.

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