Rahil Azam is not married yet, but he just wants to get married to a girl of his mother's choice.
Mahakumbh- Ek Rahasaya, Ek Kahani was an Indian Hindi supernatural, mytho-thriller television show and produced and directed by Arvind Babbal. Rahil Azam's super-negative portrayal of ACP Pradhyuman's (Shivaji Satam) son in long-running show on Sony TV, CID was seen again. Hardik Pandya with Lisha SharmaWithin a matter of 3 deliveries, Hardik Pandya went from almost becoming a villain to being India’s hero on Wednesday night. According to reports, The Baroda cricketer and Lisha have known each another for one year and have been hanging around in several malls in Kolkata.
19-crore bank fraud case, is not just being hunted by the Chennai police, he is also being tracked by the Bangalore police in connection with over 10 cheating cases.While Leena was arrested by the Chennai police in Delhi recently, Sukesh, who is believed to have been with her, gave the police the slip. The character of Nakul, played by Rahil brought back to take revenge against his own father. The Bangalore police describe Sukesh alias Balaji alias Shekhar Reddy as a smooth talker, who has deceived a number of businessmen in and around Bangalore by posing either as a high-level government official or a close relative of power-wielding politicians.High school dropoutA dropout from a reputed school in the city, Sukesh loved the good life, high-end cars and flashy phones, the police said.

Talented actor Rahil Azam is playing the role of a pulp fiction writer Vichitra Vidyut, who is also an investigator of supernatural activities. The show was the story of the young, fervent and mischievous girls Sudha and the gifted researcher Chandar, who was a protege of her father. Away from the cricket ground, Pandya has been seen with Lisha Sharma, a well-known model from Jamshedpur, who is currently living in Kolkata. He did training from Kishore Namit Kapoor's acting classes for three months and then he started with ads and also has worked in a music video. He rented an upmarket apartment on Old Madras Road posing as the son of then Revenue Minister K.
He then vamoosed without paying his rent for two months, amounting to Rs 1.8 lakh, prompting flat owner Aman Dutta to lodge a complaint with the police.
Baalu, duping a local private security agency by hiring armed guards to flaunt his status, the police said. After receiving the money, he even created fake mail ID with the government emblem and emailed Mr.

Rangarajan, who then waited for a month for things to move, went to the Vidhana Soudha to check the progress of the contract only to realise he had been scammed. Alagiri and tried to con people in Karnataka into buying swanky cars cheap which he said were being auctioned by the Tamil Nadu government. The police said he had cheated businessmen and firms across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh of over Rs. Police sources say he is a smooth talker gifted with voice modulation to fool his quarry.Often, he would call firms interested in working with the government and, once they were hooked, would demand a 10 per cent commission in advance.
However, the police arrested his actor girlfriend for abetting him in cheating a Chennai bank of Rs. 19 crore.Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Kamal Panth said the Bangalore police had not heard from their Delhi counterparts.

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